Pearl Verses the World

Pearl Verses the World At school Pearl is a group of one and at home her beloved granny is fading A poignant gem of a tale about independence grief and finding your place Pearl likes to write poems but despite the insi

  • Title: Pearl Verses the World
  • Author: Sally Murphy Heather Potter
  • ISBN: 9780763648213
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At school, Pearl is a group of one, and at home her beloved granny is fading A poignant gem of a tale about independence, grief, and finding your place.Pearl likes to write poems, but despite the insistence of her teacher, Ms Bruff, Pearl s poems don t rhyme, and neither does she She wishes she could grow gills so she could stay underwater in swim class without drowningAt school, Pearl is a group of one, and at home her beloved granny is fading A poignant gem of a tale about independence, grief, and finding your place.Pearl likes to write poems, but despite the insistence of her teacher, Ms Bruff, Pearl s poems don t rhyme, and neither does she She wishes she could grow gills so she could stay underwater in swim class without drowning And she hasn t a clue why perfect Prudence bumps her desk and sends her pencils flying Pearl thinks there s no nicer sound than the bell at the end of the day, even though back at home, Granny, always a crucial part of their family of three, sometimes doesn t recognize Pearl, and Mom is tired from providing constant care In a lyrical novel told with clear eyed sympathy, humor, and heart, Sally Murphy follows a girl who holds fast to her individuality even as she learns to let go and in daring to share her voice, discovers that maybe she s not a group of one after all.

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    1. Suka banget sama ceritanya, karakter Pearl, dan bikin hati hangat sekali.Kisahnya memang soal cinta kepada nenek-nya, tapi soal puisi tidak harus berima, bikin orang macam saya berpikir meletakkan diri di kerumunan massa. Why didn't you know a poem does not have to rhyme? It does not have to be written in a certain way, at a certain time. A poem comes when it is needed and write itself in the way it needs to get its point across.Daleeeem

    2. I loved this book! I would love to know what inspired the author to write this book. It touch me in a way that no other book has in a while. I couldn't finish the story without crying. I can totally relate to Pearls story as I lost my father at a young age, not as young as she, but young enough and was not ready for it to happen. My heart went out to Pearl and her struggle with the loss of her Granny. I would love to share this story with my students and will put it out in my room for them to vi [...]

    3. When I received the galley of Pearl Verses the World I hadn't realised that it had a rather young target audience. It's aimed at children at primary school and it took me very little time to read. However, I am ever so glad that I did decide to read it. There are far too few books for children focusing on the themes dealt with in the story. Predominantly that of Alzheimer's Disease. The only other children's book I have read on the subject is Eastham's The Memory Cage but that really is aimed at [...]

    4. Pearl tells a heartbreaking but simple story that explores the sensitive issues of dementia, grief, loss and loneliness from the viewpoint of a young girl. A girl that does not fit into the world that she is part of. A girl that does not rhyme with the world around her. A girl that loves her grandmother who taught her “sometimes a poem needs no rhyme to be just right. Sometimes a poem just is”.That is Pearl, she just is. She is just a little girl facing heartbreak for the first time, she is [...]

    5. In this short Australian novel in verse Pearl faces troubles at school and at home. At school her teacher insists she write poetry that rhymes, when free verse comes more naturally to her. At home her beloved grandma is dying. Pearl feels alone, isolated from everyone else. I liked how the author brought both Sally's two problems and her feeling of isolation together at the end of the story. Sometimes solutions to problems come when least expected and from unexpected people and places. I'm prett [...]

    6. Pearl is coping with grief over her Granny's illness, and then death. She is also grappling with feelings of loneliness and isolation at school, where she eventually makes a friend. This sub-plot fits right into the themes of the main plot, without overpowering it.Contrary to what her teacher and classmates think, Pearl believes that a poem doesn't have to rhyme, and can come in many forms. This children's chapter book could be used to introduce a poetry unit, not only as a wonderful example of [...]

    7. Pearl has a lot going on in her life as she copes with the everyday struggles at school along with the cruel reality at home as her Grandmother's life comes to an end. This beautifully written story is relatable on many different levels for children facing the inevitable battles that life throws at them. I recommend this text for grades four and up for students who are ready and able to handle a mature theme while enjoying Pearl's various confrontations at school and her determination to pass al [...]

