The Norton Anthology Of Poetry

The Norton Anthology Of Poetry Over three editions The Norton Anthology of Poetry has become the classroom standard for the study of poetry in English A wide and deep quarry of poems from the medieval period to the present it is

  • Title: The Norton Anthology Of Poetry
  • Author: Alexander W. Allison
  • ISBN: 9780393952247
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • Over three editions, The Norton Anthology of Poetry has become the classroom standard for the study of poetry in English A wide and deep quarry of poems from the medieval period to the present, it is a book instructors rely on as a uniquely flexible teaching anthology, and one that students delve into well beyond college Now, responding to new scholarship, classroom suggOver three editions, The Norton Anthology of Poetry has become the classroom standard for the study of poetry in English A wide and deep quarry of poems from the medieval period to the present, it is a book instructors rely on as a uniquely flexible teaching anthology, and one that students delve into well beyond college Now, responding to new scholarship, classroom suggestions, and the vitality and diversity of poetry itself, the Fourth Edition introduces a wealth of new poets and poems as well as thoroughly revised editorial apparatus.

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    1. This book is huge, so I had no intention of reading it cover to cover. I just flipped through, reading a poem here, another one there. I didn't even buy this book for a class. I had some extra scholarship book money, so I bought myself a copy. Unfortunately, my copy of this book disappeared many years ago. I think a no good roommate stole it. The funny thing is that he considered himself a Christian. I hope he still has this book and feels guilty whenever he sees it on his bookshelf. I hope he's [...]

    2. At the end of the end of the 1960 film, The Time Machine, the hero, George Wells, returns to the future taking three books from his library with him. Viewers are left to ponder which three books he takes - it's never revealed. If it had been me, this would be one of the books. The Norton Anthology is a part of who I am. It opened - and continues to open - doors into some of the great literary minds of our culture. A starting point from which you can go on and learn more (i.e don't stop with this [...]

    3. I am more familiar with earlier editions, and while Margy Ferguson is an excellent and perceptive scholar-editor, she cannot repell the publisher's usual bowing to sell books. My riveting memory of such an event was in a freshman literature anthology, ground-breaking in its day. It included Tom Thumb, had an entire section of songs and the prosody of songs, and many other things, which because they were unique, I tended to teach.Next edition, they were all cut. And I dumped the anthology. Eviden [...]

    4. In college my Great Books professor put this whole anthology on our 100 Greatest Books list. The idea of this class is that you read as many of the 100 during the semester as you can; then you're supposed to read the remnant over the course of your life. This anthology was a real cop out on the professors' part - along with the complete works of William Shakespeare. It was setting us up for failure. I started the anthology in 2005 when I was in music composition grad school in Baton Rouge Louisi [...]

    5. I'm marking as read although I didn't make it through even half of the poems while it formed the backbone of my reading list through college. Outrageously expensive (for an 18 year old student anyway) I borrowed a copy from a guy who had just graduated and gave it to his little brother who was starting college the year I finished up. My flatmate has a copy though, and I'm glad to have it around again for reference.

    6. Covers the history and evolution of poetry in English, however I'd suggest the Norton Anthology of Post-Modern American Poetry as a supplement since this book really doesn't cover many of the influential poets writing today. However, English majors or anyone interested in poetry should have a copy of this book in their library.

    7. The Norton Anthology is a rich resource, a great starting point for young readers and poets, and a great place to go to find new poets to read. That being said, it really is just a starting point. Moreover, it is limited to poetry written originally in English. You will want to supplement with international anthologies, consider The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry, for example.

    8. I may not have read it cover to cover but this is a pretty awesome and comprehensive anthology of poetry.

    9. 5/5 starsI mean, I'm notfinishedfinished, but I'm done with it for my module at university and will continue to use it. Very helpful (albeit expensive).

    10. Whitman: 1,5,6,11 Song of Myself: 3 starsDickinson: 260 (288) : 3 Stars 320 (258) : 3 Stars 409 (303): 3 Stars 445 (613): 4 Stars 905 (861): 3 StarsThe Unquiet Grave: 5 StarsA Fit Of Rhyme Against Rhyme: 3 StarsOf A' the Airts: 4 StarsThe Eolian Harp: 2 Stars (/book/show/1)To A Skylark: 3 Stars (/book/show/2)Mariana: 4 Stars (/book/show/2Jabberwocky: 4 Stars (/book/show/1)Is My Team Ploughing: 4 Stars Yes, lad, I lie easy,/ I lie as lads would choose;/I cheer a dead man's sweetheart,/ Never ask [...]

