The Suicide Forest

The Suicide Forest The legend of the Aokigahara forest which lies just outside of Tokyo says that those who have committed suicide in the massive wilderness are cursed to have their souls trapped within its very roots U

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  • Title: The Suicide Forest
  • Author: El Torres Gabriel Hernandez
  • ISBN: 9781600109478
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • The legend of the Aokigahara forest which lies just outside of Tokyo says that those who have committed suicide in the massive wilderness are cursed to have their souls trapped within its very roots Unfortunately for Alan, his girlfriend, Masami, committed her suicide there and she s now on a vengeful mission to ruin his life

    One thought on “The Suicide Forest”

    1. Hace algunos meses supe de la existencia de El Torres debido a la revista Cinemania, donde hablaban acerca de que EE.UU. y Reino Unido estaban produciendo películas basadas en sus obrasn su permiso (puedes verlo aquí). La parte buena de esa situación es que la descripción de su trabajo se me hizo fascinante, y al menos en lo que a difusión se refiere considero le dio un pequeño empujón (faltaria valorar sí fue hacia adelante o hacia atras, porque no he visto ninguna de las dos películas [...]

    2. Un cómic ambientado en el famoso bosque a las afueras de Tokio, en donde la gente se va a suicidar, un lugar lúgubre, unos dibujos en tonalidades oscuras, y una trama que por momentos me recordó a Zenki con la sacerdotisa usando esos papelitos con oraciones para expulsar a los espíritus, en definitiva, un cómic que disfruté durante este mes del terror.

    3. A scary tale. Yet nothing new.When it comes to horror, it's definitely a challenge for static images on comic book pages to compete with film. But the artist here did it well at least for me. The color scheme also brilliantly enhances the creepiness factor.I find it kinda hard to sympathize with Masami who took her own life, became a vengeful entity and caused havoc by killing innocent people. A messed up individual even in the afterlife.

    4. This book follows the legend of Aokigahara. If you don't know about it then seriously you should look it up because it's insane! Anyways, this short story is about what happens after Masami commits suicide after Alan leaves her. There really isn't much to the story. As far as it goes it follows a similar path to others. I got almost a "Grudge" vibe from it. Yes I'm referring to the movie. I liked it. My biggest issue with it was simply that the art was really dark. Not joking. Several panels wer [...]

    5. I wasn't exactly impressed, as this volume is really just pure set up for what comes next. However, it was a bit creepy, and I want to read more of the story about the forest worker who did the thing with the corpse.

    6. Una buena historia de El Torres con el bosque de aokigahara en Tokyo como escenario principal según la leyenda aquel que se suicida en este bosque se convertirá en un espíritu que atormentará a los vivos por las afrentas que sufrió en el pasado.Este cómic nos cuenta la historia de Alan, un norteamericano que reside en Tokyo y que tras una relación de un año deja a su novia Masami, la cual se suicida en el bosque de Aokigahara y vuelve luego en forma espectral para buscar venganza y arrui [...]

    7. Since I read this in a pre-published form of sorts, I feel it's my moral and civil duty to write a review.I generally tend to prefer black-and-white graphic novels/comics, but in this particular one, I think the color adds a lot to it. There's something very eerie about Suicide Forest, and something quite creepy. It's interesting to see how Torres modified the Aokigahara forest legend (the world's second most popular place for suicides after the Golden Gate Bridge) and turned it into aJapanese h [...]

    8. Since visiting Japan and learning of Aokigahara forest and it's dark past and present I have been attracted to anything relating to it. I know, I'm morbid but such things have always intrigued me. El Torres tale is enjoyable for what it is but it didn't offer anything new. I can't say that I predicted everything that happened but I never found myself surprised. My feelings on the artwork where also meh, fluctuating from shot to shot. A few a really liked and even found beautiful while others, es [...]

    9. I usually try to get my hands on everything even remotely related to Aokigahara because it's so hard to find anything in English (too bad I don't read Japanese, right?). I never heard of this comic before and once I knew it exists I immediately read it.The story is great. The suicide is not glorified or romanticized like so many horror authors fail to do. It is a lonely story about lonely people. The ending is highly satisfactory minding that this is, in the end, a horror story. I still can't de [...]

    10. I was really excited to finally read this graphic novel. I've been interested in Japan for a long time and the suicide forest always sparked a mysterious curiosity in me. This book unfortunately relies on Western horror cliches and jump scare tactics that don't exactly work on the page. I love El Torres' books but he can do better than this. The art suits the style but nothing about this book is amazing.

