Rain Drop Splash

Rain Drop Splash Striking pictures in tones of yellow and brown and simple text poetic in mood describe a rainstorm in terms a small child can understand Booklist Striking pictures in tones of yellow and brown and s

  • Title: Rain Drop Splash
  • Author: Alvin Tresselt Leonard Weisgard
  • ISBN: 9780688511654
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Striking pictures in tones of yellow and brown and simple text, poetic in mood, describe a rainstorm in terms a small child can understand Booklist Striking pictures in tones of yellow and brown and simple text, poetic in mood, describe a rainstorm in terms a small child can understand Booklist.

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    1. • 1947 Caldecott Honor Book •This is an interesting book. It follows drops of rain to a series of larger and larger bodies and water - from a puddle to the ocean. The narrative is unique and different and I like that. I’m not terribly fond of the brown and yellow colors. Maybe it was supposed to reflect the dreariness of rain? Or darkness of the skies when it rains? I think he could have used dark blue to get this across. The colors are such a turnoff. I did enjoy the author’s note where [...]

    2. A nice little book about water which can be appreciated by even the little ones. The words have nice rhythmic lull to them, and it's a fun little story about the rain water's journey. At one point I was wondering whether the water torrents would turn into full blown devastating floods, because the flooding was already big enough to close roads and stuff, but no worry, this is not a "natural disaster" book. One of the picture spreads is a little confusing though, with what seems to be submerged b [...]

    3. I love this book. I use it every year to introduce the water cycle in the classroom. Even though it does not cover every aspect of the water cycle, it is a great introduction to rainfall and how it moves from puddles, streams to bigger bodies of water and how animals and people interact with the rain. The book has a older feel and I wasn't sure how my students would interact with the Caldecott Honor book, but they are intrigued with the illustrations and rich language of the story. I have purcha [...]

    4. This book won the Caldecott Honor in 1947. For its time I think it was a lovely book. The illustrations are just okaye colors are dull, but the drawings are pretty good. The story is a bit alarming, but it all works out in the end.

    5. This book is about the process of rain. It is a good book for young ones to understand how rain works and what it looks like. This book is ideal for younger children. This book also contains rhythm.

    6. This book was about rain and how it affects all different animals as well as people and the land. The book started off with rain and how it dripped from the leaves and down on a bears back then down the tree trunk. All the droplets of rain then formed a puddle that eventually turned into pond and tiny fish began to swim in it. The pond kept growing and growing and spilled over the brook down the side of the mountain. The deer’s were showing the baby deer’s how to drink out of it. The water t [...]

    7. This book is for: K-4Topic: Water/Weather (drops, puddles, lakes, rivers, oceans)Math activity: Have students count out a certain amount of drops of water from an eye dropper to a cup. Then have the students combine their cubs with those seated at their tables. Then combine two tables of water into one cup and so on. Students will see how their drops when ADDED to others drops makes the amount of water much greater than what they each started out with.Reflection: I like how this book takes you f [...]

    8. The color palette Leonard Weisgard uses for this book is just right for the rainy weather the story describes. I like the way even the reds and yellows are muted to reflect the cloudy, drab atmosphere. I also love the way he draws raindrops on the edges of some of the pages to keep reminding the reader that rain is still falling, but that he doesn’t clutter up every page with those little raindrop lines. I also love the illusion of movement created by the positions of the boats near the city d [...]

    9. While the text is lyrical, simple, and short enough to hold a young child's attention, I have to wonder if the dull, drab, muted illustrations will appeal to today's child, who is used to more color in book illustrations. (They didn't appeal to me.) For instance, on one page, the author mentions that the rain splashed some violets, but there is not even one spot of purple on that page. The colors are mostly dull greens, yellows, reds, and browns. In their favor, the illustrations do reflect what [...]

    10. 1947 Caldecott HonorFavorite illustration: Both my daughter and I liked the spread with the different types of boats in the harborFavorite line: "Fell from a daisy's face, trickled down the tree trunks, and splunked on a green frog's back."Kid-appeal: Thumbs up from this camp! It has a nice pace for reading aloud and uses great sound words like trickled, splunked, drip, drop, and often repeats the words for effect. I think it would be an excellent addition to a unit on water cycle for younger ki [...]

    11. From a little sprinkle in the mountains readers follow the water and rainstorm eventually all the way to the sea. A simple book to introduce the water cycle, so a good option for young science classes. There's enough repetition younger readers can catch on and help read some pages. There's also enough assonance and consonance in the text, this book could be used when studying those things in language arts.

    12. I like how this book shows where the water goes from the sky to the pond to the brook and eventually out to the ocean. Enough confusing things happen in the crack of the book with pictures and text, that I don't like it all that much. I could definitely see how some would like the language and such for storytimes, though.

    13. Nice enough story kind of following a rain drop downstream. But also basically pointless in a pretty sort of way. Just because it rains, doesn't mean it floods. But if it floods upstream, you kind of have to deal with that water downstream too. Okay art but a bit more original in subject matter than I expected. Slightly repetitive text.

    14. I didn't really see the point of this book, the first couple of pages were interesting, but after that I quickly became bored. The illustrations were nice, but they didn't redeem the book.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2008

    15. This book won a 1947 Caldecott Honor award. I enjoyed this simple tale of the sounds of rain and how a little can turn into a puddle and eventually make it down to the sea. Great book to read aloud, as the kids can see and hear how the rain effects the animals and people of the story. Recommended for ages 1-6, 4 stars.

    16. This is a short, poetic look at the rain and the creatures who play about in it. It describes in pictures the way in which water flows to the sea. The narrative is fun to read aloud and the illustrations are colorful and entertaining. Younger children will really enjoy looking at all of the details in the pictures.

    17. A nice quick read. After all the other Caldecott books of the 40's being quite lengthy and full of text, it was nice to have a quick read for a change. Liked the illustrations, but didn't really love them.

    18. This account in verse of the accumulation of water from a rainstorm, both in rural and urban settings, is an imaginative look at the consequences of one drop following another. The font used for the text is unidentified but satisfying and a little larger than usual.

    19. Soft and as gentle as the rainstorm described, we see the waters gather and flow from puddle to river to ocean. While the flooding aspects might be a little worrisome, there is never a sense of danger. And the illustrations are imaginative and reflect perfectly this rainy day. I liked this book.

    20. This book details a heavy rainfall and how the areas around the river are effected. Illustrations are sepia-toned with highlights of red and yellow. The text is big and bold and reads well enough to be an okay read aloud. Great pictures of the animals in and around the river.

    21. Favorite Illustration: The page with the pond, water lillies, and snails. I also really liked the title page.A cute little book about rain and how it flows from a rain drop into the ocean. Just a bit slow and the illustrations weren't my favorite.

    22. I like this book because it discusses the consistency of rain drops and how people, animals, and other things react to the drip, drop, rainning sound. This story is great to read to 3 year old kids who are interested in learning about puddles, ponds, and water.

    23. Grown-ups will feel like the illustrations are dated, but this doesn't bother children usually. A simple story of the rain coming down and making its way from puddles to pond to brook to river to.

    24. This book is a poem about rain in its many forms. I thought it was nice and the illustrations are beautiful. A good choice for teaching about the water cycle.

    25. Favorite line: "Scared a chipmunk, splashed some violets, passed a mother deer showing her baby how to drink"

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