    8. Simply put, I loved this book.Only a few pages in we know something is not right in Pearl's home. Though it isn't explicitly stated, it seems Pearl used to be happy but now she is so consumed with sadness that her friendships have changed. (She spends all her time at school alone and mentions that Lucy Wong used to be her friend.) Something has changed that has her so sad that she cannot take part in ordinary things--friendship, and writing poems that rhyme: Miss Bruff, I'd like to say, there is [...]

    9. For all of Pearl's life family has meant Pearl, her mom, and her granny. But now Granny is slipping away from them, slowly losing her memories and her life, and turning Pearl's world upside down. Pearl's heart and mind are always at home with Granny and her mom, who is on compassionate leave from her work in order to care for her dying mother. Pearl's teacher is unaware of Her grief and fails to notice how she has separated herself from her friends and classmates. Miss Bruff's insistence that Pe [...]

    10. I was delightfully surprised by this book. (I have a habit of just picking children's books off the new books shelf on my way out of work without reading the back or first few pages.) This book is written by an Australian author, which is maybe why the book hasn't gotten more attention yet, but I found it to be so telling in a simple, real way. The entire story is told through short poems (not abstract) that flow together to reveal a little girl who is struggling with her grandmother's dementia [...]

    11. This is what you give the child who is too old for the explanatory picture books on death or would like some beautiful poetry. Told in unrhymed verse, Pearl Verses the World is the story of a young girl who is watching her grandmother slowly die. Living with her mother and her grandmother for her entire life, Pearl's household is three people, and two people will not be the same. Pearl writes because "A poem comes //when it is needed// and writes itself// in the way it needs//to get it's point a [...]

    12. This book, to me, is a sparkling gem among many Children's novels.I love, love how it gives a gentle approach to the highs and lows of a child through Pearl's perspective.I grew to care for Pearl and also relate to her reserved emotions within these 80 pages, not wanting the story to reach its end. Not just yet."What I want Is a set of gills So I can stay under Without drowning"

    13. I love that Pearl's poems don't rhyme. A warm, real, sympathetic character who will resonate with many young readers.

    14. "A poem comeswhen it is neededand writes itselfin the way it needsto get its point across"Nice poetry book for teachers of elementary school students. Also, nice verses for children dealing with the death of a grandparent.

    15. Sweet book about Pearl, wanting to write poetry (but not in rhyme) and adjusting to life with and without her granny, whos has Alzheimer's.

    16. Pearl Verses the World is the story of young Pearl. Pearl lives with her mother and her grandmother. That’s the way it has always been for her. Pearl tells us that “Wherever I am/no one sees me” and that, with all the different groups of kids in her class at school, she is “in a group of one.” Pearl loves to express herself through poetry–and has a gift for it. Her teacher, Miss Bruff, has asked the class to write a poem, with the stipulation that it must rhyme. Pearl’s poems do NO [...]

    17. Pearl is a lonely girl, often found spending time in what she calls a “group of one.” She feels like an outsider at school, because her teacher wants the class to write rhyming poetry, but Pearl’s poems refuse to rhyme, and at home, she is struggling with the impending loss of her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s. The book is short, and the language is spare, but Pearl’s journey through her sadness is a moving experience for the reader, and would be a valuable one for elementary school [...]

    18. Pearl Verses the WorldBy Sally Murphy ISBN: 9780763648213Publisher: Candlewick PressPublication Date: 8/23/2011Source: NetaGalleySummary from NetGalley: Pearl likes to write poems, but despite the insistence of her teacher, Ms. Bruff, Pearl’s poems don’t rhyme, and neither does she. She wishes she could grow gills so she could stay underwater in swim class without drowning. And she hasn’t a clue why perfect Prudence bumps her desk and sends her pencils flying. Pearl thinks there’s no nic [...]

    19. This was such an incredible book about death, loss and grief. It is also about a girl feeling isolated from her peers, but discovering that she is putting up barriers, not her classmates. Pearl is also a poet. The story is written in one long verse (e.g. no chapter breaks or clear stand-alone poems). The format really brings Pearl’s sadness to the fore.The illustrations are also so perfect. Pearl is just darling and her mother and grandmother look so warm and inviting. The expressions on faces [...]

    20. Verse Novel Reading age 7 to 10 Young Pearl doesn’t fit anyone’s idea of a rebel but she persists in writing poetry that suits her, not the rhyming verse Pearl’s teacher, Miss Bruff, prefers.Pearl is a lonely child. In a class made up of groups she writes, ‘I am in a group of one’. Potter’s soft-focus pencil drawing shows Pearl sitting alone against a tree trunk, watching activities in the playground as autumn leaves fall. Beside her is a book.What Pearl waits for is the end of day b [...]

