Agatha Raisin e la quiche letale

Agatha Raisin e la quiche letale Agatha Raisin cinquantenne dal carattere difficile decide di cambiare vita chiude la societ di PR che le ha permesso di guadagnare un bel po di soldi lascia Londra e si trasferisce nei Cotswolds

  • Title: Agatha Raisin e la quiche letale
  • Author: M.C. Beaton Marina Morpurgo
  • ISBN: 9788896919057
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • Agatha Raisin, cinquantenne dal carattere difficile, decide di cambiare vita chiude la societ di PR, che le ha permesso di guadagnare un bel po di soldi, lascia Londra e si trasferisce nei Cotswolds, un area di pittoresca bellezza nel cuore dell Inghilterra Carsely, il piccolo e perfetto villaggio dei suoi sogni, sublime gli abitanti sono stravaganti e gentili, il cAgatha Raisin, cinquantenne dal carattere difficile, decide di cambiare vita chiude la societ di PR, che le ha permesso di guadagnare un bel po di soldi, lascia Londra e si trasferisce nei Cotswolds, un area di pittoresca bellezza nel cuore dell Inghilterra Carsely, il piccolo e perfetto villaggio dei suoi sogni, sublime gli abitanti sono stravaganti e gentili, il cottage comprato da Agatha scomodo al punto giusto, abbondano i vestiti a fiori, tipo Laura Ashley, e la cordialit un po di facciata.A Londra non si era accorta di non avere amici, ma giunta a Carsely si ritrova sola e isolata Donna attiva e prepotente, Agatha non si accontenta di inserirsi nella nuova comunit ma vuole diventare anche popolare Come fare Partecipare a una gara culinaria E se non si in grado di cucinare Andare a Londra e comprare un ottima quiche E se il giudice della gara muore mangiando la quiche Ingiustamente accusata di aver provocato una morte e giustamente additata per aver imbrogliato, Agatha investigaAgatha Raisin e la quiche letale il primo libro dedicato all eccentrica investigatrice una serie ironica e leggera, intelligente e sarcastica.

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    1. Agatha Raisin is one of my favorite cozy Character, she is not particularly likable until you get to know her and she tends to spout off whatever enters her mind. Having retired from a successful career in advertising she has set out to fulfill her childhood dream of going from poverty stricken city life to a cozy cottage in the Cotswolds only life inst exactly what she expected. Retirement does not suit Agatha Raisin nor can she quite muster up the politeness to fit in with many of those around [...]

    2. "It helps in public relations to have a certain amount of charm and Agatha had none."I'm not sure how to classify this one - I suppose it's a cozy hybrid with a golden age type. It defies common cozy rules such as no swearing, a sweet main character, and a suitable feel-good vibe. Instead Agatha is moody, surly and rebellious - there's plenty of drinking, unhealthy eating, and a morbid humor that totally raises the bar for this mystery.Agatha certainly wasn't what I was envisioning by her name a [...]

    3. I've heard quite a bit about Agatha Raisin, here and there. Everyone loves her, from what I've seen, and I've read a little bit of M.C. Beaton's other series, so I paperbackswapped the first Agatha.Hm.It always irritates me when the blurb on the back reveals the first victim, and often details of the murder. I understand the need to pull a reader in, but – especially in this case – it seems to obviate the need to read the first seventy-five pages or so.The idea is that Agatha Raisin, sociall [...]

    4. I dropped it like a hot potato after the first chapter. Why? An example:Back in her cottage, she found a basket of pseudo-logs by the fire, little round things made out of pressed sawdust. She piled some up in the grate and set fire to them and soon had a blaze roaring up the chimney. She removed the lace antimacassar which the decorator had cutely draped over the television screen and switched it on. There was some war going on, as there usually was, and it was getting the usual coverage; that [...]

    5. A complete delight! I always thought these books looked cheesy, especially the mass market editions, but I was totally wrong. I loved the writing, the characters, the pacing. I was hooked from the first page. So happy it is a long series.

    6. The Quiche of Death is the first entry in M.C. Beaton's Agatha Raisin mystery series. Agatha Raisin, a woman in her early 50s, has retired from her high-powered London career in public relations to a cottage in a small English village. Agatha Raisin is a not-very-likable woman who struggles to understand why people don't like her, even as she bull-dozes her way through life. I found her both touching and hilarious. In her pursuit of popularity, Agatha enters a local cooking contest. Unfortunatel [...]