    11. An absolutely tremendous collection of English language poetry. It covers everything from Chaucer and Milton to Larkin and Plath. One of the greatest assets of this collection is that it contains several lengthy poems in their entirety, among them The Rape of the Lock and The Waste Land (both of which are among my personal favorites). Although it seems to gloss over a few major figures (Poe for example) this collection remains the best single volume of English poetry I've ever seen. It is both a [...]

    12. One of the most comprehensive anthologies of poetry that I have encountered in an attractive format. Covering several centuries of poetry it includes all the great lyrical poems and many more to entertain and educate the poetry lover. It is a wonderful reference and companion for any literature lover -- with a chronological organization it is easy to dip into the collection from time to time. In this book you can find some of your favorite poems, but more importantly you can expand your range of [...]

    13. My Great Uncle was a Literature Professer at the Junior College I attended. Sophomore year, my English Dept. mentor and Teacher was dear friends with him. That is before his untimely death climbing with his sons on the Tetons due to equipment failure. Upon hearing I was the great neice of his old friend, he choked up. And I got an undeserved A in the class. For I rarely attended class. And never studied more than 24 hrs. before the exam. But, this anthology too takes up a dusty place on my asthm [...]

    14. Lots of poems of course. I still don't "get" poetry, but this certainly broadened by exposure and deepened my appreciate.[return]Predominant themes/recurring terms: the classics, other great poets (especially Donne, Jonson, and Shakespeare), heros, flowers, beauty, religion, death, childhood, love, sex, war, grass, spiders, and owls. Reading in chronological order forces one to wonder whether we have become that much more cynical over time or whether every age sees more inspiring poems as better [...]

    15. This is the best one volume anthology of poetry in English available today. Every editor will leave out works that a reader will consider essential and include works that the same reader will react with a "what the hell" and the Norton fifth edition is no exception. But as a useful survey of poetry we know, work we might be interested in if we knew a bit about it and and poems that once skimmed can be ignored it is first rate.

    16. Like The Bible, I haven't read every single word in this tome. But I have read a heck of a lot of it over the years, most of it, since buying it in first-year Uni. Love it, refer to it constantly, it's probably the most-read book in my house. I love having such a well-thumbed reference in the house, love knowing so many of the poems by heart and love having the words come to mind all the time in my head. Love sharing it with my son now. It will be in my house till the pages finally wear out.

    17. This book is, as a first year lit student, my current bible. This anthology is a thorough education in poetry, and although I prefer reading prose, I am extremely happy to own this book. It takes you through the canon, from the early epics to contemporary. Perhaps impossible to read cover to cover, but it's perfect if you're hungry for poetry; just flick through it and you will stumble over a new jewel.

    18. I'm reading through this -- what is probably my 4th or so copy -- different/updated edition, though. Seems like it gets bigger and bigger each year!Thing is, this is a damn good anthology far as anthologies go. Thing is, though, I prefer the original collections. Kinda like the difference between a "Best of" album and the original deal. Yada yada yada.

    19. Ok so this is a pretty complete Anthology, all the poems my poetry professor refers to is in this monster beast. It is organized pretty well, I think. The paper is super thin, and the book weighs like ten pounds? I have to carry this big bad beast. They need a Kindle edition! Some of my favorite poets are not in here, but are in Introduction to Poetry? Minus 1 star.

    20. The standard collection of British poetry used on university English Literature courses. It's range of poets and poetry is massive. It's notes are invaluable too. If you're looking for just one collection of poetry in the English language, the latest incarnation of this book has to be on your shelf (or in your e-reader!).

    21. I've been a fiction writer since age 15. And terrified of poetry. I'm enjoying this overview of canonical names, and it's a great (if physically intimidating) place to meet the poets who resonate with me. The only shame is that my library's version, the 2nd ed doesn't contain Basho or Mary Oliver--other poets whose work I recently met and admired.

    22. I still have this on my bookshelf from my Lit Uni days. My favorite poem, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is in this. Other greats are concealed in this massive, massive book and I constantly review it for inspiration. For those who love to think about words, and who love poetry and the classics, go no further.

    23. One of the best introductions to the timeline of poetry as an undergraduate student. As with many anthologies, there are always selections that certain readers feel should be included in the collection; but all in all, the compilation does a decent job of covering many of the influential poets and their works.

    24. I obviously did not read the entire anthology, however this book did introduce me to a lot of poets I hadn't heard of before and I found a lot of poems which are really beautiful. I have to own a copy of this one day.

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