Private Teacher! 1

Private Teacher Not only is the schoolwork so confusing that Rintarou needs a private tutor but the maelstrom of emotions he feels when spending time with Kaede san is weirdly unsettling But when Kaede san decides t

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  • Title: Private Teacher! 1
  • Author: Yuu Moegi
  • ISBN: 9781569702338
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
  • Not only is the schoolwork so confusing that Rintarou needs a private tutor, but the maelstrom of emotions he feels when spending time with Kaede san is weirdly unsettling But when Kaede san decides to penalize Rintarou s unsatisfactory progress with some unusual punishment, Rintarou figures out that what he s feeling is love But what abut Kaede Does he love Rintarou orNot only is the schoolwork so confusing that Rintarou needs a private tutor, but the maelstrom of emotions he feels when spending time with Kaede san is weirdly unsettling But when Kaede san decides to penalize Rintarou s unsatisfactory progress with some unusual punishment, Rintarou figures out that what he s feeling is love But what abut Kaede Does he love Rintarou or is he just a perverted sadist June Manga proudly presents the first volume of the popular manga by Yuu Moegi in her English language debut

    One thought on “Private Teacher! 1”

    1. This is as far as I get in this series, so the rating is for this and the previous volumes as wellLOVED ITfunny, sexy, innocent and a bit of corrupted as well. Home tutuor that not only teaches his pupil all what he needs to know to get into college, but also shows him how to relinquish to his basic instincts. I loved the story 'cause it really was a whole relationship, and the good thing here, is that this one doesn't have much drama, is more about the day by day of both of them since when they [...]

    2. This is a case where I really need to stress the review is for the whole series. Because while in the following volumes the series doesn't exactly gain a lot of depth, it's several steps up from the very shaky, sudden beginning - originally "Katekyo" was only supposed to be a sort of extended one-shot, and you can tell, because the way the two of them get together doesn't make much sense, even for BL. But if you can ignore that, you get an odd mix of your typical superficial BL story with a not [...]

    3. It has been a fun read. Taboo and all. Age gap, Student X Teacher, Teacher X Student, Amorous persistent Seme and UNCENSORED PENIS! How rare is that in Japanese manga? Just one itsy-bitsy complain the dong is too small. It needs more girth, length wise is okay.

    4. Because of how this manga begins, it might be incredibly discouraging. Let me explain why the awkward, abrupt beginning could be overlooked.This manga was first promoted in the anthology comic Drap, with the first two chapters being one-shot shorts. It seems those two one-shots were so popular, 「カテキョ!」 was accepted by the publishers to become its own, individually published series.I'm not sure if it's in the English version, but there's actually an author's note from Moegi-san. In [...]

    5. «(♦)» Rintarou is all hot and flustered by his drop dead gorgeous tutor, Kaede. And Rintarou comes to realize he is in love with Kaede. But does Kaede feel the same? ♦ sadistic home tutor x high school student's after class love!♦ Beautiful Art!♦ Cute as Hell Couple! ♦ And even hotter sex scenes!

    6. Sin pena ni gloria, me gusta la pareja principal, no digo que no, pero es muy "lo mismo", es el típico yaoi y aunque el dibujo es bueno, no termino de enganchar.

    7. This was cute. The story is pretty simple (typical yaoi manga situation) though it was sweet and it made me laugh a few times. I did not feel like I was reading anything newbut my god the art made it one of a kind. It made me want to draw.Admittedly I did not care all that much for the last two stories since the couples in them were just meh, but the first definitely makes me happy that I bought it. Chances are I’ll continue with the other volumes.

    8. There are sometimes manga that I read, that I really don't understand why I like them so much. This one of those.In spite of the lack of reason for either of the characters to like each other, I loved the entire group of manga! It was weird! Granted, I am a sucker for great art style, as well as having a nice balance of angst as well as humor here you go!

    9. I lost count how many times I re-read this series. Too many times to count.********************************************************************breathtaking art and awesome stories. recommend for those who love yaoi. :)warning : explicit content.

    10. I wasn't sure if I would like the tutor/student dynamic, but I was pleasantly surprised. Kaede and Rintarou are actually pretty cute together. I'm glad to see a healthy relationship forming here, as they appear to have developed strong feelings for each other. The artwork is beautiful and nicely detailed as well.

    11. Rintarou’s got feelings for his private tutor Kaede - so he thinks if he bombs the exam, then Kaede will be useless & fired so he can get rid of his feelings; but Kaede sees he changed the answers & asks why so Rintarou says he was bored & hasn’t had any fun…which Kaede sums up to being horny & says he’ll help him & starts kissing him & then stops and says it’s a joke & a punishment & has Rintarou learnt his lesson? Rintarou says he has. So anyway, Rinta [...]

    12. The art in this is very nice (veeery nice, wink wink) and some of the stories had elements that I love (the younger lover as the predator, a story about a host), but mostly it was about Kaede and Rin and should pretty much be known as the "Book of Overly-Possesive Lovers." Rin's a saint (an adorable, ditzy saint) next to Kaede. I wanted to smack him. Really, you've never seen Rin angry so therefore you must make him angry? You're the only one who should be able to get an emotional response from [...]

    13. UPDATE :: This volume has chapters 1-3.It might be because I'm not reading this series straight through but I am getting confused on the main story and the side stories. HAHAHA. Just not paying attention so that could just be a problem on my part.I also couldn't figure out just how many chapters are in these volumes but I just found a picture that started off with the volume two picture so I THINK that volume one has chapters 1-8.The story seems really cute so far. I'm one of those people that e [...]

    14. 3 cute, sweet, sexy stories!! I can't control myself. (I need to study but this is totally distracting!)Normally for a volume that contains 3 different stories, it almost always fails. But this totally worked! Of course we know we will be getting more volumes so we know that there will be more to each story. But still, it was a great start to each story. (If this was a one volume thing, I wouldn't be satisfied.)I can't wait for more!

    15. This is a book I could have very easily ended up hating. The description sounded appealing to me, but it really could have gone wrong if done badly. But as it was, this was written in a way that showed both characters' feelings and took them seriously (as much as the fun and teasing aspect of it allowed it) and rather than skeevy it came across as playful and hot and a hell of a lot of fun. And, at times, it also was very sweet. And I'll admit that it pushes a lot of my buttons, which helped.

    16. This manga contains several stories, the main story being about a sadistic tutor and his clumsy student. I throughoutly enjoyed the story, it was funny and sweet and gave me a wonderful feeling! You like yaoi or shoujo? Then please read this!

    17. I read this series in one go today when I really should've done some studying *sigh* But I was riveted by the story - it isn't a new topic, sure, but the way the story was drawn and told makes it stand out.

    18. Beautiful artwork. And I liked that it is a tutor, not a professor (makes the relationship less taboo), but in all 3 stories, the seme was too pushy. And the story moved forward too quickly for my taste.

    19. it's so sweet and so spicy at the same time! I wish I have a love like that! But of course most everyone does

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