Gifted Sometimes brains aren t everything George R Clark is gifted Mentally he s light years ahead of his classmates His parents worship him and his teachers adore him But socially George is at the bottom

Gifted Apr , Watch videoDirected by Marc Webb With Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Octavia Spencer Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, is drawn into a custody battle with his mother. Gifted film Gifted Definition of Gifted by Merriam Webster These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word gifted Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam Webster or its editors. The Gifted TV Series Oct , Watch videoIn a world where mutated humans are treated with distrust and fear, an institute for mutants battles to achieve peaceful co existence with humanity. What is Giftedness National Association for Gifted Children Children are gifted when their ability is significantly above the norm for their age Giftedness may manifest in one or domains such as intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, or in a specific academic field such as language arts, mathematics or science. Gifted Sure its clunky and even clichd in places but having just come from the cinema Gifted is also a rather lovely and moving little film It s helped in no small part by a great script from Tom Flynn, an uncluttered direction from Marc Webb and most especially five fabulous leads who don t waste a moment of what they know is a sweetheart of a movie.

  • Title: Gifted
  • Author: Beth Evangelista
  • ISBN: 9780802789945
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sometimes brains aren t everything.George R Clark is gifted Mentally, he s light years ahead of his classmates His parents worship him, and his teachers adore him But socially, George is at the bottom of the curve Most of his classmates avoid him if he s lucky Until the Bruise Brothers, the intellectually challenged members of the school football team, decide they waSometimes brains aren t everything.George R Clark is gifted Mentally, he s light years ahead of his classmates His parents worship him, and his teachers adore him But socially, George is at the bottom of the curve Most of his classmates avoid him if he s lucky Until the Bruise Brothers, the intellectually challenged members of the school football team, decide they want George to pass a test of their own design.Only the fact that George s father is the school principal has saved him in the past But his father isn t going on the eighth grade science field trip, and George has a feeling it s going to be open season on dorks Suddenly thrown into a crash course on human nature, without his father to protect him, the most intellectually gifted kid in the eighth grade might actually learn something before the end of the trip if he survives it.This witty novel provides a different perspective on bullying and the battle of brains versus brawn.

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    1. This book is 178 pages and is fiction. The author is Beth Evangelista and I read this book at 2/4/3.This book is about a kid who is academically smart and doesn't have the most amount of friends. Some people called the "bruise Bro's" shock him by being nice to him at a campout. They even invite him to play football. George kinda ignores one of his friends from the group to impress this girl that he likes. George gets invited to a top secret plan to do a prank on the music teacher who is also ass [...]

    2. George Clark is very smart and does very well in school but socially George struggles. George is considered "weird" or a "geek." Usually when something goes wrong at school with other classmates his father protects him. But now George's class is going on a field trip to camp, and their is no one there to protect him from bullies. In this novel George must find a way to face the "popular" kids. But then something odd happens, he becomes friends with the "popular" kids. George choses to ditch his [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book. I liked reading it. it was a fun book, but it was also a little scary. you really got nervous at times, and wished that everything would even out. I liked receiving this book for Christmas. I HIGHLY (note the caps), HIGHLY (again, note the caps) recommend this book to people age 10 and up because you have to understand the nerd/jock relationship of middle school/high school to understand the conflict. I have been in both situations, and I can relate to both sides of t [...]

    4. This was an interesting book told by George Clark, a gifted 8th grader, who has one true friend to his name and a lot of bullies that don't like him. When he has to attend the summer camp with all the other 8th graders, he learns a lot about himself, the teachers and the others in his class. I liked that Evangelista had George relate his story so you could see his total misperceptions of what was happening around him; it also led the reader to conclude he was heading for disaster with every sing [...]

    5. I thought that this book was very slow and boring. In the beginning I really had to re-read a lot of parts to completely understand it. This book had many different ways of kids being bullied so that was one thing I learned. Another thing I learned was different ways bullying can affect people. I would not recommend this book because it doesn't have a lot of good parts and was kind of boring. What I learned from this book?I learned different ways bullying can effect people

    6. Not what I expected.A little slow to start. I skimmed most of the middle but got the gist.Can't really think of much to say other than it did not grab me to the point that I wanted to keep reading. Had a natural disaster twist I did not see coming. I might still recommend to folks who like adventure and anti bullying books.

    7. A quick read- definitely adolescent reading level- I picked it off the Spencerport schools summer reading cart at the library. I read it because I taught gifted kids for 2 years and I thought it might appeal to the nerd in me, but overall it was not great- very extreme plot in the end and almost predictable. But, as an adult, I am not the target audience so maybe teen/preteens would enjoy it.

    8. This was a cute coming of age book that centers around a boy who is gifted academically. He has one friend and a gang of boys that harass him. He has to go to camp with all of them and then his learning begins. Good afternoon read!

    9. This book was great because it showed great character development throughout the story, especially with Mr. Zimmerman. It was also was great it showed how being yourself can sometimes be the answer to your problems.

    10. This was one of the best books I've read in a while. I loved the writing style, and the last 50 pages were so intriguing. I'll definitely be looking for some more if Evangelista's works.

    11. Still trying to find a decent anti-bullying book for 8th grade. This sure isn't it. A main character I want to punch = not a good choice for the anti-bullying message.

    12. This was a cute story. It was a quick read and I thought it was pretty fun. The end was predictable, but it teaches a good lesson about friendship. Good for intermediate, young adult readers.

    13. George R Clark is a gifted brat in the beginning of the book and his dad is the principal of his school. George's voice is unique and it is told from his point of view.

    14. YA - even though this book centers around 8th graders, more of a read for 6th graders. Not the most engaging, but solid lesson at the end

    15. This was a pretty funny book i liked all the things that made you laugh i read this while my mom had a 3 hour hair appointment i reccomend it it has a good literature sense

    16. Overall an enjoyable read. • I liked the writing. •The story was fun. •George started to develop pretty late in the book. I wish he would have started developing sooner.(In my opinion.)

    17. I thought it was a nice easy read if that is what r looking for. She did a good job of breaking it up in many chapters so if u get frequently interrupted(as I often do) you can still follow the book

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