All in a Day

All in a Day Ten outstanding artists illustrate the similarities and differences in children and their activities in eight different parts of the world throughout one hour day Features artwork from Raymond Brig

  • Title: All in a Day
  • Author: Mitsumasa Anno Gian Calvi Leo Dillon Diane Dillon Ron Brooks Eric Carle Raymond Briggs Akiko Hayashi
  • ISBN: 9780698117723
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ten outstanding artists illustrate the similarities and differences in children and their activities in eight different parts of the world throughout one 24 hour day Features artwork from Raymond Briggs, Ron Brooks, Eric Carle, Gian Calvi, Zhu Chengliang, Leo and Diane Dillon, Akiko Hayashi, and Nicolai Ye Popov.

    One thought on “All in a Day”

    1. I like the premise of this book more than the actual book. Peeking in on children from around the world as portrayed by some of the most famous authors and illustrators from around the world is a creative concept. I'm not sure the text and illustrations are actually supposed to correspond, but I found the way they are placed on the page confusing.

    2. This international book focuses on similarities between children in various countries. They show what these children do at a specific time during the day (hint the title). This book is great for showing cultural similarities and differences. This book focuses on the words instead of the illustrations which are not the focal point of the page. This book for young children promotes respect and understanding among children all over.

    3. فكرة الكتاب ممتازة، فهو يعرض ٢٤ساعة في حياة (٨ أطفال) من دول مختلفة، كيف يقضون أوقاتهم منذ استيقاظهم من النوم حتى عودتهم إلى الفراش ليلاً -- مع مراعات فروقات الزمن--الرسومات لمجموعة من الرسامين كل منهم رسم طفلاً من جنسية محددة مما أضفى ثراءاً نوعياً للكتاب، أعتقد أنه من الأجمل [...]

    4. I have had so many requests since I started working at Barnes & Noble for multicultural children's books, and the honest and sad truth is that there are really only a few and fewer that we keep on the shelves, so I was excited to come across this one while shelving books last night. All in a Day all but defines multicultural. It's a fascinating concept: to track eight different characters in eight different countries through a 24-hour cycle. In attempt to weave the depictions together, a nin [...]

    5. It's a nice book about New Year celebrations all over the world. Very difficult to find truly international children's literature, so this is quite a find! However, the narrative style is a bit much to take in, with a horizontal strip of text running in-between top and bottom rows of illustrations. I'm not sure if reading this out loud in a classroom would be effective, since the illustrations are small. Definitely something to meet at a one-on-one level.Jack Zipes likes this book a lot, which h [...]

    6. Read this book. Please? Find it. And spend some time reading it. Then please, read it again. And again. It is a beautiful look at a day as illustrated by nine different illustrators from different countries and continents. Each illustrator depicts what happens at a certain hour of day in that country for that child. It is one of the most remarkable children's books I've come across in a long time. It teaches about time zones as well, as each page shows a child in different countries and what tim [...]

    7. A neat idea - showing what children all over the world might be doing at the same moment in time - but in practice, I was confused. And I'm a grownup who reads a lot of children's books. I couldn't figure out the relation between the text and the pictures, or sometimes even the pictures, or what the deserted island was all about. (Apparently the kid on the island was called SOS??) A novel concept, but very poorly executed. P.S. Another gripe about 'see-how-we're-all-really-alike' books like this [...]

    8. There is a very interesting theme to this book; however, the story is horrible. The layout of the book is terrible because it was confusing to understand exactly where the text was and what it was saying. The concept of the book was to portray different places around the world, and how each place was during each time of the day. I think it would have been a way better story if the text was cut out and there was only pictures. The text was confusing. However, the theme of the story overall was pe [...]

    9. This was a fun, quirky, endearing book. We opened it up and were in for a surprise. It starts right out with a bizarre story of a person, we don't know who, stranded on a deserted island and calling for help. All over the world, in 8 different time zones, we see children going about their activities for one day or 24 hours. The person on the deserted island talks to each of them, can see what they are doing, and calls for help. It's so funny! Each of the children's stories is illustrated by a di [...]

    10. This was a book that I stumbled upon in my library and without knowing the premise of the book, I was taken in right away. An assortment of tales portraying the lives of children around the world, just like peeking through their windows, and it all occurs over the course of the day. It's a great book to illustrate the diversity in the world, and the difference in customs and cultures and time zones around the world

    11. Famous picture book artists join with Mitsumasa Anno to show what's happening during a 24 hour period in his or her country (US, Japan, Kenya) and a story ties the scenes all together in the middle of the page. I wish the bottom half were all southern hemisphere countries, to illustrate the differences in weather. The concept of this great and it would tie in nicely with a unit about time and be good for lap reading, but as a story time choice, it would not be engaging. Grades 2+

    12. I found the text in the book really odd. So much that I stopped reading it aloud. We looked at the pictures instead. They are really wonderful. There are illustrations from artists of eight different countries: the U.S England, U.S.S.R, Japan, Brazil, Kenya, China, and Australia. The artists are actually from these countries so that is neat and makes it authentic.

    13. All in a Day by Mitsumasa Annoa collection of pictures showing events across the world at different time zones and life styles created by artist from each area, the difference of the art work, and experiences are something to cause class discussions

    14. Beautiful illustations tell the tale of a single twenty-four hour period in four countries; America, England, Russia, and Japan.

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