Cybernetic Jungle

Cybernetic Jungle His family destroyed and his dreams crushed by the corporation that controls his Brazilian home through technology and drugs Paulo seeks revenge aided by Zaide a woman with a computer implant in he

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  • Title: Cybernetic Jungle
  • Author: S.N. Lewitt
  • ISBN: 9780441022571
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • His family destroyed and his dreams crushed by the corporation that controls his Brazilian home through technology and drugs, Paulo seeks revenge, aided by Zaide, a woman with a computer implant in her brain that provides access to government data.

    One thought on “Cybernetic Jungle”

    1. I wouldn’t call this great cyberpunk, but I did really enjoy it. I am unaccountably fascinated by stories that take place in Brazil so it had that going for it. I found the story coherent and believable, if a little more tragic than I had anticipated which was hard to swallow. It felt like it came out of nowhere, but it worked. I like The Wave; I liked the characters; Paulo was great; and Zaide is fantastic. Zaide’s best friend, Susana, is even better. The political machinations are enough t [...]

    2. Stupid, stupid, stupid book. Allegedly a cyberpunk book, although I found no evidence of that. In fairness to you and to the author, I didn't finish the book. I thought it was too hideous to continue after the first seven chapters. But boy, what a disappointment!Paulo Sylvia (a girl's name?) and his best pal form a gang in Brazil in the near future to compete with other gangs, dealing with the drug market. They are part of the outcasts of society. Meanwhile, the wealthy elite have it sweet and a [...]

    3. Published as part of the cyberpunk trend of the 80s, I feel like the quite excellent novel was overlooked at that time – at least, it was overlooked by me, a cyberpunk fan! I’m certainly glad I got around to reading it. The setting: a convincingly believable near-future Brazil. The divide between rich and poor has only gotten worse. The rich live in luxury; the elite have access to a kind of implanted internet called The Wave. But most Brazilians live in the favelas, slums torn by gang viole [...]

    4. This '90s cyberpunk thriller is made all the more alien and enticing by setting it in the Brasilia of 2028. Lewitt weaves the culture and classes of the city with story of corporate families battling for control and an off-beat street gang that crosses paths with them.

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