Seizing The Enigma: The Race To Break The German U Boat Codes 1939 1943

Seizing The Enigma The Race To Break The German U Boat Codes Among the famous battles of World War II the longest and most critical was the Battle of the Atlantic the struggle between the American convoys bringing supplies to Britain and the German U boats ben

  • Title: Seizing The Enigma: The Race To Break The German U Boat Codes 1939 1943
  • Author: David Kahn
  • ISBN: 9780285630666
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Among the famous battles of World War II, the longest and most critical was the Battle of the Atlantic the struggle between the American convoys bringing supplies to Britain and the German U boats bent on severing that lifeline No matter where else on earth conflicts raged, leaders on both sides understood that whoever won the Battle of the Atlantic would win the war FrAmong the famous battles of World War II, the longest and most critical was the Battle of the Atlantic the struggle between the American convoys bringing supplies to Britain and the German U boats bent on severing that lifeline No matter where else on earth conflicts raged, leaders on both sides understood that whoever won the Battle of the Atlantic would win the war From the start, Germany had the advantage with the diabolically devised encryption machine known as Enigma Breaking the Enigma codes became the singleminded obsession of a brilliant band of mathematicians, chess champions, and linguists who labored on behalf of the Allied cause behind closed doors at an English estate called Bletchley Park In this book, cryptologist David Kahn recounts the story of the dramatic race between codemakers and codebreakers, focusing on the personalities involved, describing the at sea captures of encryption keys that led to the Allied breakthrough, and depicting the enormous impact this information had on the most cataclysmic war in history BW photos.

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    1. worth it. Covers raiding German ships and stealing keys and enigma machine parts as well as the genious breakthroughs in codebreaking tedious codebreaking back at Bletchley Park (B.P.).This delivers many interesting computer security tidbits. For example, the codebreakers at B.P. found that some messages were sent out both under the enigma cipher and under a more easily breakable maritime cipher. The plaintext that resulted from the maritime cipher helped them derive the keys for the enigma. At [...]

    2. This was a very interesting book. It has alot of detail to digest.Turns out this chapter on the war was so important that most people don't realize.Could we have won with out cracking the enigma, it surely would have been alot more difficult.All history and ww2 buffs should check out this book, you won't be disappointed.

    3. A fascinating account of the famous German Enigma code machine, as used by the Third Reich before and during the Second World War. Kahn relates the history of the machine as well as techniques and trends in cryptology--codes and codebreaking--starting around the turn of the 20th century. The story follows a several groups of cryptologists and mathematicians who were up against the most advanced cipher creator in history up to that point. In the past, secret codes had been constructed using more [...]

    4. The most comprehensive treatment of the subject I've seen. It focuses on the Battle of the Atlantic, which is undeniably the most important impact of this intelligence coup, but is otherwise fairly comprehensive. It starts with the code breaking of WWI, and the precedent of the code yield from wreck of the Magdeberg, and runs through the end of WWII, including vital contributions of Polish code breakers and French Intelligence, as well as American contributions and cooperation. It gives much cle [...]

    5. This is an extremely good historical account of how the enigma machine came to be and how the code was broken over the time it was used. I was empressed on the way the writer captured the factual and historical information in such a way as to capture my attention. He even had me on 'the edge of my seat' in one of the later chapters, at least as much as a historical book could. Kahn also evenly brings in the contributions that many women had in helping break the codes, not just as one or two ment [...]

    6. Engrossing story of the challenges and approaches to breaking the Enigma cryptography. A good deal of detail in the description (and some that could have been served by better maps and drawings). An interesting observation (among many others) was that Enigma, itself, provided a secure encryption. But when mixed with humans and with bad habits, it would fail. Habits like sending a message encrypted via Enigma and also through a weaker system; reusing keys; not accepting that printed key lists wer [...]

    7. A certainly interesting read - I was looking for more information about the role of Alan Turing - but the descriptions of the events and the changing of the codes more than made up for it.

    8. This book has everything you ever wanted to know about naval code breaking in the Atlantic during WW II and then some! Very glad that I listened to it as it was incredibly detailed.

    9. Good book, at times, the story the author wove was great, but the cryptography could get a little tedious.

    10. 'Seizing the Enigma' was an exceptionally good read. I had receiving the book as a gift and I was exciting to learn more about the subject of the Enigma after having recently watched 'The Imitation Game'. Seizing the Enigma does a lot to fill in the gaps left in such a movie. Solving the messages send by the Germans was a huge collaborative effort that included achievements by mathematicians, linguists, and cryptologists, etc. as well as men at sea.As the book explains, the key to success for En [...]

