The Maharajah's Box

The Maharajah s Box In July the Swiss Bankers Association under international pressure to atone for wartime compliance with Hitler s Germany published a list of over dormant accounts untouched for over y

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  • Title: The Maharajah's Box
  • Author: Christy Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780006530787
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • In July 1997, the Swiss Bankers Association, under international pressure to atone for wartime compliance with Hitler s Germany, published a list of over 1700 dormant accounts, untouched for over 50 years The names were supposedly those of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, but among them was an Indian princess, last heard of in 1942 living in Penn, Bucks.

    One thought on “The Maharajah's Box”

    1. Detailed history of how the British Raj deposed the last Maharajah of the Punjab. Interesting political history but gets bogged down in minutiae. The politics of England, India, Russia and Germany give great insight to the turn of the century and late 1800s.I waded through the detail in the middle but you could just skim it. It is a sad story of the loss of a throne, country and the Koh-I-noor diamond. Read the last chapter if you get bogged down

    2. Didn't finish. Got a couple of chapters in and got very sick of the jumping around of the narrative and the endless full footnotes. It's a shame - in the right hands I feel like this could have been great.

    3. I gave up on this about page 189 -- and I should have done it sooner. This gets so complicated that you just cannot give a damn anymore.

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