Magic Trash: A Story of Tyree Guyton and His Art

Magic Trash A Story of Tyree Guyton and His Art Vacant lots Abandoned houses Trash lots of trash Heidelberg Street was in trouble Tyree Guyton loved his childhood home that s where his grandpa Sam taught him to paint the world So he wanted to wake

  • Title: Magic Trash: A Story of Tyree Guyton and His Art
  • Author: J.H. Shapiro Vanessa Brantley-Newton
  • ISBN: 9781580893855
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vacant lots Abandoned houses Trash lots of trash Heidelberg Street was in trouble Tyree Guyton loved his childhood home that s where his grandpa Sam taught him to paint the world So he wanted to wake people up to make them see Detroit s crumbling communities.Paintbrush in hand, Tyree cast his artistic spell, transforming everyday junk into magic trash Soon locaVacant lots Abandoned houses Trash lots of trash Heidelberg Street was in trouble Tyree Guyton loved his childhood home that s where his grandpa Sam taught him to paint the world So he wanted to wake people up to make them see Detroit s crumbling communities.Paintbrush in hand, Tyree cast his artistic spell, transforming everyday junk into magic trash Soon local kids and families joined Tyree in rebuilding their neighborhood, discovering the healing power of art along the way.This picture book biography of Tyree Guyton, an urban environmental artist, shows how he transformed his decaying, crime ridden neighborhood into the Heidelberg Project, an interactive sculpture park The story spans from Tyree s childhood in 1950s Detroit to his early efforts to heal his community through art in the 1980s Tyree s awards include Michigan Artist of the Year and International ArtistGIC TRASH offers strong themes of working together, the power of art, and the importance of inspiring community especially kids to affect action The Heidelberg Project is internationally recognized for providing arts education to children and adults and for the ongoing development of several houses on Heidelberg Street Not only does the Heidelberg Project prove that when a community works together it can rebuild itself, but it also addresses the issues of recycling, environmentalism, and community on a global level.

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    1. Tyree grew up in a poor Detroit neighborhood, messing around with trash, creating his own toys and fun. His Grandpa Sam, a house painter, taught him to use paint for fun, and Tyree didn't stop even when he grew up. When he returned from the service, he found the neighborhood even more rundown, so began what is called the Heidelberg Project, cleaning up and using trash to make things beautiful again. He is known, has spoken throughout the world about the project, even when the city tried to bulld [...]

    2. Can an artist be a hero to his community without fame or riches? Do trash and paint have the power to make a community safer? Does this power make them magic?In addition to these imaginative questions, this children's book is a short biography of the founder/principle artist of Detroit's famed community artwork, the Heidelberg Project. Illustrated with mixed medium coloring and collage, the presentation matches the subject perfectly, like Lane Smith meets School House Rock.I am reading as a curi [...]

    3. Tyree Guyton creates art in a neighborhood in Detroit, one that had been in decline until he intervened. His art, despite being torn down by the city a couple of times, eventually gains international acclaim. It's an interesting book. Though I was hoping that it would turn out to be more maker space oriented, it still made me aware of another great artist and positive role model that is deserving of our children's attention.

    4. I'd never heard of Tyree Guyton, but this was an interesting book. I felt a little left in the dark as the descriptions of events leave out a lot of detail, but you get the gist of what happened in his life. The illustrations are fun and very colourful.

    5. tells the story of an artist raised in poverty in urban Detroit. Traditional art supplies cost too much, so he cast his eye on found objects which he repainted and reconfigured into “art.” Encouraged by his grandfather, a house painter, he followed his dream to become a painter–of art.After the 1967 riots, Tyree’s family moved away from Heidelberg Street but Tyree never forgot his roots. After he graduated from art school, he returned to his roots only to find destruction, violence and d [...]

    6. SummaryMagic Trash tells the story of Tyree Guyton, a young artist who turned the trash in his neighborhood into art. Through the support of his grandfather and a love for his street, he tries to turn his neighborhood around and make it the bright, sparkling art that he sees. The illustrations are a patchwork of “trash”- newspaper clippings, baby doll heads, all appearing to be randomly cut and pasted together on the page, with realistic drawings of Tyree and his family in the foreground. Re [...]

    7. This is the life story of Tyree Guyton. Tyree grew up in Detroit in a large family. He was always picking up stray objects and creating things with them. At age nine, Tyree decided he wanted to be an artist. But as the years passed, he worked many jobs, none of them artistic. When he returned back home, his street has changed from a bustling neighborhood into a stretch of dilapidated houses. So Tyree went to work, painting everything he could find. Houses got polka dots, bright colors were every [...]

