Kick-Ass 2

Kick Ass The sequel to the biggest creator owned comic of the decade the one that spawned the number one hit movie and the worldwide phenomenon KICK ASS is back just as over the top as ever As everybody s fav

  • Title: Kick-Ass 2
  • Author: Mark Millar John Romita Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780785152453
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The sequel to the biggest creator owned comic of the decade the one that spawned the number one hit movie and the worldwide phenomenon KICK ASS is back, just as over the top as ever As everybody s favorite psychotic 11 year old HIT GIRL trains KICK ASS to bewell, a bad ass, RED MIST gathers a team of super villains to take them down It s super hero mayhem as only MAThe sequel to the biggest creator owned comic of the decade the one that spawned the number one hit movie and the worldwide phenomenon KICK ASS is back, just as over the top as ever As everybody s favorite psychotic 11 year old HIT GIRL trains KICK ASS to bewell, a bad ass, RED MIST gathers a team of super villains to take them down It s super hero mayhem as only MARK MILLAR and JOHN ROMITA JR can bring you

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    1. Bet you thought you would never hear me say thisbut this book was almost too much for me. It upped the violence and cussing to the point where I was like WTF? Millar crossed over the line of awesome into the feeling of just trying to shock the reader. I love the first book and hate the way this one turned out. Yuck.It picks up shortly after the first one ended. Kick-Ass is training with Hit-Girl.Then her reins get clipped as her step-dad makes her promise to not don the outfit or fight crime any [...]

    2. The interwebs tells me that his official title of this is Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, but my copy is titled simply Kick-Ass. I’m not sure what happened, but if Mark Millar needs any suggestions, I came up with these options:Kick-Ass 2: Kick HarderKick-Ass 2: The KickeningKick-Ass 2: Wrath of AssKick Ass 2: Electric BoogaloYou’re welcome, Mark.In the first collection, teen-age nerd Dave Lizewski took his love of superhero comic books to the extreme when he put on a costume and started patr [...]

    3. The second volume is still kicking in big way!!!A REVERSE EXPERIENCEMy experience with Kick-Ass 2 was kinda opposite to the one with the first story. When I watched the first film, I hadn't read yet the comic book, and since I loved the movie, I moved fast to read the original comic book as soon as possible. And I loved too the comic book.When the comic books of Kick-Ass 2 came out, I was prepared and I was able to get them on single issues without having to do the titanic quest of the ones of t [...]

    4. You have to love a comic where the introduction begins, "Hey Fuckers." Well. you don't *have* to love it. But I certainly did. A great continuation of the series. An interesting combination of genuinely interesting emotional story combined with the profoundly grim fucking ultra violence. Don't start with this one, obviously. People who begin reading a series in the middle go to the special hell, along with child molesters and people who talk in the theatre. Also, what's happening here won't make [...]

    5. 4.5 Estrellas.Gracioso incluso en la tragedia.Fav moments:1.- Muerte del Coronel y Sofía/decapitación e intercambio de cabezas.2.- Visita del Squad de The Motherfucker al barrio de Katie Deauxma/disparos a los niños.3.- Ahorcamiento de James Lizewski.4.- Decapitación de Mother Russia.5.- Escape de Hitgirl/arresto."They killed your dad and they raped your girlfriend. Are you really going to sit here blubbing like a bitch at the Oscar's?" LOL

    6. I have a confession to make. I haven't read the first Kick-Ass book nor its follow up, Hit-Girl. To the best of my knowledge, the first movie pretty much nailed what went on in the first two hardcovers and by the looks of the trailer for Kick-Ass 2, it's set to do the same. I can't imagine them losing anything in the transition from comics to film well, aside from one key factor: the violence.Now, don't get me wrong, Kick-Ass was a violent movie. Any movie that depicts a gangster exploding insid [...]

    7. David Lizewski/Kick Ass is being trained by Mindy/Hit Girl to become a better superhero but when Hit Girl is dissuaded from putting on her outfit and bloodying up criminals by her new step-father and recently re-united mother, Kick Ass sets off to meet others who are dressing up and fighting crime. And it turns out there's a few, so many that they wind up making the first "real-world" superhero team, Justice Forever. But things are about to get shaken up by Red Mist who is gathering an army to e [...]