    11. This is an historical account of the allies efforts to break the German codes during the Second World War, focusing on the most famous cyphering system those encrypted by the Enigma machine and the work done by Bletchley Park. It also talks about the longest and some say most important battle that occurred during the war, the Battle of the Atlantic.I have always been interested in the story of the Enigma and the work done by Bletchley Park and will read anything about the subject. I found this t [...]

    12. The author excels at making the history come alive by telling multiple stories that go into understanding the Enigma code breaking and its importance for the Battle of the North Atlantic. At first, I didn't understand why he was telling me some of the stories in great detail, but than he would always tie the story into why it was important for understanding the Enigma code breaking.He makes you realize all the moving parts that goes into understanding any one facet of WW II. For example, he'll g [...]

    13. I got interested in this after seeing the way too short British series Bletchley Circle based on the Wrens who help decode German secrets during WWII. Except that BC takes place several years afterwards and is a murder mystery affair. Seizing the Enigma was a fun read (to page 200) where it nosedived into the Atlantic. Its an intricate story of rotors, rings and plugboards where solving the codes was a combination of skill, brains, perseverance and luck. We get introduced to Traffic analysis, fr [...]

    14. Can't help but be disappointed by this book, which manages to be both very dry and lacking focus. While I understand that the breaking of Enigma didn't just envolve the cryptologists at Bletchley Park and recovery of documents and Enigma components played an essential role in the process of breaking its secrets, I fail to see why so much space was dedicated to the naval operations and descriptions of actual convoy actions. After about half a book Bletchley Park and activities that took place the [...]

    15. This book puts more focus on the stories of how some of the tools that helped break the cipher were obtained; which ciphers could be broken when and what the effects were; and the players in the Battle for the Atlantic than the Kozaczuk book does. As a result, it comes across as being written to appeal to U-Boat enthusiasts rather than to geeks. It's well-researched with much information obtained in firsthand interviews. It also seems to be more objective than some in explaining the many accompl [...]

    16. Better than most books on Bletchley Park and the breaking of the German codes during WWII, this book focuses almost exclusively on the breaking of the naval and U-Boat codes. It refutes the movie "U-571," in which a U.S. operation captures German code books, with the truth that it was many valent British sailors who captured these books - - at times, at the expense of their lives. It's also much more accurate about BP, the bombes and the quest to break the Enigma code than is the current movie " [...]

    17. Somewhat of a tedious read, especially the portions that described how the enigma machine functions. There was too much detail on this aspect for the level that I was interested in and I was only able to comprehend the basic workings of the machine. However, the stories about how the Allies captured some of the enigma machines and their related code books during the Battle of the Atlantic was enlightening. I also enjoyed the parts of the book dedicated to the codebreakers at Bletchley Park and t [...]

    18. This was a very informative book. It can sometimes get a little dry during explanations of the machine's mechanics, but it all serves to better illustrate the massive effort undertaken to crack the enigma. I think it was well written and organized, each story and detail included to underscore the importance and difficulty of this hidden side of the war.

    19. This was an in depth look at the Enigma machine used by the Germans in WWII. There are detailed explanations about the workings of the machine, the struggles with breaking the code and the means for obtaining more information and parts. The author does a good job describing the people involved and the reader comes away with an appreciation of the magnitude of the task of the code breakers.

    20. The book is a wonderful account how breaking the Enigma helped gain control in the North Atlantic provides accounts of what happened out at sea and what happened at Bletchley Park. The stories provided a great sense of connection between the fighting of WW2 and the cryptanalyst work that was happening at England at the time.

    21. Not the greatest audio production. Excellent narrator, but the recording was so old that the quality of the audio was marginal. The story is loaded with detail that is hard to follow aurally, but the basic ideas came through. Fascinating story with surprising details not well known in the familiar Enigma stories.

    22. This has a great deal of technical and specific information on the Enigma machines and plenty of U-boat/naval adventures. The final chapter, examining the big picture role of Ultra-Magic in the context of the war and the century was probably my favorite part.This made me want to go back and re-read (again) Cryptonomicon!

    23. An amazing story and after having been to Bletchley Park, all the more so. A bit pedantic at times getting through the technical aspects but Kahn tries hard to keep one from getting lost and bogged down.

    24. I thought this book was good. the Only thing kept me from thinking this book was great was all the specific vocabulary. This author made the book exciting even though it is about a topic that i'm not particularly interested in. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in WW2.

    25. I love a book that challenges my brain. This one was just a tad above my head in places but helped me understand what a huge task it was to crack Enigma. Also how easy it was to steal, give away or sell.

    26. Very interesting and well written. Gets a little too technical describing exactly how an Enigma machine works, but definitely worth the read.

    27. An "OK" book, parts were interesting, parts informative, parts boring. I did get a better idea of how codes and ciphers were used in WWII.

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