    8. This story is about trash and what a man did with this trash. As a young child, Tyree Guyton sold pieces of things he would find in hopes of gaining money to help out his mother. His grandfather introduce him to painting and that is how Tyree began his artwork. Eventually he left his home to purse other things like go to the army, inspect cars, be a firefighter but he still remember his love for painting. When he goes back to the place he grew up, he sees that everything has changed. Read the bo [...]

    9. When Tyree Guyton was growing up, his Detroit neighborhood provided a place for him to "paint the world," as his grandfather told him to do. With a paint brush in his hand, Tyree overcame his shyness and dreamed of being an artist one day. After traveling and working in other places, he returned home to find his neighborhood blighted. He used his vivid colors and imagination to turn abandoned houses into vibrant, dotted buildings too bright for drug dealers to go near. Where others saw garbage, [...]

    10. First off, I love art made of castoff junk! It is a wonderful way to reuse, and it provides raw materials for many creative minds. But while this book has many good attributes, at the end I failed to understand Tyree Guyton's art! I wondered what I missed and returned to the text yet again, but I could only find a house painted with polka dots, a group of vacuum cleaners, and paintings of faces. This is a common problem with children's books on artists where they do not gain permission to show a [...]

    11. In the heart of a decrepit neighborhood in Detroit, Tyree Guyton started what has now been called The Heidelberg Project out of frustration for the riff raff that had moved into his neighborhood. Painting a crack house with bright-colored polka dots kept the criminals at bay and started an art movement that would divide residents of the city and of Heidelberg Street. Some people saw it as trash, others art. Twenty-five years later, the Heidelberg Project is still going strong, and is its own vis [...]

    12. Magic Trash is a nonfiction delight that shows how an ordinary child from a poverty and crime ridden community overcame the odds to make his dreams turn into reality. The visuals of this book compliment the storyline well as pieces of newspaper are mixed into the art of the pages. The illustrations, just as the art, are outside of the box, bright, engaging, and inspiring. The text has a rhyming cadence with each paragraph as the reader imparts on the journey of Tyree Guyton over his lifetime. Th [...]

    13. Until I read this biography written by Jane Shapiro and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, I did know this magical, vibrant and creative man existed in this world. Tyree Guyton took trash and turned it into art throughout his neighborhood and into the world around him. He was magical and inspired by his ultra magical and artistic Grandfatther. Together, they took ugly and made it beautiful being the true first upcyclers.A #mustread. The illustrations take on a story of their own going beyon [...]

    14. Grades 2-6. Tyree grew up on a street near Detroit, MI. He would dig through litter and trash and build contraptions, which he would paint, etc. As he grew older he tried his hands at different professions but always loved art. When he went back home to find his street crime-ridden and deteriorating-- he decided to battle it with street art. Twice houses were leveled because some neightbors considered his art "trash", but eventually the neighborhood fought to have his work recognized as art. GRE [...]

    15. Another example of hood-culture with a Detroit twist. Children can read about the amazing minds and community spirit alive in neighborhoods within the United States. This book is a biography of the life of Tyree Guyton and explains his journey into adulthood that manifests into the Heidelberg Project.See:heidelberg/indexp?o

    16. Growing up in a downtrodden Detroit neighborhood, Tyree Guyton saw artistic beauty in the trash that blew down his street. Painting abandoned buildings and creating found art displays from trash, Guyton changed his neighborhood and his life. The Heidelberg Project, Guyton's neighborhood, attracts artists from all over the world and stands as a testament to the power of art to transform and uplift us all.

    17. I used this book for a Black History Month program in February and it went great! It's a good book to use with a mixed-age group, because the younger kids get it on one level, and there's enough information to provide a jumping-off point for older kids. There are a couple of moments where the prose is a little clunky, but overall it's smooth, and Vanessa Brantley-Newton's illustrations are charming and give a real flavor of Guyton's work and life.

    18. This is the story of Tyree Guyton and his community art in Detroit. Guyton found his calling as an artist after his grandpa believed he could change the world with a bit of paint. Now Guyton is an internationally acclaimed artist and renowned speaker on the importance of art and how it can change a community. Beautifully illustrated and well written.

    19. Tyree Guyton works to save his blighted Detroit neighborhood by making art from trash. An inspiring story about following your dreams. The illustrations work perfectly with the story. A picture book for older kids!

    20. Neat kids' book about the Heidelberg project in Detroit. After reading this Leo decided he wanted to be a junk sculptor.

    21. This book is so much better than the Yamaguchi book (Dream Big Little Pig) about holding fast to your dreams.

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