Someone Special

Someone Special Romy Kilkenny loves her life in Australia she has her dream job lots of mates and a best friend in Keith who understands her better than anyone Best of all she couldn t be further from her family

  • Title: Someone Special
  • Author: Sheila O'Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9780755332199
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Romy Kilkenny loves her life in Australia she has her dream job, lots of mates, and a best friend in Keith, who understands her better than anyone Best of all, she couldn t be further from her family But when her brother rings to say she s needed back in Ireland right away, Romy s world is turned upside down Flying home to see her mother and her half siblings, Romy doRomy Kilkenny loves her life in Australia she has her dream job, lots of mates, and a best friend in Keith, who understands her better than anyone Best of all, she couldn t be further from her family But when her brother rings to say she s needed back in Ireland right away, Romy s world is turned upside down Flying home to see her mother and her half siblings, Romy doubts she ll fit in better now than she ever did, and she s still not ready to forgive her mother for her truly disgraceful behaviour a few years earlier Romy also worries that the accidental half kiss with Keith at the airport may have brought their easy friendship to a sudden end Whatever lies ahead, it s not what Romy s expecting even the people we grow up with can surprise us, and if love is to be found, it will find a way.

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    1. I agree with the only other reviewer of this book - normally her books are really enjoyable - gentle, but very readable. THis was a drag with no real direction - I mean, who cares?

    2. This is the worst book I have ever read in my life. I'm usually a fast reader, but this was so boring it took me forever to read. The characters were so boring and self-involved. I seriously almost fell asleep while reading this several times. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    3. I've always enjoyed Sheila O Flanagan's writing but this is not her best by any means. It's easy to read, the plot is OK and characters well drawn but the story line is weak in comparison to her other books.

    4. Usually when I read a book I already have an idea what to write about half way through the story . but this time I’m a bit stumped.My first book by Irish Sheila O’Flanagan is about Romy, an Irish archaeologist currently living in Australia who is suddenly called home by her step brother, Darragh, because their mother is going to have a back operation and will need some help. She has to leave her best friend Keith behind in Sydney and confuses things by kissing him as she says goodbye to him [...]

    5. Like all her previous novels, Sheila O' Flanagan's Someone Special also features her heroine tracing her roots back to Ireland, a welcome change from all the London based chick lits. I loved the unique flavor which one experiences in the book. Although the concept of family troubles is not entirely new, the way Flanagan expertly brings it out in this book is one of its many charms.The story starts with passionate archaeologist, Romy Kilkenny being asked or rather ordered by her half brother Darr [...]

    6. This book explores the tensions and joys of beig part of a family. The main character Romy Kilkenny who is living in Australia, is enjoying live and a career aswell as sharing a house with her best friend Keith. One day she gets a call to say she's needed back in Ireland. Her nice and easy live is about to get turned upside down.Romy's mother Veronica is a very glamerous socialite who has never understood her youngest daughter who has neither interest in fashion nor social graces. To make it wor [...]

    7. this is my first book from her!!! n i reallly loved it!!! it ws diff to read smthn relatd to family emotions n loads of drama. smthn dt happens in my life too i ws pessimistic jst like romy abt my future wt my family, wat wt all d arguments n nvr ending differences btwn me n my dad although im d orginal daughter of d family, like romy i felt outcasted for unknwon reasons.methn i made up in my mind i guess dt ha to go and i realised evry family cn live wt each odr , withholdign each odrs grudges [...]

    8. I've always quite enjoyed Sheila O'Flanagan books in the past but this one seemed to go on and on. I wasn't particularly eager to get to the end and find out what happened to the main character because the ending was fairly obvious from the first couple of chapters. It's a large-ish book at 500 pages but not one I'd particularly recommend.

    9. I really enjoyed this book, though it was a bit slow. I liked the differences between characters, what they have gone through and how react when they need each other. It was my first book by Sheila and I will definitely read more!

    10. Really good read. I didn't think I was going to like it in the beginning as did find it hard to get in too, but then I couldn't get enough of it an found it hard to put down.

    11. I found this book a little hard going. I liked the basic premise of the story but it seemed to take way too long to get there and I kept waiting for something to happen. Even when there were big events in the book I still didn't find them particularly engaging. Overall I was disappointed.

    12. I loved every page. I felt that I knew Romy so well. I loved her doubts and insecurities yet admired her passion for what she loved. This was a hair’s breadth away from a five star rating.

    13. På svenska: Syskonkärlek Fantastiskt trevlig chic-lit bok Myste mig igenom den och den blev aldrig ointressant

    14. O'Flanagan turns her hand to dealing with the complex relationships found in families where step siblings exist.Romy is the protagonist who relishes her job in Australia as an archaeologist. Her step brother Darragh shames her into coming home to look after her socialite mother Veronica who needs back surgery and help in her convalescent period. As Romy has never really got on with her mother this sounds like hell on earth and despite looking for excuses to avoid coming home feels obliged as bot [...]

