Mystical Circles

Mystical Circles Hi you in crowded stressed old London from me in the peaceful perfect Cotswolds Massive change of plan I m in love Craig s gorgeous sexy intelligent Paradise here Staying forever Juliet concerned

  • Title: Mystical Circles
  • Author: S.C.Skillman
  • ISBN: 9781446153505
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hi, you in crowded stressed old London from me in the peaceful perfect Cotswolds Massive change of plan I m in love Craig s gorgeous, sexy, intelligent Paradise here Staying forever Juliet, concerned that her younger sister has fallen for the charismatic Craig, leader of the Wheel of Love, sets off for the Cotswolds to investigate the mystery.She arrives at Craig s Hi, you in crowded stressed old London from me in the peaceful perfect Cotswolds Massive change of plan I m in love Craig s gorgeous, sexy, intelligent Paradise here Staying forever Juliet, concerned that her younger sister has fallen for the charismatic Craig, leader of the Wheel of Love, sets off for the Cotswolds to investigate the mystery.She arrives at Craig s community hoping to rescue Zoe But romance, mystery suspense await her as intrigues, liaisons relationships flare, flourish or fizzle out quickly in this close circle of men women despite her reservations Juliet is drawn into the Wheel of Love with completely unforeseen consequences.

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    1. The story is based around Juliet who is obsessed about her mission to rescue her sister, Zoe, from Craig and his diverse community in the South West of England. Zoe has fallen under the spell of Craig and is unlikely to be persuaded by anything that Juliet can uncover in her investigative journalism role, or anything that Juliet can tell her.There is certainly a wide variety of characters in the community, and their backgrounds and interactions are built splendidly all the way through the book. [...]

    2. The Wheel of Blighted LoveRadio journalist Juliet, obsessed with rescuing her sister Zoe from a beautiful Cotswold Wheel of Love retreat farmhouse, gains entry to the house under the smokescreen of preparing a documentary for her boss back in London. But what is she rescuing her sister from? And what kind of retreat house is this? Wryly referred to as the Wheel of Blighted Love by one of the guests, it gradually becomes clear that this retreat is not all it seems on the surface, that the charism [...]

    3. Some friends recommended this to me, and I'm so glad I finally got around to reading it. The scene is an idyllic Cotswold farmhouse, where a mixed bag of needy people live in a community. Enter journalist Juliet, seeking to save her younger sister from the clutches of what she considers a cult, with its charismatic and enigmatic leader, Craig. Like Juliet, we are drawn into the claustrophobic lives of the characters in this "Wheel of Love" and find ourselves unable to leave. As the emotional and [...]

    4. Slow-moving mystery/suspenseThe story begins with a mysterious letter from Zoe, the heroine’s sister, inviting Juliet to stay in a Cotswold farmhouse with a group of people known as ‘Wheel of Love”. Once there she will meet her sister’s enigmatic new boyfriend. Right from the start the reader knows that something is not right. There is a lovely feel of mystery in this book and SC Skillman does a great job of setting the scene for Juliet to stumble into something weird. I was engaged by t [...]

    5. I won this book through the Good Reads first reads program.Mystical Circles tells the story of Juliet, who's sister Zoe has fallen for a man named Craig. This would be wonderful, were it not for the fact that Craig is the leader of a New Age community called Mystical Circles. He's a modern day guru preaching a renewed version of Don Juan's idea that we drop our old self in order to become a new one. Forget our past, embrace the future etc. So, Juliet goes to the cult in the Cotswolds to do a doc [...]

    6. Something between an Aga saga, a spiritual novel and a psychological thriller this is an involving, intricate book. A lot of its appeal lies within the varied, fascinating characters who's individual voices weave seamlessly into the novel as a whole and the actions of Juliet, the radio journalist intent on reducing her sister from the 'circle of love' cult, and an admirable heroine. i really came to care for the clearly written characters, and the last few chapters kept me in an eager state of s [...]

    7. I was lucky to win this book on a giveaway. As other people have mentioned I found the book quite slow up until about half way through. Although I did quite like the character building and story setting.The complex characters at the retreat are just the kind of people I imagined to be at the kind of place and I quite like the dynamics of the group.One thing that I was a but disappointed with was regarding Don (and presumably Craig) being from Barnsley. I am a Barnsley girl and believe me Don de [...]

    8. Telling the story of Juliet, a freelance reporter hoping to sell a documentary about the Wheel of Love, an obscure sect of people living in the Cotswolds Hills of Great Britain, as well as potentially save her younger sister Zoe, the newest member from falling into the clutches of the man who leads this group, Mystical Circles at once both delivers and confounds.Mystical Circles was an intriguing read. Skillman has a keen eye and understanding of the dynamics that push and pull people apart as w [...]

    9. I enjoyed this. The characters were well drawn and the plot was interesting. I would have liked a little more emphasis on Zoe who was the character who we knew least about although she was the reason for Juliet's visit.

    10. I didn't actually read it all (only 84 pages) but it was quite dull and not written very well :(I think the plot sounds good but all the characters were a bit confusing and the storyline slow.

