Yotsuba&!, Vol. 10

Yotsuba Vol English Version Yotsuba loooooves playing games When Daddy s the counter in hide and seek he can never find Yotsuba cos I m such a good hider And when we go to the park Yotsuba s the bestest at swi

chan chan is a simple image based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously. Yotsuba Yotsuba , Yotsuba to is an ongoing Japanese comedy manga series by Kiyohiko Azuma, the creator of Azumanga Daioh.It is published in Japan by ASCII Media Works, formerly MediaWorks, in the monthly magazine Dengeki Daioh and collected in fourteen tank bon volumes It depicts the everyday adventures of a young girl named Yotsuba as she learns about the world around her, guided Yotsuba Japanese Restaurant and Bar Yotsuba is a Japanese Restaurant located in West Bloomfield Michigan and Ann Arbor Michigan Yotsuba is know sushi, sashimi and authentic Japanese Cuisine Yotsuba , Vol Kiyohiko Hello This is Koiwai Yotsuba, Yotsuba Koiwaium, YOTSUBA Yotsuba moved with Daddy to a new house from our old house waaaaaaay over there And moving s fun cos people wave Revoltech Danboard Mini Yotsuba Action Revoltech Danboard Mini Yotsuba Action Figure Box Version model by Kaiyodo List of Death Note characters Light Yagami , Yagami Raito is a bored intellectual dissatisfied with the Japanese justice system When he finds a Death Note dropped by Ryuk, he envisions to create a world without crime and rule over it as its god His alias Kira , derived from the English word killer, is quickly popularized and draws the attention of the Japanese police and L. Hair make YOTSUBA Hair make YOTSUBA HP yotsuba f e yotsuba

  • Title: Yotsuba&!, Vol. 10
  • Author: Kiyohiko Azuma あずま きよひこ
  • ISBN: 9789792790054
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • English Version Yotsuba loooooves playing games When Daddy s the counter in hide and seek, he can never find Yotsuba, cos I m such a good hider And when we go to the park, Yotsuba s the bestest at swing tag shoe races Daddy says Yotsuba s making up the rules as we go along, but Yotsuba thinks Daddy s just a sour loser But maybe Yotsuba will let him win once in a whilEnglish Version Yotsuba loooooves playing games When Daddy s the counter in hide and seek, he can never find Yotsuba, cos I m such a good hider And when we go to the park, Yotsuba s the bestest at swing tag shoe races Daddy says Yotsuba s making up the rules as we go along, but Yotsuba thinks Daddy s just a sour loser But maybe Yotsuba will let him win once in a while Sementara ayahnya bekerja, Yotsuba bermain rumah rumahan di bawah mejanya Kemudian, terinspirasi oleh buku bergambar, Yotsuba pun mulai belajar bagaimana cara membuat pancake Kisah kisah lucu dan menyenangkan dalam keseharian Yotsuba

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    1. wow, if YOTSUBA doesn't make you want to be a kid again, there is something seriously amiss in your psyche.ok but seriously. YOTSUBA (whom i cannot think about without all caps, cause well, that's just the kind of girl she is) is so beautifully and fully realized in this series. she's a kind of weird kid, but not an unpleasant one, and by manga terms she is probably the epitome of good mental health. well, actually, by almost any terms on the mental health thing. these books are an honest-to-god [...]

    2. The dad scaring the pants off of Yotsuba for lying was hysterical. I wish America had stuff like that just so I could drive the point home to my own kids.

    3. I think this is actually the darkest I've seen Yotsuba& go so far - Yotsuba borrows a big ball that people usually use to sit and balance on for their health and realizes how enjoyable it is to bounce around the house - in the course of that she manages to break a whole lot and when her dad asks her about it she starts lying and getting ever more deeper into lies, finally inventing a lying bug which is inside her.So far so normal for a kid that age - what may surprise and upset some people i [...]

    4. This one was a little bit darker. It's interesting when Yotsuba acts like a kid (oh man, that part where she lies and has to go see that creepy statue), but as always, delightful.