    8. Just.Too much, not an ounce of humour, just violence on top of violence and then some violence thrown in for good measure.The novelty has worn off. Hit Girl swearing like a sailor isn't funny anymore, and a gang rape of a teenage girl, followed by the hanging murder of a character was enough. But then to have a bloodbath at the funeral? No.I hope he's just taking the piss, but this felt more like the Fonz jumped over the Shark.***I put it down right after the Funeral attack***

    9. I read this and Kick-Ass at the same them from the library. I was inspired to be the movie Kick Ass. I'd not seen it till the second one came out.Oh and Kick Ass showed up on TV.The general story of Kick Ass is about the same, book and movie. I can't speak for that here as I haven't seen the movie, but some of the same characters are the same.I grew up in the '50s and '60s. This is what's generally called the "Silver Age" of comics (or comic books for the purist). Over time comic books [...]

    10. “The minute this got big, I read a hundred different articles, Psychologists asking why we did it every night. Were we mad? Were we lonely? Were we just obsessed with comic books?The answer, Of course was a little of all three… but I also liked to ask why they didn’t chase their dreams… No it wasn’t normal… it wasn’t even close. But it was awesome, man…” Dave Lizewski, a.k.a Kick-AssWith Kick-Ass 2, Mark Millar has raised the level of violence and raunchiness in a comic book to [...]

    11. This is a difficult book to review. On the one hand, its art and its writing were impressive--especially the art. The colors were striking and the visuals arresting. This might be my favorite style of any graphic novel, though I can't say I'm particularly well-read in the genre. On the other hand, this book acts as if it's going to deal with the question of what a "real" superhero would go through. This is the story's excuse to make every possible misery happen to our protagonist and his loved o [...]

    12. Compared to the original Kick-Ass, which was awesome, this falls very, very flat on its face. It's too violent. Yeah, I know it's supposed to be psychopathically gory, but this was just painful. Pointless. Forced. There's no story. If you emptied a couple of tankers of blood in a pre-school yard, you get the depth and complexity of the storyline and plot right there. There are no interesting characters. Part 1 was brilliant because it gave us Kick-Ass, Red Mist, Big Daddy, and the one and only, [...]

    13. Maybe it was because I listened to Magma's Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh while reading this, but I was far too entertained by such an awful book. Unfortunately the music has ended and I now see the book in all its awfulness. Some spoilers to follow. This sequel sees Kick-Ass join a superhero team, called Justice Forever, and we also see the formation of a supervillain team led by Red Mist, called Toxic Mega Cunts. There's a lot more violence in this one, and not so much the fun kind, but more [...]

    14. My love of the first volume of Kick-Ass is well documented. The perfect childhood fantasy made into a 'reality'. I mean, I had notebooks full of my own costume ideas and weapons I'd make once I finished college or came into money. Ok, I was eight years old, but still. Millar made our dreams come true on paper. Too damn good. But of all the things I thought about the idea of Kick-Ass, sustainable never came to mind. I've heard people talk about what a fabulous liar Mark Millar is. Supposedly his [...]

    15. I'm really really really upset that I've read this book. Let me tell you why. I don't mind violence, you know """justified""" violence, sometimes because the world is not totally black or white. But I can't stand books/comics/movies who makes situations like rapes, explosing fucking innocent children in the face like some funny jokes. There were two important deaths (it's a little a bit a spoiler), they were awfuly bring in the story, awfuly justified. Like the author wanted to give himself a ge [...]

    16. At first I was liking where the story was going, all of Kick-Ass's talk about Justice Forever, and about why they were fighting crime got me excited and thinking maybe I was going to enjoy it more than the first one (also the fact that the art seems better this time around) but when I finished I was dissapointed and disgusted. Yeah, I know Kick-Ass is a violent and gory comic-book but ugh this was so much worse than the first one in that aspect, AND FOR WHAT? The villain at the head of it all ha [...]

    17. This is seriously good, the pace is akin to a juggernaut and the shock value rises dramatically. The story centres on the conflict between good and evil costume attired superheroes or more simply Kick Ass and Red Mist.Red Mist comes back on the scene after a trip to Russia and he now has a gang of gruesome looking individuals and they want to start some shit but first he must avenge his father. First step change his name to Mother-fucker, second step attack all that Kick Ass holds dear and third [...]

