Weapons Of The Metabaron

Weapons Of The Metabaron The creative trio of Jodorowsky Charest and Janjetov shows us how the Metabaron assembled the galaxy s most powerful and destructive weapons in an effort to secure his position as the universe s ult

  • Title: Weapons Of The Metabaron
  • Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky Travis Charest Zoran Janjetov
  • ISBN: 9781594650369
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The creative trio of Jodorowsky, Charest, and Janjetov shows us how the Metabaron assembled the galaxy s most powerful and destructive weapons in an effort to secure his position as the universe s ultimate warrior Travis Charest s Artist of Wildcats, WildC.A.T.s X Men The Golden Age, and Star Wars comics Cover Artist interpretation of The Metabarons mythology.

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    1. If you are a fan of Jodorowsky's THE METABARONS then this book is one you should pick up. It is not one of the best tales of the Last Metabaron & it is why I would say "for fans only". For the uninitiated, I would recommend you start at the beginning of the Metabaron's saga by picking up the first book in the series, PATH OF THE WARRIOR. Maybe you'll become a fan, maybe you won't. But I will promise you, the series will tear your mind up with it's metaphysical concepts, fantastic art by Gime [...]

    2. Story is rich in the environment, but as always happens with Le Metabaron saga, dialogues are vague and basic-like. Art is fantastic. Travis Charest is always succeeding in be better on each page. Textures, details and more over, lights and shadows turns this book into a journey of pleasure for the eye Unfortunately, Janjetov lacks of that on almost every level making this trip unexpectedly short-lived.

    3. Adición al universo de los Metabarones creado por Alejando Jodorowsky que resalta por méritos principalmente gráficos. Charest y Janjetov entregan una labor impecable creando las complejas sutilezas del guionista, que esta vez acusa cierto cansancio al recurrir nuevamente al tema del "rito iniciático" (ya visto en sus obras literarias y cinematográficas mientras) para crear situaciones algo planas y diálogos viciados a punta de repetirse en sus viejas historias; con todo, el generoso forma [...]

    4. I got really excited when i learned that Alejandro Jodorovsky, director of El Topo and The Holy Mountain, was writing for comics. Those films were among the most surreal, multi-faceted, visually elaborate, spiritually momentous and unabashedly mythic I can remember ever seeing. Holy Mountain for example; i feel like you could easily get 3 different synopses from 3 different people of that movie it is simultaneously a sort of journey of Christ and all the Roman gods towards an initiation ending w [...]

    5. Rating this book is difficult. First off: Travis Charest's art is fantastic and the motivation for going out of my way to get the book. His art deserves 5 stars. The rest of the art is ok. The storyWhen I first read about the Metabaron in Heavy Metal Magazine years ago, I thought it was a great story, with some great art. I started to collect all the comics for it, but what I found was that the Metabaron became increasingly ridiculous in his overcoming adversity. Weapons of the Metabaron takes t [...]

    6. I've been reading all the meta-barons comics as they've been translated to danish, so I'm familiar with the universe. I believe that to be a distinct advantage when reading this book. There's nothing new when it comes to Jodorowsky's writing. For me, when it comes to this book, it serves as a vehicle for the art of Charest and Janjetov - and don't get me wrong, should ratings be given solely based on the art, then I'd have given it an extra star.

    7. Great art from Janjetov, but not a lot else going for it. What story there was, was not easy to grasp, and by the time it came together it was already over. A decidedly underwhelming entry in the Metabarons universe.

    8. Read the recently published English edition, not the French one, but the Humanoids North American release was not listed.Really, both stars are for the half of the book Charest drew. The story is somehow nonsensical and absolutely unoriginal, a feat unto itself.

    9. The nameless one goes on an inner journey to see his past and his future, which would bring about life changing events to him. It was a nice spin off for fans but I did not like how bizarre it was.

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