    15. Someone special Sometimes that someone special is truly closer than you think.What I loved about this book was Romy, the youngest, who had the proverbial chips on her shoulders, was still able to get through situations. It is a story of a mother and her 3 children. A family of different natured people brought together by their mother's second marriage. They start rough and end up learning to talk through the difficulties and be civil to each other. It makes me realise that a dysfunctional family [...]

    16. Romy (25) is a globe-trotting archeologist, currently in Australia. One day her older half-brother Darragh (36) calls and orders her home to Ireland.Romy has no choice but return and lose her job.Sheis to take care of their divorced mother, Veronica (in her 60s).Their other sister, Kathryn (30) lives inNew York.Darragh runs the family business, left to him, Kathryn and Veronica by his late father,Tom.Romy,childof the second marriage (to Dermot) has no part in Dolan's.Now she is back home and cla [...]

    17. This book tells the story of Romy Kilkenny and her family. She is house sharing with Keith in Australia having travelled the world on archealogical digs. She is called back home to Ireland to look after her glamorous mum who is due to have an operation and needs looking after. Unfortunately Romy's mum who lives the life, and looks like someone 20 years younger, manages to rub Romy up the wrong way from the moment she arrives back. Romy has to deal with her fiercly independent half sister who is [...]

    18. Sheila O'Flanagan is hereby declared as the best chic-lit author i have read. I love how her novels are insightful, while not being depressing or demanding.Someone Special, is a book I totally adored. I especially loved how we are given insight into how each individual think. If it hasn't been that way, I'd have been thinking that Romy is the underdog, and despised all the other characters. But I feel the most for Kathryn now, and feel that sometimes Romy had no idea how good she had it. Even Ve [...]

    19. might be closer than u think romy is a forensic archaeologist working in australia. then she is called back home as her mother veronica will be having an operation on her back and needs looking after theirs is certainly a dysfunctional family. veronica a stuuner who never looks, or wears clothes, her age. darragh hap[pily married to perfect giselle now running the family business. kathryn a successful businesswoman in new york. and romy - their half sister this novel explores the tensions and jo [...]

    20. Jag gillade denna. Den fick mig att känna det mesta man kan känna, jag skrattade, jag blev arg, frustrerad, fly förbannad och uppgiven. Och till sist glad då, eftersom det här är en chick-lit bok så är ju det lyckliga slutet givet. Visserligen grät jag aldrig, riktigt så starka känslor kunde boken inte locka fram, men annars var det mesta med. Läs mer på bokslut/2011/09/sy

    21. this book wasn't about a silly love story. its about how two best friends can fall in love without realising it. its about how messed up families can be but in the end they can work it out. its about how close someone can be and how no one else can replace this person. someone special might be closer than you think. and that what made the book worth reading even if I give it 3 stars, I'm comparing it to other books I read but that doesn't mean that I didn't like it.

    22. I enjoyed this story. I hadn't read a book by Sheila O'Flanagan before. I thought the plot was interesting and very plausible. She touched on so many topics: Step families, sibling rivary, domestic violence. There was depths in the characters. I will certainly pick up another book by this author!

    23. I really enjoy Sheila O'Flanagan books and this was no exception. Romy is called home from Australia by her half siblings to look after their mother following a surgery. They think her life is easier to disrupt. She'd had a difficult childhood relationship with her mum and wasn't looking forward to being cooped up in the family home.

    24. Great story. This is the second book I read from this author and must say, I really enjoy her writing. Love the fact that she keeps you guessing. You think you know what might happen and what is happening and then out of the blue something pops up. Unexpected twists and turns with this story. Will invest in more of Sheila O'Flanagan's books!

    25. I started reading Irish fiction years ago, with Maeve Binchy.These family members take each other for granted, manipulate and use each other, but ultimately come through for their family. It's a good poolside read, and the characters are realistic and compelling.

    26. The characters in this dysfunctional blended family are well developed, and one had to read to the end for Romy's complete story. The fact that O'Flanagan doesn't use conventional punctuation or point of view shows that a good story and engaging characters are what counts.

    27. Its a long book but an easy read. TBH I really only liked one charter in the book and that was Romy. The rest just left a bad taste in my month. I did enjoy the book over all it would not go down as a fav or a reread but it is not bad.

    28. A nicely written ,simple ,next door tale.Although a very common story line ,but the author has written it beautifully to ensure the reader enjoys it till the end.Still,it may seem a bit lengthy to some.

    29. This is a bit of fluff book. Its light easy, and i dont have to concentrate. Exactly what i felt like at the moment. (Although I havent read anythin like this for a while!) Will need something a bit more meaty next!

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