House of Silence

House of Silence My friends describe me as frighteningly sensible not at all the sort of woman who would fall for an actor And his home And his family Orphaned by drink drugs and rock n roll Gwen Rowland is invited

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  • Title: House of Silence
  • Author: Linda Gillard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My friends describe me as frighteningly sensible, not at all the sort of woman who would fall for an actor And his home And his family Orphaned by drink, drugs and rock n roll, Gwen Rowland is invited to spend Christmas at her boyfriend Alfie s family home, Creake Hall a ramshackle Tudor manor in Norfolk Soon after she arrives, Gwen senses something isn t quite ri My friends describe me as frighteningly sensible, not at all the sort of woman who would fall for an actor And his home And his family Orphaned by drink, drugs and rock n roll, Gwen Rowland is invited to spend Christmas at her boyfriend Alfie s family home, Creake Hall a ramshackle Tudor manor in Norfolk Soon after she arrives, Gwen senses something isn t quite right Alfie acts strangely towards his family and is reluctant to talk about the past His mother, a celebrated children s author, keeps to her room, living in a twilight world, unable to distinguish between past and present, fact and fiction When Gwen discovers fragments of forgotten family letters sewn into an old patchwork quilt, she starts to piece together the jigsaw of the past and realises there s to the family history than she s been told It seems there are things people don t want her to know And one of those people is Alfie.

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    1. *Between 3 and 3.5 stars. Gwen is a seamstress working in Wardrobe for a theatre company when she meets the young actor, Alfie Donovan, whose mother has written a popular series of children's books based on her son. As Christmas approaches, Gwen nags Alfie into inviting her to his family's home in Norfolk for the holidays. She has no family of her own and doesn't relish the thought of being alone for yet another Christmas. Alfie tries to discourage her with descriptions of eccentric sisters and [...]

    2. An engrossing psychological mystery about a young couple - Alfie, an actor, and Gwen, a wardrobe mistress - who decide to spend their first Christmas together in a spectacular stately home owned by his mother, a successful but reclusive, elderly author, despite Alfie's apparent misgivings for reasons he is unwilling to disclose. There his four very different sisters congregate for the festive season.The outwardly likeable cast of characters soon turn out to be hiding something that increasingly [...]

    3. Well what can I say, but I knew I would love it having read and loved Linda's other books. I waited patiently for this one to become available via printing my and was engrossed right away. I loved all the characters and the idea of the big house having secrets that unfold throughout was page turning. Gwen meets Alfie and is whisked away to Creake Hall to spend Christmas with him, but Alfie seems different when he goes back to the family home, but he only visits once a year, at Christmas.why? S [...]

    4. I have just spent the most fabulous day fully immersed in Creake Hall and all it's intrigues!I was a little dubious about reading on my laptop, I don't own a kindle, and as this book is (tragically) only available as an e-book, I downloaded the Kindle app for my laptop, intending to dip in and out and just read small sections! This worked well for the first quarter, and today, I sat down at 3pm to read another chapter or 2, 6 hours later, having only paused to cook dinner, I finished the book!Gw [...]

    5. A well-crafted suspenseful mystery of family secrets and drama that had me turning the pages till I reached the end. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    6. I've been a fan of Linda Gillard's books ever since I read Star Gazing and Emotional Geology last year. I will never understand why her books aren't more available here in the States (and just in general), and I love talking them up so that more readers can find and enjoy them just as I do. So when Linda alerted me to the imminent publication of HOUSE OF SILENCE, I knew I would have to get my hands on it. It sounded deliciously fun. The story of this book's publication is very interesting indeed [...]

    7. Another respectably published author whose publisher didn't think her latest book was 'commercial' enough, so Linda took the business into her own hands and has already sold 12,000 copies of her novel over the internet without any hype, reviews, or marketing campaign.Linda Gillard is one of my fellow authors over on what used to be 'Kindle Authors UK' before complained and is now 'Authors Electric'.I liked the plot summary of House of Silence (Rebecca meets Cold Comfort Farm) so I downloaded a [...]

    8. House of Silence is Linda Gillard's fourth novel. Available as an ebook via Kindle. Wardrobe mistress Gwen, meets the handsome Alfie, an actor, and embarks on a passioniate relationship. With Christmas approaching, she presuades him to take her with him to Creake Hall,his family home for the holiday. Alfie, however is very secretive about his childhood, and seems to have a difficult relationship with his family. Gwen senses early on that this Christmas is going to be very different, and that the [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this - a curl up and get absorbed with a cup of coffee kind of book. It is beautifully written (always important to me) and sweeps along so the pages seem to turn themselves.At first the switching points of view threw me - but once I'd settled into the rhythm it was not a problem. I very much enjoyed the mysteriious cello-playing Polish gardener who happens to be a pschiatrist haunted by his own past traumas and living in a disused windmill - hell what's not to like about that!T [...]

    10. With so many authors, their name on the cover tells you exactly what you’re going to find inside. Not so with Linda Gillard. The only thing you’re sure of when you pick up something she’s written is that it’ll be superbly written, meticulously plotted and that a couple of days of your life will disappear as you have to read to the very end. “House of Silence”, sadly only available for the Kindle (for shame, publishers!) ticked every possible box for me. A strong lead heroine in Gwen, [...]

    11. I finished reading this with a sense of real sadness – not that I had finished the book, but that I didn’t feel satisfied with the ending. The story is lovely, the characters come to life on the page and the writing is pretty near perfect, apart from the moment in chapter 13 where the author writes: ’I had almost literally drooled’You either almost drool, or you literally drool, surely? I almost literally gave up reading at that moment ;) Seriously though, this is a gem of a book but you [...]