    7. This is the coziest and funniest mystery I have read in recent months. I just loved the quirky 52 year old amateur detective, femme fatale Agatha. I loved the old, droll village and the villagers. I loved the repeated mentions of Agatha Christie. Some of the funny incidents had me laughing out loud (I was listening to audio book while jogging) making other joggers vary of me. I could not help it. I so thoroughly enjoyed this book that I am a bit reluctant to start on the next in the series, for [...]

    8. Although mysteries aren't my favorite genre The Quiche of Death was an exception. It captured my attention right away with its prickly protagonist Agatha Raisin.Agatha is a middle-aged business woman who has made enough cash to retire. She decides to buy a home in a little town and has some difficulty adjusting to small town life. She comes to the realization that she is seriously lacking in people skills. Being a sales person she's spent years bullying and talking people into things but when it [...]

    9. When I discovered that Simon from The Readers enjoys this series I was interested but when I discovered that it takes place in the Cotswolds of England, I knew I had to check it out. The Cotswolds is one of the most scenic beautiful places in the world, filled with charming villages, thatched-roof cottages dating back hundreds of years and I was interested to see if this might be something I would enjoy. Bingo! Delightful! This is the first in a series in which Agatha Raisin, a middle-aged publi [...]

    10. This is a delightful little English countryside mystery. Agatha Raisin, a life-time career woman, takes early retirement from her PR business and moves from London to her dream cottage in the Cotswolds and finds herself in the middle of a murder in the quiet countryside. Beaton has created a wonderful character in Agatha Raisin. Agatha is a no-nonsense, calls it like she sees it type who finds herself a bit out of sorts and vulnerable in this tight-knit Village of Carsely. She soldiers on and tr [...]

    11. Published: 07/03/2006Author: M.C BeatonRecommended for: Fans of comedy dectective novelsThis books is part of a series of books featuring the amateur sleuth Agatha Rasin, this is a very funny detective fiction novel, the characters that feature in this are described well and you get a really sense of the characters and the surrounding areas. M.C Beaton takes us on the detective adventure with Agatha as we try find out who did it, it isn't always easy to figure out who did it. In this novel Agath [...]

    12. Every year I seem to get hooked on new mystery novels. When I cut the cord on the TV and went to internet TV and specifically Acorn TV, I watched the Agatha Raisin series, along with Hamish McBeth - both of which are adaptations of the authors books. I had been unaware of Beaton as a writer and was disappointed when the Agatha Raisin series ended after only 9 episodes. So, much to my delight, as I was looking for a new audiobook I came upon all of MC Beaton's Agatha Raisin series. I immediately [...]

    13. 3.5 stars. I avoided this book for years because of the title. I thought it would be all about food or way too light and silly, but it wasn't. First of all, it takes place for the most part in the Cotswolds, making it hard to resist for that reason alone. And second, the main character isn't a sweet old lady. She's a snarky woman in midlife who sells her PR firm in London to retire to the Cotswolds, which has been her dream since she was young. She's brash and sassy and I really like her. I'll d [...]

    14. Agatha Raisin has taken early retirement at fifty three from public relations and taken a dream cottage in the Cotswolds. However, rural life is harder than she imagines and, with no work to fill her day, she finds herself isolated and bored. She discovers a new liking for detective fiction, but it isn't enough to occupy her, so she decides to ingratiate herself with the locals. Having alienated her neighbour by luring away her cleaning lady, she then decides to win the 'Great Quiche Competition [...]

    15. Agatha Raisin reformou-se aos 50 duma empresa de relações públicas, e resolveu comprar uma casita de campo em Carsely, nos arredores de Londres.Não tem jeito nenhum para a jardinagem, não tem lá muito jeito para socializar, nem para cozinhar, nem para o ritmo pacato das vilórias. Sente falta do movimento da cidade e já nem sabe muito bem como é que aqui veio parar Isto só pode dar bom resultado! lolPara se integrar (ou afirmar como 'estrangeira') começa por tentar aldrabar um concurso [...]

    16. I have finally got around to reading the first of these books, after having collected a good many of them.I really enjoyed this little book. Funny, charming a real English cosy mystery. Rather better written than the American cozy mystereies I have read recently. Agatha Raisin is a character who is very likeable despite her being quite flawed. In this first book she must come to terms with a new way of life following her early retirement from the world of P.R in London. Her attempt to fit in lea [...]

