Rainmaker Although fictional this coming of age novel accurately reflects a massivehis calling

  • Title: Rainmaker
  • Author: Don Pinnock
  • ISBN: 9781770097803
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Although fictional, this coming of age novel accurately reflects a massivehis calling.

    One thought on “Rainmaker”

    1. This is the story of a young man who discovers the powers he has inherited from his ancestors when he is forced to flee the city and hide in the mountains. As he gradually accepts his true identity he learns that the material goods and wealth that he thought would bring him status and respect are worthless in comparison with the ability to heal, make rain, and communicate with nature.

    2. Short-listed for the 2009 European Union Literary Award, this is a simply written, yet beautifully told, tale of a young man’s spiritual journey from a gangster in the Cape Flats to a shaman in the Chameleon Mountains. Ky’s growth and mystical experiences resonate with both the discordance of the modern world and the mysticism and myths of the land that is the Cradle of Mankind. This is Africa’s heart – deep, mysterious and wonderful. The evocative images of the African bush and the San [...]

    3. A beautiful insight into San history and spiritual beliefs. The San belief system is made accessible and relevant to today when seen though the eyes from a Cape Flats youngster who slowly realises he needn't consider being called a "Boesman" an insult.

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