    11. Article first published as Book Review:Mystical Circles by S.C. Skillman on Blogcritics. When Juliet Blake receives an email from her sister Zoe proclaiming a new love and her intention of joining his New Age cult in the Cotswolds’ she is panicked. She does not believe Zoe knows what is best for her and as her older sister; it is in Juliet’s best interest to rescue her. Julie uses her work as a freelance investigative journalist to worm her way into asking questions.What she finds when she r [...]

    12. Mystical Circles by SC Skillman is a romantic suspense novel about Juliet, a freelance radio journalist, who fears for her sister Zoe, who has joined a strange group called The Wheel of Love and has fallen head over heels for the leader. Juliet arrives on the farm where the group resides to record a documentary, but also to rescue her sister from the strange group’s clutches. While there, Juliet becomes drawn into the secrecy of the group and goes on a mission to uncover the truth.The blurb on [...]

    13. Mystical Circles is filled with a cast of characters that are at times both very large and very strange. And if nothing else, this novel is definitely a character study of those that live on the fringe. Being a New Age group, you can imagine there are a mix of different ideas and different people that come from all walks of life. But Mystical Circles is not just a character study. It is also a thriller with a bit of mystery, a bit of romance, career, and sisterly love.I really enjoyed this book. [...]

    14. This story revolves around Juliet, a reporter visiting a spiritual retreat centre to get material for a radio documentary. But she has a hidden agenda. Her real concern is for her sister Zoe, who has joined the centre and fallen in love with its charismatic leader, Craig. Juliet intends to rescue her, whether she wants to be rescued or not.But Juliet begins to discover that there are a lot of other hidden agendas in operation. In contrast to the peaceful rural setting, the varied group of people [...]

    15. Perception of what life is supposed to hold for you is an illusion to many but in reality the only person that it is supposed to matter to is YOU! How others deal with how you live your life has nothing to do with you, that is totally their issue. You just have to continue to live your life to the best of your ability and do what makes you happy.Juliet is Zoe's older sister and therefore knows how Zoe should live her life, allegedly . Zoe has joined a group called The Wheel of Love and she is pl [...]

    16. Book review: Mystical Circles by SC SkillmanThrow a bunch of youthful eccentrics together in a claustrophobic environment and you have the perfect recipe for paranoia. The better people get to know each other the more suspicious they seem to become. Given that the leader seemed like he was trying to run a cult I feared a dark and nasty end to this one but I was pleasantly surprised at how the author turned things into a feel-good finish.A female journalist finds that her much younger sister has [...]

    17. This review is not for the entire book as I have only read the first 150+ pages. The book moves at a slow pace and neither the plot and characters held my attention. I had trouble getting into the story because (1) the author introduced too many characters and I was getting confused with all of them (2) too much introduction on the story itself, found myself skimming through the pages always waiting for the good part of the book. And just when I was beginning to like the story, my mind began to [...]

    18. I had been looking forward to reading this book for a while, since I follow the author’s blog and feel she is something of a kindred spirit. The story was interesting and a little bit different, but I have to say the book was not as good as I had anticipated. I found it fairly dull in places, and I really struggled to connect with the protagonist, Juliet. I suppose this was intentional, because the story follows Juliet as she tries to ‘rescue’ her younger sister from a perceived threat aft [...]

    19. "Mystical Circles" is a very original read, dealing with the interaction of several complex personalities in a closed community in the English Cotswolds. The story is told from the perspective of Juliet, who enters their world on the pretext of interviewing the members for a documentary. She is also keeping an eye on her younger sister, drawn into the cult by its charismatic leader.The story builds steadily as the chapters unfold. Occasionally some background detail is revealed to explain their [...]

    20. I received this book as part of the First Reads and I'm kind of glad I did. I had a very difficult time getting through this book. While the plot was really interesting and hooked me almost immediately, I still struggled through. I felt like the story moved at a very slow pace. There also was very little resolution at the end. The author built up all this suspense and mystery about the different characters but we never actually get to learn most of their backstories. We never learn why they are [...]

    21. Actual Rating: 2.5 starsI wish I could give this book a better review because I really loved the premise of it. Unfortunately the author introduced way too many character that only achieved at confusing this reader! The first half, maybe even 3/4 of the book was sooooo veryyyyy slowwww that I fell asleep a few nights in a row trying to keep track of all the characters and dull story pace.I think this novel had great potential if only the author removed all the gibberish of the first half and tri [...]

    22. Quote from Marie Calvert, arts psychotherapist and retreat leader: "Skillman weaves romance and attraction with spiritual searching and emotional needs, powerful universal themes."Merged review:Review from Caroline Bailey, creative arts specialist: "intricate tapestry of human emotions and psyches with a romantic thread weaving through."

    23. Mystery and romance are in the air when Juliet, concerned that her young sister Zoe had fallen for the charismatic Craig, sets off for his dubious new age group in the Cotswolds to see the situation for herself.

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