The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier

The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier Old Town Albuquerque potter and merchant Hubie Schuze agrees to create unique chargers for the table settings in a soon to open restaurant The fee is too enticing to pass up although the restaurateu

  • Title: The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier
  • Author: J. Michael Orenduff
  • ISBN: 9781610090094
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Old Town Albuquerque potter and merchant, Hubie Schuze agrees to create unique chargers for the table settings in a soon to open restaurant The fee is too enticing to pass up, although the restaurateur is not negotiable on the potting sitee plates must be made at the restaurant in Santa Fe Grumbling about forfeiting the comforts of his tailor made shop and home, HubOld Town Albuquerque potter and merchant, Hubie Schuze agrees to create unique chargers for the table settings in a soon to open restaurant The fee is too enticing to pass up, although the restaurateur is not negotiable on the potting sitee plates must be made at the restaurant in Santa Fe Grumbling about forfeiting the comforts of his tailor made shop and home, Hubie arranges for his absence, packs his equipment into his Bronco and heads to Santa Fe Once onsite, Hubie is immersed in the politics, procedures and polemics of the restaurant business Things quickly spiral out of control at Schnitzel, forcing the eatery to close its doors after the first night Unwilling to cede defeat, Hubie rallies the troupe and they reopen with a Mexican Austrian fusion menu.The reviews are rave and the money rolls in, but soon Hubie is faced with that old prophecy good deed goes unpunished.About the Author On the day Mike Orenduff got his drivers license, his father gave him a 1950 Oldsmobile coupe that stranded him in so many New Mexico towns that he got to know every mechanic south of Truth or Consequences By the time he entered graduate school at the University of New Mexico, he and his wife Lai were driving a reliable car a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle and they drove the wheels off it exploring the northern half of the state His love of The Land of Enchantment is evident in his Pot Thief mysteries which have won The New Mexico Book of the Year Award, the national Eppie award for best mystery, The Dark Oak Mystery Award, and Fiction Book of the Year from The Public Safety Writers Association He enjoys hearing from his readers and can be contacted at ThePotThief gmail

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    1. Another great read and engaging mystery from one of my favorites, J. Michael Orenduff. I love Hubie Schuze and his strange assortment of friends. They have the best adventures, and become involved in unusual mysteries. Poor Hubie almost always gets arrested for something, but fortunately, he's (so far) managed to vindicate himself.Here's a highly intelligent, fun, slightly dishonest protagonist you can become involved with and enjoy matching wits to see if you can come up with the answer before [...]

    2. Pot thief Hubie Schuze is back, and in fine form, in his fourth adventure as The Pot Thief. In this one Hubie, who runs a pottery shop in Albuquerque's Old Town, is offered a plus job make 100 plates for a new restaurant in Santa Fe. He's offered $25,000 for the job, and who can turn down that sort of cash?The restaurant will feature Austrian fare, and when he arrives, Hubie is introduced to a cast of characters worthy of J. Michael Orenduff's imagination. But when on of his co-workers winds up [...]

    3. Hubie Schuze is back and in fine form although most of the story takes place in Santa Fe instead of his usual setting in Albuquerque. Hubie doesn't steal any pots in this installment. Instead he is asked to make 100 ceramic chargers for a new Austrian restaurant opening in Santa Fe. Yes, that quintessential old Spanish town seems an odd place for an Austrian restaurant, but Hubie is promised $25,000 if he agrees to make the chargers in the restaurant itself and Hubie always needs the money. Thus [...]

    4. Really like this series. One of my favorites. Just like the The Burglar Who series it's modeled after. Clever, easy, no real suspense or violence. My kind of mystery. I never figure them out, but I don't really try. Just a fun read.

    5. Hubie Schuze never sets out to be an amateur sleuth, but when bad luck pushes him uncomfortably close to a crime, he’s tries to figure out what’s going on. He’s not stealing pots in this book, but making them, at Schnitzel, the—of all things—Austrian restaurant in Santa Fe that hires Hubie to make some thematic ceramic chargers. Being a man who loves to read, to cook, and to acquire historical and cultural knowledge, Hubie not only studies Escoffier to get into the restaurant frame of [...]