    5. 31 May 2013Having a shared affinity for sweet treats, I knew Yotsuba and I were kindred spirits but this absolutely solidified that belief even further:(view spoiler)[Rock on, Yotsuba! My fellow headbanger: (hide spoiler)]And, yes, I too have the mentality of a five-year-old.Yotsuba&!, Vol. 10 will undoubtedly entertain the socks off you. This volume will have you laughing with pancake fiascos, shaving mishaps, and strange vibrating machines. More importantly, this tenth volume will warm you [...]

    6. Oh Yotsuba, you and your 4 year old ways crack me up. For the longest time I thought there were only going to be 9 volumes, but when I ran across a Japanese version of volume 10, I about fainted.In this volume Yotsuba learns how to make pancakes, gets punished for lying, and is visited by her good friend Danbo the cardboard robot!There's always a good laugh here and there in these stories. Yes, they are simple and childish. But, it's a simple pleasure that makes me smile.When I bought this volum [...]

    7. I love Yotsuba. Every time I read these, I just get a huge smile on my face. A gentle but very funny read for young manga readers.

    8. in which:-yotsuba has the same problem with pancakes that i often do-there is an incident involving jumbo's beard-yotsuba tells a lieand-DANBO RETURNS!!

    9. Ah, kapan sih gue enggak suka sama Yotsuba? :)) Paling suka kalau ada si Yanda muncul, nih orang begok kok demen banget godain Yotsuba :))

    10. Maksud hati hanya ingin membaca sinopsis super irit di sampul belakang tapi dengan adanya gambar 3 orang (Yanda, Yotsuba dan ayahnya) yang tengah memakai celemek sekaligus membawa peralatan memasak telah sukses membuatku membayar buku ini di kasir.Yotsuba belajar memasak bersama dengan ayahnya setelah selesai membaca buku yang bercerita tentang masak-memasak. Yanda yang kebetulan mampir ikut menertawakan sekaligus menikmati masakan Yotsuba. Ada juga cerita dimana Yotsuba, Fuka, Jumbo dan ayah pe [...]

    11. chapters : 63,64,65,66,67,68,69,69(2).That little girl is the cutest thing on earth !She went playing with her cubes and pretend like she's cooking ,and then she read a book about pancakes so she wanted some ,her father bought some pancake mix to do it and they did that together she was so cute trying to flip it over ,yamada came and like always made fun of her so she cried ! and then he find himself forced to eat the pancakes along with her father -even the once that burned down-lol.Jumbo came [...]

    12. Yotsuba's adventures always crack me up! This little kid is such a piece of work :P I think what I love the best is how she's obviously a child, says very childish things, but then tosses out something that you would not think of a kid saying. My example here is (view spoiler)[ when her father takes her to see that deity statue in order to cure her of her "lying bug". A normal child's response would be to freak out and start crying (which she does), but our dear Yotsuba also adds "I don't wanna [...]

    13. Azuma once again manages to produce a volume of cuteness and happiness. As will all Yotsuba& books there is no plot to speak of, but it doesn't matter. This time around we get to see Yotsuba try her hand at cooking, hanging out with Jumbo, going to an electronics store, and being taught a lesson about telling the truth.Most of the regular characters appear, including the Ayase sisters, Yanda, Miura, and a character who has not appeared for a few volumes now (I won't spoil that for you), but [...]

    14. Oh lord, she's starting to grow up now! She has learned many new things but there is still so much to go through in life. Yotsuba starts to roam around herself and experiences many new things by herself. She starts growing her independence and basically growing up. I just can't get enough of this series and i hope it never ends because it makes my day just reading and relaxing. This book is strongly recommended for anyone at anytime because it just gets your mind off things. Reading this book, g [...]

