Gifts of an Eagle

Gifts of an Eagle None

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  • Title: Gifts of an Eagle
  • Author: Kent Durden Peter Parnall
  • ISBN: 9780671212858
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “Gifts of an Eagle”

    1. This is definitely not a bad 2 star review more of 'there was about two stars worth of information in here'. It was a very short, very simple little read. Nothing I read blew me away or made a huge impact but the information and lifestyle Kent Durden's family had was fascinating. I just wish there had been much, much more to it.

    2. This is a heartwarming account of a family's relationship with a Golden Eagle. One of those books that had me spellbound from beginning to end. I learned so much about this American species: so much was revealed about the emotions and intelligence of this great bird of prey, especially, its ability to form a loving bond with one human (enough so that she was willing to share and trust him with the nesting duties of a parent eagle). When you consider the communication barrier that exists, it's am [...]

    3. Such a wonderful book.So glad I read thisI have been a bird watcher since childhood. I count birds for researchers in the winter. And it is true that you CAN establish a relationship with these beautiful, glorious creatures!

    4. This is a great read. It was written back in 1972. One man and his golden eagle named Lady. He did what no one since would ever be able to do. These birds are federally protected now. In part because of his work with Lady. She was never tamed. She was allowed to still be herself and she allowed one man to get close to her. They did several shorts for Disney and episodes of the TV show Lassie. These were not your typically trained stunts. they were film footage of her just being her interspersed [...]

    5. A random find in the library. As always, it is interesting to learn about accomodating wildlife in captivity, in this case a golden eagle names Lady. At times it is either touching or amusing, namely Lady's parternership with the author's father and her keen hatred of the author. I was not a fan of the justification for Lady's initial capture: she was a healthy, tended chick taken from her nest to be used for education and research (according to their permit). But from the telling here I don't t [...]

    6. I like wildlife books so it isn't hard to find much to like about this first person narrative about a family who raise a golden eagle from a eaglet to a full-grown bird of prey. Some of the stories are hilarious and the bird's personality and strength are clearly defined. There are references about the story and film footage being used by Disney and producers of Lassie but I do not remember either. The end of the book is thoroughly gratifying. A light, pleasant read.

    7. A story that has it allThis has earned a 5-star rating. I rarely award that these days for it is a rare book which earns that ranking. I stand humbled before an author who has told a necessary tale about a true wild hero. It was easy to love the subject. I thank the Durdens who left us this wonderful story.

    8. This ended up being pretty boring, and the order of events was a bit hard to follow. If I hadn't been stuck on a four-hour flight with nothing else to do, I might not have stuck it out and finished this one.

    9. Ahh, life back in the 1950s, when one could steal a golden eaglet from the nest, raise it in captivity, and make money selling film clips to Disney.Views on animals have changed a lot since then and this wasn't a great read for me.

    10. This was a wonderful book about people living with and learning from animals and nature. It was a well written interesting book with some funny moments. It was great to read. I enjoyed this book thoroughly.

    11. Overall this is a nice read about a fascinating creature and the decent folks that it lives with. I found the eagle content very interesting, and the human/eagle interactions charming and amazing. The books ending was satisfying.

    12. While you never find someone allowed to keep a golden eagle now, this is the enthralling story of Lady and the man who showed the world the wonders of an eagle

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