Thank You, Dr Lamaze

Thank You Dr Lamaze Thank you Dr Lamaze is the moving and often very funny story of a woman s experiences when faced with traditional pre conceptions about giving birth by both medical profession and friends Marjorie Ka

  • Title: Thank You, Dr Lamaze
  • Author: Marjorie Karmel Alex Karmel
  • ISBN: 9780953096480
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thank you, Dr Lamaze is the moving and often very funny story of a woman s experiences when faced with traditional pre conceptions about giving birth by both medical profession and friends Marjorie Karmel s best selling book introduced the Lamaze method of childbirth to the US.

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    1. Engaging read & interesting how little of the fundamentals have changed in the birthing debates (even as the technology and options have advanced) since the author's experiences six decades ago.

    2. I was so happy to locate the book, "Thank You Dr. Lamaze." (Paperback) by Marjorie Karmel. Someone very precious to me is now expecting her first child, and I was delighted to find it.I first read "Thank You, Dr Lamaze" many years ago when pregnant with my first child; however, its content is adaptable and much of its information is relevant today.It is a commentary on the voyage of late pregnancy and delivery of her first child with an eloquent commentary on issues that confronted an educated w [...]

    3. Thank you, Dr Lamaze by Marjorie Karmel. It was a very interesting and informative. It has been a great supplement to the Lamaze class, and since she explains how she learned the breathing exercises I understand them a lot better than just going to the class. I've learned to breath into my lungs fully since the book, if I'm taking deep breaths I am usually a stomach breather.In a way it has shown me just how far the "medical community" has come in letting woman have children, but in a way I thin [...]

    4. My mom recommended this book (in fact she sent me the original edition of it, quite tattered and old) to read once she found out I was expecting my first child. I expected a bit of an outdated description of natural childbirth preparation, but what followed was a book describing the horrifying past of childbirth pre-Lamaze method. I've always know that childbirth had to be rough in the old days when medical technology was not so nearly advanced as today, but I had no idea how barbaric it could r [...]

    5. I want to do a 3-at-once review. The Mongan Method (Hypnobirthing) and Dr. Sear's Pregnancy Book are two other popular books that I've read. Thank You, Dr. Lamaze was the easiest, most engrossing read because it is told as a story. I was soaking up all of it. It's been a couple years but it stuck with me and I will read it again. The Mongan Method book was a little disappointing after how highly promoted hypnobirthing is. I found that 2/3 of it was the same old stuff, and the last 1/3 were the e [...]

    6. On loan from a friend, I finished this book in record time. It reads like a novel but is the true story of one woman's quest for natural childbirth in a time (the 1950s) when it was considered old-fashioned and pointless. I admired Marjorie Karmel's tenacity and discipline, and it definitely paid off for her; she birthed all three of her children without pain medication and, seemingly, without pain. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Pavlovian method, which (from what I understand) was a pre [...]

    7. This book was amazing. Reading about this woman's birth experience years ago was very inspiring. I feel frustrated hearing of different women's experiences with child birth in America and their wishes being ignored. I know there has been many changes since this book came out and I hope they continue.

    8. This book was recommended to me by my mother when I found out I was having a baby. I would highly recommend this book to every women having a baby. It's not a scientific book but a book written about one woman's experiences with her births.

    9. I LOVE this book! Thanks to this book's help, I have had 4 successful, unmedicated vaginal deliveries! If you are thinking of a great method to assist with your labor and delivery, you've found it!

    10. This book is a great introduction to the possibilities of peaceful childbirth. We have learned much more since her time, but the door and mind is open.

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