    17. Okay. Okay. I gave Agatha Raisin a couple of chances. I actually wanted to like this; I bought the four book omnibus back whenever it was on sale in the Kindle store, and I love my cosy mysteries terribly much. But I hated the main character, I didn't find all the descriptions quirky and funny as they seemed meant to be, and I actually fell asleep trying to read it, something which I almost never do.Giving up on it even though I haven't got to the end, because I don't care enough to keep details [...]

    18. I was quite sniffy about Agatha Raisin, suspecting the books to be lightweight ( they are) and rather trivial (this is also true) however sometimes light and undemanding is exactly what one needs. And I jhadn't allowed for humour ( a lot of it) and well done pastiche. ( old lady, small village, suspicious goings on) Then I chanced across Penelope Keith as Agatha Raisin in the radio adaptations and I was won over. 'Nough said.

    19. 2.5 stars - It was alright, an average book. This was a typical cozy though I enjoyed the protagonist more than most. It was charming and made for a quick and easy read, but was a bit unrealistic with an amateur sleuth outwitting the professionals. -------------------------------------------Favorite Quote: N/A.First Sentence: Mrs. Agatha Raisin sat behind her newly cleared desk in her office in South Molton Street in Mayfair.

    20. What a fun book! Years ago my F2F book club read one of the Agatha Raisin books, and I remember liking it and planning on getting back to reading more. Finally, I have. This is the introduction to Agatha, who is not exactly a cuddly, lovable person. She has strong opinions and isn't afraid to voice them. I'm really looking forward to many more hours reading of Agatha's exploits.

    21. This is the first in the Agatha Raisin series and what a start! Loved this book so much I made my first spinach quiche in honor of Agatha. A lovely British cozy mystery!

    22. What Clare said! I’ve avoided these books for ages but this was a really fun read! Lots of cosy and well paced :-)

    23. I've spent a lot of time driving recently, and these really work as a background to the endless kilometres.Having kind of liked the TV Agatha Raisin series, I thought trying one of these as an audiobook for one of the recent long drives would be worth a go. I personally prefer things on the lighter side when I should be concentrating on driving, and a change of options was required after having spent a lot of hours with Phryne Fisher.Obviously the Agatha Raisin of the books is nothing much like [...]

    24. Almost everyone has an Agatha Raisin in his or her life. She's the middle-aged, overreaching, and blunt relative, friend, nextdoor neighbor, or co-worker that you sometimes find refreshing, more often find presumptuous. This Agatha Raisin has taken an early retirement and has moved to a cottage in the Cotswolds but finds it unsettling that the villagers don't immediately welcome her into their closest circles. She assumes the best way to get their respect is to win the local quiche contest, but [...]

    25. The first in the series of Agatha Raisin novels and Agatha sells her successful London-based PR business and moves to a sleepy Cotswold village. It turns out to be not so sleepy however as she enters a quiche (that she had not made) in a local competition only to discover that the judge, who seemingly ate a piece of it, dies from poisoning. How did it happen? How do the villagers react to this intruder? Will she stay after the mystery is resolved and, more importantly, will she be accepted into [...]

    26. The first book in a series that I adore! Agatha Raisin, rude, overbearing, and unstoppable is a heroine who has left her fast life in London to retire to her dream cottage in Carsley. Of course she soon grows bored with the drowsy village lifestyle and becomes embroiled in a case involving a poisoned quiche. Humorous, witty, and intelligent, M.C. Beaton is one of my favourite cozy authors.

    27. J'ai beaucoup aimé! Typiquement british! J'en redemande et je crois que je vais me faire la collection !!

    28. Es el primer libro de una saga que consta de 27, pertenecen al género de novela negra ligerita, ideales para un día de playa o piscina, con un punto de humor y sin la violencia que caracteriza al género de novela negra.En este primero libro, la autora nos presenta a quien será la protagonista de sus novelas, Agatha Raisin, mujer de 53 años, pelo castaño y anodino, rostro también anodino y figura regordeta, con acento de Mayfair, aunque en momentos de inquietud o emoción se le escapa el t [...]

    29. For a casual home sleuth ( one of the best kinds really) Agatha Raisin is someone who gets to the point which is exactly why I would want to read a mystery with her in it. This character doesn’t beat around the bush and does it with her own flair and style, I think anyone can read this and reap some sort of pleasure from it, one doesn’t have to belong to some secret Cozy Cub to get “it”. I have thoroughly enjoyed Agatha’s intelligence and wit, and towards the end there was some insanel [...]

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