    11. So creepy and beautifully rendered! It really helps to know a bit about Japanse mythology and Shinto practices to really get it, but it's a very good ghost story regardless.

    12. Aokigahara, een bos buiten Tokyo op de flank van de Fuji, is een populaire plaats om zelfmoord te plegen. De legende gaat dat de ziel van wie in Aokigahara zijn eigen leven neemt, gevangen blijft in de wortels van de bomen.Alan is een westerling in Japan; hij geraakt verliefd op Masami, maar het loopt niet goed af en ze gaan uit elkaar. Zij pleegt, ayup, zelfmoord. In, jawel, datzelfde bos. En dan gaan een voor een Alan’s vrienden dood.Ryoko is een parkwachtster in het bos, zoals haar vader v [...]

    13. I picked up The Suicide Forest not realizing that it was the same forest I had seen in a documentary a few months ago. It was great that I had some of the back story not because it helped me understand the story but because it is just really interesting! (youtube/watch?v=4FDSdg)I enjoyed The Suicide Forest. The art was great and the slight darkness to even the brighter scenes kept it eerie all the way through. The ending still has me thinking because it is not what I expected and I actually said [...]

    14. The most beautiful stories are about unfulfilled love. The bonus points for one of two dies by her/his own hand, if it was she the more drama is ensured, because in some cases she returned back and had her revenge. Young American worked in Japan and fell recklessly in love with Japanese woman and it went very wrong. The Aokigahara forest near Tokyo is know for the suicides, which run in this places for centuries and gave it creepy atmosphere. Young forest guard with troubled past is believing in [...]

    15. The story is about an unhappy couple. The woman commits a suicide because the man left her after a year and that's where the darkness creeps in. She seeks revenge from the man who wasted her life and makes his life a hell as well. As you might expect, there is no happy ending here. It's sad, dark, lonely and creepy. Give it a try if you're looking for a really good horror story( that manages to make you uncomfortable). I read it in the dark of the night while being alone in my room. And the expe [...]

    16. Conocí a el autor hace un par de días aunque ya había escuchado hablar de esta historia con un título tan sugerente. Saber que este bosque existe en la realidad acrecentó mis ganas de leer este cómic, el segundo que leo en toda mi vida. Me ha gustado la ambientación y también el modo de concluir las escenas, esas viñetas finales sin diálogos están muy logradas. Transmiten el horror de lo que cuentan. Definitivamente las leyendas de Japón no pueden ser más malsanas y más inspiradora [...]

    17. "I love horror during any time of year, but it holds a special appeal during October. In honour of the spookiest month of the year (and to get the horrible taste of 2016’s The Forest starring Natalie Dormer out of my mouth) I picked up IDW’s 2011 comic The Suicide Forest."Interested in a full review? Or more Halloween related stuff? Check out Rogues Portal in the link below!roguesportal/2016/10/s

    18. This was way better than the movie I saw about the same forest last night, The Forest. It incorporates Japanese religion and tradition while still containing a western character (like the film). Great artwork, too. And spooky, which is challenging for comics since your eye can always glance ahead at the upcoming panels.

    19. This is beautifully and eerily illustrated, but really fails when it comes to character development. The story depends too much on a visceral response to Aokigahara Forest without spending any time getting us to care about the characters in this ghost story--which, in turn, means I don't care what happens to them. Shmeh.

    20. La verdad es que no tenía muchas esperanzas de que me fuera a gustar, a pesar de que a mí estos temas me encantan, pero me ha sorprendido mucho.Increíble el trabajo que hay detrás de la historia, tanto de narración como de dibujo.

    21. A grim tale inspired by and set in the famous japanese suicide forest. I like that it is a self contained story and that it shows a bit more of the local folklore. It is a solid short story with more than adequate art, just not a must read. The visual part is what I enjoyed the most.

    22. Awesome tale. I always prefer the real scary stuff from over seas. True genuine psychological horror. The forest has many stories yet unspoken of.

    23. Definitivamente tenebroso, especialmente por estar ambientado en japón, eso lo dice todo.Por otro lado, buen mensaje al final, vale la pena terminarlo.

    24. A light hearted fun romp through a grove haunted by the spirits of the dead.Just kidding, it's a crappy grudge rip off. You could describe the plot with your eyes closed.

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