    12. I'd heard some wonderful things about Linda Gillard so was really looking forward to House of Silence. It is a stand alone novel so I didn't need to worry about not having read her earlier work and looking through her fan on I found that she appealed to people of all ages. I have to admit that due to the number of recommendations I'd received, I didn't even read the blurb on the back so I sat down to read this having no idea what it was actually about The majority of the book takes place within [...]

    13. I have read three books by Linda Gillard so far, 'Emotional Geology', 'A Lifetime's Burning' and 'Star Gazing', I enjoyed them all immensely as I did with 'House of Silence'. Linda Gillard has a amazing talent in her creation and development of characters, characters you are care about and identify with. With 'House of Silence' all of the characters are memorable and leave a lasting impression. Gwen, the main character is down to earth, talented, likeable and strong. Her background has left a la [...]

    14. Gwen is working as a wardrobe assistant filming on set in Sussex when she meets aspiring actor Alfie. They begin a relationship and when Alfie tells Gwen that he is going to visit his family for Christmas, Gwen is more than happy to go with him. Gwen comes from a dysfunctional family who are now all dead, so she sees this as an opportunity to have a normal traditional family Christmas she is really looking forward to meeting Alfie’s family and getting to know them.As soon as they arrive at Cre [...]

    15. House of Silence is an intriguing book, and as the mystery of Creake Hall and its resident family unfolds I found it very difficult to put down. Certainly a page turner, but unfortunately I didn't take to the lead character Gwen at all. She came across as a little self righteous at times, although I suppose I should make allowances for her difficult childhood. One minute she's annoyingly prissy, stressing over what appeared to me to be the slightest misdemeanour, the next she's visiting a guy wh [...]

    16. Having read and loved all 3 of Linda Gillard's other novels, I have been waiting ages and in anticipation to read another and House of Silence certainly didn't disappoint! House of Silence is completely engaging with it's mysterious plot based around an old country house, generations of one family and their hidden past. The mystery grabbed me from the beginning where we learn early on that the charming actor Alfie is not all that he seems The unravelling of the past all takes place during the Ch [...]

    17. 'House of Silence' is the first I've read of Linda Gillard's novels and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was attracted by an article in which the author described her novels as 'cross-genre' - and this one is certainly that. A mix of country house mystery, psychological study, and love story, the whole enveloped in gothic atmosphere. The characters were 3-dimensional and very human - none of them monsters, none of them perfect - they all had their attractions. There were some great contrasts too. Gwen [...]

    18. I hate getting to the end of a book like House of Silence, slowing my reading as the concluding chapters unfold after initially reading at such a greedy pace. I shall now have to read something other than a Linda Gillard novel or I will run out of them.This is the second book by Linda Gillard that I have read and I chose this one because it is set in Norfolk, a county I know well. Like Emotional Geology, my introduction to this super author, House of Silence is full of beautifully developed, rea [...]

    19. Really enjoyed this tale of dysfunctional families, secrets and intrigue. Difficult to say much about it without giving things away, but it's about what happens when an outsider spends Xmas with a family who have a complicated past. Excellent characterisation with every character having faults but being likable in their own way. Mixing the mystery genre with some romance, Linda Gillard once again manages to invent a man every woman will fall in love with . This is a book I will remember for a lo [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book about the lives and loves of the family at Creake Hall in Norfolk. When Gwen visits her boyfriend Alfie's family for Christmas she sees a change in him, he doesn't appear to be the person she thought he was; and as she gets to know the family better she begins to realise that they are all keeping a secret, including Rae the family matriarch who is so delighted that Alfie is coming home for Christmas. There are some splendid characters here, especially Harriet and Marek [...]

    21. Splendid surprise!This was a recommendation and had a decent write up. I was greatly surprised at how fast I got sucked into the story. I enjoyed the way it was presented from a narrative point of view to a characters point of view and back. This is a great intrigue and I recommend this to any who likes a mystery with a plot twist!

    22. I am a sucker for English novels set in mouldering manor houses and this one is a great read. The characters are vivid, the dialogue snappy and smart, and the whole thing moves along at a good pace with a few twists and turns along the way. This would be a good book club read because there's lots of room for discussion and debate about the motives and decisions of some of the characters!

    23. Again, as with other Linda's books it took me a little while to get into it. I wasn't very keen on Alfie and think that was why, but I liked Gwen a lot so perservered. Once they arrived at the house and the other characters were introduced I was hooked. Did not see what was coming coming. And really enjoyed it. Couldn't get my nose out of it. :-)

    24. This is the first book I've read by Linda Gillard but it won't be the last. While dramatic and heartbreaking at times, House of Silence is also an amusing, attainable read. Even when you think you've solved the mystery another turn comes in the road. The characters were well-define and so likeable. I'm so glad I discovered this author!

    25. One of the finest novels produced by an independent author. Charming characters combined with a fascinating mystery--a must-read!

    26. We are proud to announce that HOUSE OF SILENCE by Linda Gillard is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

    27. Interesting read. Plenty of plot twists kept me wondering exactly what currently was happening behind the closed doors of Creake Hall and what had happened there in the past.

    28. Started this yesterday and just couldn't stop reading it.If you don't have a kindle then download the app to your computer and read this even if it's the only e book you read. Loved it.

    29. This was a gripping, yet lighthearted, read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Character development was good. The setting was realistic, and reminded about all the things I love about the UK. The plot was intricate--somewhat unbelievably so--and that's why I'm rating this book at only three stars. Given how psychologically damaged the characters should have been, especially Hattie, they all did a remarkably good recovery. Maybe I would have liked something a little more realistic, because the book certa [...]

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