    15. I´ve read (1-10) Yotsuba!? books and this is one of my favorite manga. I love yotsuba, actually I can say that I wish I could have child like yotsuba. Characters are great in Yotsuba. Yotsuba is funny little green hair child, who has amazing dad and dad has amazing weird friends. They also live in lovely area and they have lovely neighbors. Characters are so different and everybody of them all interesting.Azuma tells really good story´s and draws like really good. I laugh so much when I read t [...]

    16. This is my favorite series. The only series, because it is not overly cutesy-poo or full of romance--it truly is a "slice of life". Yotsuba captures the essence of being a child. If you liked the film Totoro, you would love Yotsuba. You can find the books on , in English. It's not a problem. Kiyohiko's art is just fantabulous! The characters are well drawn, and the background detail is always exquisite. As much as I hate suburbs, his drawings make me want to live there.If anybody can recommend o [...]

    17. I didn't think I would read a Yotsuba chapter I found funnier than the "Yotsuba & No Bother!" chapter in volume 2, but this volume takes the cake with "Yotsuba & Pancakes!" I'm giving the whole volume 5 stars because it is among my top three favourites, even though some of the other stories in the book fell a little flat.To read my full review, go to respectablecollection.wordpress/2012/06/09/yotsuba-vol-10/.

    18. Yotsuba's Swing-Tag-Shoe-Races are pretty awesome. :) I gotta try it sometime. She keeps making up new rules though, so it's gonna be hard to play along. :)Her dad is such a good dad, but the thought of the fact that he really isn't her REAL dad kind of bothers me. Even though this is a funny series, I need at least ONE part of ONE book to at least explain how he started taking care of her. In more detail than before. I just gotta know!!!

    19. Yotsuba&! is hilarious, adorable, simple, perfect. Somehow this story brings out the joys of everyday life in such a beautiful way and makes me smile and look at my own life with new appreciation. Highly recommended. Now that I'm all caught up with the volumes, I'm a little sad. I need more of Yotsuba and her hijinks! *edit - looks like volume 11 in September. Yay! I was worried that it would be even longer before the next one came out.

    20. amaze ama Yotsuba! karena bisa bikin adek gw nyentuh komik macem nih sampe covernya dekil and dekumel, though his reasons was for comparative studies. suka banget pas si ayah pamer sama jumbo kalo mereka abis piknik sama asagi. trus gayanya yotsuba waktu dengerin musik di toko elektronik juga keren. penuh penghayatan. sama pas ayah ngehukum yotsuba di kuil gara2 berbohong, trus patungnya say gudbay waktu mereka pergi :D

    21. الكتاب يجعلك تريد العوده الى ايام الطفولة بشكل كبير بطريقة روايته لقصة طفله في الخامسة من عمرها تم تبنيها من رجل ياباني و تحاول التأقلم في موطنها الجديد مع مغامرات ظريفة و مضحكه . ارى انه من الممتع قراءة هذا الكتاب خاصه في اوقات الفراغ ؛ حيث ان قصصها قصيرة و مقسمه فيسهل قراءته [...]

    22. Hua! Saya senang, soalnya Fuuka eksis lagi. lama enggak nongol gara-gara UTS, sekali nongol Fuuka sweet-sweet-an sama Bapaknya Yotsuba. KYAA! *fangirling. hung, tapi entahlah, apa masih bisa mengalahkan momen keakraban Bapaknya Yotsuba bareng Asagi di acara balon udara waktu itu. akrab sekali soalnya. itu lho, yang main putar-putaran yang pakai pegang-pegangan tangan.Semangat Fuuka, semoga cepat jadian sama Bapaknya Yotsuba. ngomong-ngomong saya lupa namanya *langsung-buka-komiknya.

    23. Adorable, as usual. I feel Yotsuba's pain when trying to make pancakes, but she seems to have much more patience and determination than I ever do. I just give up and go to IHOP. The return of Danbo was nice to see, especially when they're trying to come up with a cover story for why his head is sitting in Miura's room. The lying episode was a bit weird though. Just a bit darker than typical, with Yotsuba clearly being terrified, which made it feel kind of out of place.

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