    21. Read full review at Cracking the CoverThe idea that children’s books are just for children is an outdated one. There’s something about children’s books that speak to adults as well. Perhaps it’s because there’s an honesty there that is somehow missing in many missives for the older crowd.“Pearl Verses the World,” a middle-reader novel by Sally Murphy, is one such example of how a book can transcend generations.“Pearl Versus the World” is beautifully written. Like Pearl, author [...]

    22. Young Pearl is trying to cope with many things at one time. At school she is lonely and friendless, "a group of one". Her teacher is constantly demanding poetry that rhymes, but how can Pearl do that when there is no rhyme or reason in her life. At home she is lonely and sad. Her beloved grandmother who has always been part of her life is ill and doesn't even know Pearl anymore. Her mom is busy caring for Granny or losing herself in a book leaving no time to help Pearl. Then one day she is summo [...]

    23. The title of this book grabbed my attention immediately. I think all of us at times feel like we are living "versus the world". The book was a wonderful surprise. The story is wonderfully written and charmingly illustrated. This book would make a great text for a children's lit course at university, or to help prepare children for a loss or after a loss.Pearl is part of a family of 3 - she, her mom and her grandmom. But her Grandma is forgetting who she is, and it is getting harder for her mom t [...]

    24. Pearl just doesn't feel rhyme-y, so she struggles with the poetry her teacher wants her to write. Some of her attempts turn out to be some very funny limericks. But she's got much bigger troubles: her grandmother, who lives with Pearl and her mother, is failing, and Pearl can't imagine her world without her.In free verse (of course!), Pearl describes her school travails, and then her grief when her grandmother does die. She muses over the oddness of some funeral conventions and adjusts to life w [...]

    25. I read this for school because it's shortlisted for the Australian CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers. I like the way it's written as a blank verse poem, and I think it's a brilliant depiction of the confusion and fear that children feel about impending death of a grandparent. However IMO it feels more like a book written for adults than for children, to make them understand how the things they say and do are misunderstood and can cause anxiety. I also think it's highly unlikely in this d [...]

    26. Grandma has lived with Pearl and her mother forever and Pearl considers her family a family of three. So when Grandma becomes ill with Alzheimer's or dementia (doesn't specify) Pearl is unsure how to deal with the change in Grandma, and before she can adjust, Grandma dies. Pearl's story is told in about 80 pages and all in free verse. A side story is that Pearl is trying to convince her teacher that it is ok to write poems that do not rhyme. This book is raw with emotion and beautifully written. [...]

    27. A very moving illustrated verse novel that brought real tears from me as the reader. Pearl feels isolated at school but loves being at home with her family of three - Pearl, Mum and Grandma. Pearl’s class are writing poems and the teacher wants the poems to rhyme, but Pearl says, “my poems don’t rhyme/And neither do I.” She is preoccupied with her problems at home and can’t wait to be released from her prison each day.Sadly, Grandma no longer remembers Pearl or her Mum and is slowly dy [...]

    28. This is a lovely story that deals with the issues of dementia/Alzheimers and the impact it can have on children. Pearl lives with her mother and grandmother, who suffers with Alzheimers. Pearl's situation at home makes her feel isolated and alone at school, although she finds some comfort in being able to write about her feelings using poetry.This story is written in free verse and this creates a very powerful impression as Pearl's story is brought back to her own expression of her feelings of l [...]

    29. Grs. 2+ This gem of a book, written in verse, is about a young girl trying to find her place in the world. Pearl's family consists of her mother and ailing grandmother. She thinks of herself as "a group of one" and though she loves to write poetry which doesn't rhyme, her teacher insists that poems have "lots of rhyme and rhythm," so school and writing don't interest her. Only home. When her grandmother finally passes away, Pearl reads her poem about her granny, which doesn't rhyme,at the funera [...]

    30. This was a quiet little novel in verse about a young girl (age indeterminate, but I would guess around 3rd grade) named Pearl. Pearl is torn between school (where she doesn't fit in well and doesn't want to write rhyming poetry) and home (where her sick grandmother is slowly fading away). I love reading about characters who write, and Pearl has an interesting perspective on what makes a poem. Some of the verses around the assignments she's given are truly clever. The parallel story about her gra [...]

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