Miss Child Has Gone Wild!

Miss Child Has Gone Wild My Weirder School weirder than ever The third grade has won a weird contest so they get to go on a field trip to the zoo That s how they meet Miss Child the weirdest zookeeper in the history of the

  • Title: Miss Child Has Gone Wild!
  • Author: Dan Gutman Jim Paillot
  • ISBN: 9780061969164
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Weirder School weirder than ever The third grade has won a weird contest, so they get to go on a field trip to the zoo That s how they meet Miss Child, the weirdest zookeeper in the history of the world She thinks animals are smarter than people She thinks elephants can paint pictures She keeps snakes in her pockets for fun Guess who s going to wind up in a cage wiMy Weirder School weirder than ever The third grade has won a weird contest, so they get to go on a field trip to the zoo That s how they meet Miss Child, the weirdest zookeeper in the history of the world She thinks animals are smarter than people She thinks elephants can paint pictures She keeps snakes in her pockets for fun Guess who s going to wind up in a cage with a lion

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    1. My 9 year old was not interested in reading this book after reading the back cover. In an effort to encourage a book not about fairies or animals, I read this book aloud to her. It started out with a grammar error which kills me in children's books because their ear gets used to hearing the wrong words. The author wrote, "if I was" should have been "if I were" grrrrr! I gave three ***stars though because it was funny and we laughed out loud. Also, used quite a few put down words like stupid or d [...]

    2. This wouldn't be my top recommendation for kids, however I read this aloud to my class of third graders and a lot of my students loved it. It seemed to especially strike a chord with my reluctant readers with it's silliness and humor. Based on my students' comments and excitement afterwards, I would probably read it again to future classes-- if nothing else to introduce them to a new series.

    3. Matthew: I liked this book. It Was very cool when Alexa rode her skate board into the lion pit like it was a half-pipe! It's really funny when A.J. Always asks things that the exact oppisite as what he's saying. and when they laugh he says "Everyone laughed even though I didn't say anything funny." I loved this book!!!

    4. I just read this book with my 5yr old. He loved it. Although it was a cute tale and a fun read,I wish the main character wasn't so negative. I did order the next few in the series for my son because he did enjoy it a lot.

    5. My boy (6) didn't really want to read this, I had to bride him, but he did and he loved it. I bride him to read this book and "Rufus the scrub does not wear a tutu" and he loved both. Thought they were really really funny. He wants to read more and made me promise to get some from the library. This series is good for young reads, ones who are wanting to start reading easy chapter books. They are about at the level of Magic Tree House. My daughter didn't really like this series when she tried it [...]

    6. This book is Miss Child Has Done Wild by Dan Guzman.This book talk about the third grade has won a weird conte, so they trip to the zoo. And they meet a zookeeper, her name is Miss Child.Student think she is weird because she carrying tarantulas around her pockets.During the trip in the zoo, that was pretty much happened.They saw a elephant can paint pictures, they met a gorilla, she is very smart.And the gorilla try to tell them a joke, but all of Students didn’t laugh, then the gorilla was a [...]

    7. miss child just went so wild and it was funny when she did it was just so funny because of what she did and aj with his jokes again he is just the funnest kid in this book.I just love all the jokes that aj says and it just makes me laugh every time there are good jokes he is my favorite because of his jokes.

    8. Emily in the Lion Lane and her Calssmeets are looking for her. Alexia she new girl and She help get to Emily out of lion lane she ride her Skateboard and Save Emily and Miss Child Stop the lion get to Emily and anyone get ready for back on the bus and back to School and ready get for going to home.

    9. When they won a cleanest classroom contest and got a prize to go to the zoo, Miss Child showed them all the animals and I liked when the gorilla told all the jokes and then she got mad when the kids didn't get it!

    10. Más dibujos Yo le pondría un poco de más dibujos Pero si me gusto el libro es interesante ¿Pregunta? Para qué grado es

    11. My book name is Miss Child Has Gone Wild and the author is Dan Gutman. The genre is science fiction and it has 106 pages.In the beginning Mr. Granite’s class one the cleanest class award. They one a trip to the zoo just as Mr. Granite was announcing that a girl named A.J. skate boarded in to the class. Ms. Hannah was the old art teacher and she came right after A.J. in to the class. She said that she was driving the bus and they were about to leave. We all loaded the bus and Mr. Granite told u [...]

    12. kachildrensbookreviewsspoSo I saw this book on Overdrive and decided to check it out because of the title. I figured K would get a kick out of it.Now the book seemed okay overall. Though it got a bit repetitive between A.J. going "blah,blah,blah" when an adult would talk. To when he met the new girl Alexia and she liked everything that he did. For example Alexia likes this, so do I. She likes that, so do I and so forth. Also I had an issue which is just me as a parent of the jealous that seemed [...]

    13. Miss Child Has Gone Wild is the first book in the "My Weirder School" series. In this book, AJ, the main character, is a skateboard and penguin-loving third-grade boy whose world is rocked when a new skateboard and penguin-loving girl, also called AJ, joins his class. The class goes on a field trip to the zoo, where funny and weird situations develop.I found this book to be the early chapter book equivalent to a Sophie Kinsella beach read. It's not something that is going to promote dicussion an [...]

