One thought on “Vinland the Good”

  1. Written as a screenplay concept by one of my favorite authors Nevil Shute, Vinland the Good was a book I unexpectedly couldn't put down. I picked it up at the library thinking it was an unusual topic for Shute, but its themes revisit those encountered in An Old Captivity. I opened it last night predicting I'd read a few pages before turning in and read on into the night. I woke around 2 AM and picked it up again. I turned the pages til I reached the last, relishing every moment! The story starts [...]

  2. I very seldom read plays, and almost never a screen play, so I never would have read this one had it not been by Nevil Shute. I'm glad I did. It's a rather engaging little piece, telling some of the well-known Icelandic saga in a fanciful and romanticized manner, probably aimed at students (in fact it's introduced as a classroom presentation). My biggest complaint is that it's all too brief, I was hoping for more substance. Shute didn't seem to concern himself with demonstrable facts -- it's ver [...]

  3. This is a book I read years ago and I enjoyed it immensely. I’ve read all of Nevil Shute’s books. The best by far is “A Town Like Alice.”

  4. Written in the format of a screenplay, this is a telling of the discovery of America by Eric the Red long before Columbus’ voyage. The setting of the tale is a boys school in England and the headmaster who takes over the teaching of the History class for the Lower Fifth. Scenes from the school are interspersed with the historical account of Lief Erikson and Eric the Red. Generally I don't do well with reading plays getting too hung up on the dialog names. But this was an easy read and after th [...]

  5. This was about Leif Erikson's discovery of Cape Cod. It's written as a script and in nothing like Nevil Shute's other books.

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