    18. Only a few months have passed since the first book's ending. While Dave Lizewski trains to better himself as a superhero, Mindy Macready struggles with a normal life. Inspired by the events in Kick-Ass, several citizens are inspired to don the mask and fight alongside the hero. But a world of superheroes is nothing without a challenging nemesis. Embittered by the slaying of his father, Red Mist organizes his own team by gathering people from all over the world to take down Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, an [...]

    19. 3.5So I kind of accidentally watched the film version of this only a few days before reading it (I went into a room when someone was watching it and just kind of got hooked in and ended up watching it all) and I liked the tone of the film more than the comics. There's still a lot of violence and crazy antics, but there's more humour too. I think the humour offsets the violence more. E.g. (view spoiler)[In the comic they kill the dog, but in the film it's like 'dude, even I'm not that evil that I [...]

    20. This book collects the second seven part mini-series from the same creative team of Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. The thing to say straight up is that the back of this book has an infographic that states that this is book 3 of a projected 5 book Kick-Ass arc. Well thanks for the heads up on that Mark and Millarworld - the only other place it is mentioned is on the facing page to the last page in the story.The actual book 2 of the arc is the current, and so currently uncollected, Hit-Girl mini [...]

    21. I always thought of Mark Millar as a kind of hit or miss writer. The Ultimates, Wanted, Civil War, Old Man Logan and Kick-Ass are his hits. Marvel 1985, The Unfunnies and Kick-Ass 2 are his misses. And I believe I've read his works long enough to be familiar with his trademark of excessive violence.All this time I thought Millar's violence was a kind of harmless violence. I thought it was part of his aesthetic, like the ones you found on Tarantino's movieY, I WAS WRONG. KICK-ASS 2 WAS DISGUSTING [...]

    22. What makes Kick-Ass 2 almost just as good as Kick-Ass is that the creativity and uniqueness of the comic were not destroyed in the process of making a sequel. After having read the unnecessary prelude to Kick-Ass 2: Hit- Girl I was worried for Kick- Ass 2. I have to say that I was not disappointed this time! Kick-Ass 2 brings the characters to a whole new level of super hero, crime fighting, action. Hit-Girl has gone through some changes since we last saw her leaving Kick-Ass alone sometimes to [...]

    23. I loved the first series, mostly because of the character depth. This time, the characters seemed a little flat, perhaps because Kick-Ass joins a band of superheroes, and there are so many that we can't get to know them all. Perhaps, if the series continues, we'll get to know more about some of these very interesting characters, like Night Bitch, for example. In general, I appreciate Millar's story-telling, because he seems to have created some very authentic young voices. In many contemporary s [...]

    24. For the second installment in the Kick-Ass saga, Mark Miller kicks things up a notch -- and not necessarily in a good way.The second story seeks to offer a bit of commentary on team-ups and the necessity of community. Well, at least it does for the first three or so issues. But once the bad guys appear back on the scene in full force, the commentary and subtlety go right out the window in favor of "let's put as much violence onto the page as possible."The first installment was violent, bloody an [...]

    25. A decidedly average follow-up to a great initial entry and premise, Kick Ass 2 suffers from having too many characters to know what to do with and never really upping the ante on what was previously established. I also found the ending to be more than a little disappointing. The artwork, however, was stellar and worth the cover price all on its own.2.5 Average Team-Ups for Kick Ass 2.

    26. Wow, oh wow. If the first one was brutal, I don't think a word exists for how fucked up this sequel is.Forgive me, because I'm feeling a bit speechless over it all. All I know is that I need more after that abrupt ending. Immediately.

    27. Another 'Kick-Ass' job by Millar. (HAHA,I crack my shit up). Ups the violence from the first volume, which is saying something, but still tells a good story. Now I just hope volume 3 isn't as disappointing as I've heard.

    28. "You do the big guy. I'll kill everybody else.""Right."Kick-Ass 2 nimmt nicht nur wie die beiden Vorgeschichten kein Blatt vor den Mund, Millar schraubt die ohnehin bis zum Anschlag ins Brett gedrehte Gewaltspirale noch mal ein Stück weiter ins Holz. Nachdem der Genovese-Clan in mehreren Gemetzeln gnadenlos dezimiert wurde, sieht es nach guten Zeiten für die vielen Freizeit-Superhelden aus, die Menschenhändlern die Knochen brechen und alten Damen über Straße helfen. Es bildet sich sogar ein [...]

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