    6. I picked up this novel in Taos, and it takes place in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It's part of a series, and is obviously not the first one, but I couldn't find anywhere in the book just what the sequence of volumes is.The main character is Hubert or Hubie Schuze, a potter and admitted pot thief. His justification for the latter didn't set well with me, but fortunately there was no actual archaeological vandalism in the story.Hubie gets involved with a start-up Austrian (yes, Austrian!) restaurant [...]

    7. The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier is a totally entertaining read. Hubert Schuze is a treasure hunter who became a pot thief due to circumstances. Hubert, or Hubie as his friends call him, is a delightful character who becomes involved in murder quite by chance. This is more of a whodunit than an action-packed thriller, and that's a nice change of pace. In this book Hubie agrees to help as a new restaurant is built. The characters, being involved in food preparation (chefs, etc.), range from fr [...]

    8. The Pot Thief:Who Studied Escoffier, by J. Michael Orenduff was so interestly, humorous and fast-paced that it became a page turner for me and at times I even forgot the mystery. This novel was filled with facts regarding the esteemed Escoffier's life, Hubie (the sleuth's) wonderful cooking (wish there were recipes,) a solid murder plot, and the thrill and chaos of opening a restuarant. It was set in Santa Fe, New Mexico which was fun because we were introduced to another fine city and it's hist [...]

    9. Another enjoyable Hubie mystery - I learned some fun factsThese books are an homage to Lawrence Block's Bernie Rhodenbarr mysteries and others. There are frequent mentions of these other fiction novels, their characters and authors. This one included both Bernie and Nero Wolfe. The main character, Hubie Shuze, even has an attorney who is very Wolfe-like down to his closed-eyes concentration and rotund frame. There's always a few interesting historical or philosophical facts to accompany the ligh [...]

    10. Austrian/New Mexico fusion cuisine? Woohoo! I actually read this book first and it stood alone just fine. Then, having enjoyed the read so thoroughly, I ordered everything the author had written to date and enjoyed them all with Gruet sparkling wine and some great Tex-Mex cooking. You'll want to have both at the ready when you crack the cover.

    11. I LOVE these book! The characters are wonderful, the plots well thought out and the humor is right up my alley. I love to cook so naturally this particular novel appealed to me a lot. Mike is an amazing author. The New Mexico settings are, I don't know, so like home? :-) I can hardly wait for the next book to come out, The Pot Thief who Studied Billy The Kid.

    12. I really love this series and am glad there are two more waiting for me. Hubie spends a lot of time in Santa Fe helping with the opening of a new restaurant. He is designing the special plates and gets roped into doing a lot more. I enjoy spending time with these characters, and eating and drinking vicariously with them. Look Ma, no hangover!

    13. The peak of series so far. Funny, warm, sprinkled liberally inside nods to the resident of ABQ. But the zany crew of the chef's brigade are not just cardboard but feel more real than some previous disposable characters. The author is coming into his voice. And a fine one it is becoming.

    14. Hubie Schurz has agreed to make chargers for an expensive new restaurant opening soon in Santa Fe. The owner insists that Hubie work at the restaurant, where he quickly discovers that the staff is most dissatisfied with the chef. Hubie is also lonely for his store in Albuquerque.

    15. How can this be topped: a good mystery set in Albuquerque, returning to old fictional friends, and adding time in Santa Fe? Do all that and talk a lot about food, plus share a couple to chilie recipes. WOW

    16. lots of fun, as usual for this series--more about food than a mystery though. I guessed it right from the beginning, alas.

    17. Hubie gets involved with a restaurant along with his pots. Now I am hungry.I enjoy the humor and the color in this series.

    18. What's not to like. Easy to read, lots of food to think about enjoying and a murder mystery but wait there's more - fun characters, the landscape and, well just read it and enjoy.

    19. Delightful fast read in the vein of Lawrence Block's burglar series. A good book to clear a reader's palate.

    20. I really like this series of books, even though they are not really deep. But they are well written and this one in particular involves New Mexico and food, two of my favorite subjects.

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