    14. Mranites third grade class won a contest to go on a field trip to the weirdest zoo ever.The zookeeper is the weirdest of them all,Miss child. She thinks the animals are like people. Miss child has gone wild.I think is you like comedy is would be the boo for you because it has a lot of funny things that happens. Also if you funny surprises this would be the book for you.I would recommend this book to people that like funny books and funny surprises because there is allot of funny things that happ [...]

    15. Mr. Granite's third grade class wins a field trip to the zoo. Miss Child, a zookeeper, is their guide. She shows the class how the elephant can paint and she interprets the gorilla's sign language. But can she tame the lion?I liked the introduction of the new character, Alexia who has the same initials and interests as the main character. Her skateboarding talents are put to use when Emily needs to be rescued.Loads of laughs and some interesting footnotes that will promote further exploration. W [...]

    16. A.J. (and the other A.J.)'s class takes a field trip to the zoo where Miss Child teaches them to respect animals and that animals are our friends blah blah blah blah blah. LOLIt was pretty funny."And what is something interesting about your dog?""He poops on the floor.""Really? What does your mother do?""She poops in the bathroom.""I dogsit.""You sit on dogs?""No, dogsitting is like babysitting.""You sit on babies?"Third grade humor. Hardee har har. My son wants more.

    17. My soon to be fourth grade daughter is really enjoying this series, she's a big fan of Junie B Jones, and I think the writing is simple to read and they are comparable to one another. She is flying through these, and is constantly sharing the funny things that are happening in the story with the rest of the family. They have been a nice light, summer read for her, and have built up her enjoyment in reading. She used to struggle with reading, and was very self-conscious over it all, and these boo [...]

    18. I love this series. They make me giggle. I love AJ, even though he is a lackadaisical (yep big word) 3rd grad be, he makes me laugh with his hyperbole (another big wordt a dictionary) I love that he says "We travel 100 million miles," and and "It lasted a 100 million hours" and he says "Everyone laughed, even though I didn't say anything funny" They are used in all the Dan Gutman books I have read. This is good early reader for boys, and girls will like it too. Fun

    19. I have to say, I didn't think anything at the school or fieldtrip to the zoo was that weird. As an adult I have always struggled to enjoy many early chapter books and this was no exception. (When I was in school I loved the Polk Street School books by Patricia Reilly Giff as my first chapter books.) Dan Gutman is a great author and does have some interesting sentences in here. I'm sure kids enjoy this book more than I do.

    20. Fiction-2011A.J.'s third grade class is going on a field trip to the zoo. Miss Child works at the zoo and guides them on this field trip, but the Emily falls into the lion den. The new girl saves Emily with her skateboard. It is funny and adventurous for young readers. Just as long as kids don't get any crazy ideas about jumping into a wild animal cage at the zoo. My son liked the book and we are now reading Mr. Harrison is Embarrasin.

    21. This series is very popular and I was curious to read one of the books. I see how kids can definitely relate to the realistic fiction genre and the story is entertaining, but lacking in any comprehensive value. In fact, I found the characters to be irreverent at times. Nonetheless, I appreciate that these books appeal to reluctant readers who may not otherwise be interested in reading.

    22. Dan Gutman knows his audience - my 2nd and 3rd graders thought this book was HI_LAR_EEE_US!!!! AJ, the storyteller, has a perfect third grade voice and the kids collapsed into giggles many times during this read-aloud. I'm hoping it will inspire them to find more of these over the summer to read to themselves.

    23. I didn't really like that the first line was, "My name is A.J. and I hate school." As a teacher, I just don't feel like that is the kind of book I want to share with students. There are a lot of put downs in the book. I can see why kids would like it--it's funny and goofy--but it's not the kind of book I would read to them or recommend.

    24. The 8 year old in my life thought it was funny and laughed quite a bit. I still find some of these books to be a bit mean-spirited at times (making fun of girls, calling them stupid, calling other kids in the class names, etc). I suppose it happens in real life, but it still makes me feel bad when I read it!

    25. This was a super silly book. Read it to see if my younger elementary schooler would go for it. It was just ok for me and I'm sure that a kid would appreciate some of the humor in it more than I did but some it was a little over the top. When the gorilla starts cussing out the kids in sign language I think that is a sign maybe you've gone too far.

    26. My boys love these, and I can see them hooking some kids, but some of the word play could be really confusing for kiddos, especially for ELL kids. I enjoy some of Gutman's other work, like The Homework Machine, much more.

    27. Definitely trying to appeal to boys and reluctant readers. Sarcastic and a bit rude, the main character is very stereotypical indifferent boy (except that he loves penguins). Not much of a plot or point to the story but the earlier series appeals to kids.

    28. I thought that these books are really funny.One of my favorite parts was when Emily fell into the lion's cage.It was funny when Alexia skateboardedinto the classroom and she would always hang out with the boys.I liked Lulu the Gorilla,Binky the Elephant,and Brian the Lion.

    29. I would give it higher marks if the main character was a little more respectful to his teachers. I know the humor in the book is supposed to be a draw for reluctant readers, but those readers also need characters that set good examples. It would be a good read aloud series with younger students.

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