A Spanish Awakening

A Spanish Awakening In the chaos of an airport strike Madrid s most sought after bachelor Emilio Rios stumbles across old flame Megan Armstrong In the past he bowed to duty and married the right woman leaving the less

  • Title: A Spanish Awakening
  • Author: Kim Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9780373528219
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the chaos of an airport strike, Madrid s most sought after bachelor Emilio Rios stumbles across old flame Megan Armstrong In the past, he bowed to duty and married the right woman leaving the less sophisticated Megan on the sidelines.Staying away from Megan has been the hardest thing Emilio s ever done, but now that he s free he isn t going to waste a single minute In the chaos of an airport strike, Madrid s most sought after bachelor Emilio Rios stumbles across old flame Megan Armstrong In the past, he bowed to duty and married the right woman leaving the less sophisticated Megan on the sidelines.Staying away from Megan has been the hardest thing Emilio s ever done, but now that he s free he isn t going to waste a single minute He s got twenty four hours plenty of time for a full seduction.

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    1. I squeezed this on in between review reads. I needed a quick, satisfying romance, something I could read even though I wasn't feeling great. It did the trick.My Thoughts:Megan was a bit frustrating to me with her self-esteem issues. I understand why she had them, but I think her brain was turned off. I think that Emilio couldn't have been more clear about his feelings unless he hit her over the head with a club and drug her off to his cave. I'm glad he didn't do that. He did take her off to his [...]

    2. I love the way Kim Lawrence did the intimacy/interaction scenes in this book. I absolutely loved the sex scene too- it was simple yet was not the usual routine routine. I so adore a besotted H who is all out to get his girl once and for all. Even his falling in love with the lonely overweight clueless girl while he was married dint put me off. It all seemed so right. His waiting to woo her so that she does not become targeted as the ow in his (friendly) divorce got him all my brownie points. I c [...]

    3. The whole one day premise was a bit disbelieving and the editing bad because I got jarred out of the story in few place but a good Lawrence. The heroine had a touch for the dramatic but that is nothing new in HP-land. I liked it because in this book the hero fell first for the heroine and not the other way round. A nice enough read.

    4. Wow! A hero who actually honored his vows and WAITED an appropriate amount of time after the dissolution of his marriage to start a new relationship even though he was NOT the one who cheated.What a conceptank you!!It was a face-paced bit of fluff that I truthfully enjoyed reading despite my wanting to whack the heroine (and members of her family) every now and then.

    5. The story is awesome what romance should be. I will not give away the magic but wow did he love her. Soooo sweet and hot. They really had it bad on both sides. It was amazing. And epilogue would have been nice here.

    6. There were some negative reviews written about this book because it transpires over one day, and some readers struggled with the fact that Emilio had been married when he met the heroine. Because of this, I was a bit hesitant to purchase it, but I am glad I did. It was a wonderful story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The book is a terrific change in pace from the traditional story lines. Megan and Emilio have known each other for a long time. He is a friend and acquaintance of Megan's brot [...]

    7. I remember it clearly i had added my review where has it gone*angry* this time will add a brief reviewAbsolutely terrific read though heroine Megan's constant thoughts of always putting herself down irritates me but Megan has lots of insecurities fears and even lacks confidence its cause two men who are important for her,the way she has been treated by her father and an incident which includes the hero Emilio which made her more unsure of herself as the story progresses we see how Emilio realise [...]

    8. Wonderful read,loved Emilio-Megan,Emilio's determination to fight for his love and make Megan his touched my heart,he duly respects and takes his marriage vows seriously,he was never unfaithful even though he was never in love with his wife it was just for Duty he had to get married but as soon as Emilio-Rosanna are unhappy and he realised he loves Megan,he files for divorve though it was Rosanna who betrayed the vows yet he takes all the blame of it and then goes on to fight and bring his love [...]

    9. Hero made a comment to his friend that he was hardly “living like a monk” since divorce but it seemed like just something you’d say to your ex wife’s boyfriend and your friend without letting them know you’re pinning after someone (specially that friend’s sister). He dropped very heavy hints that he waited for heroine, specially six months before and after divorce. His wife gave him option to stray. He only wanted heroine and he didn’t want her as a mistress. So I’m willing to ac [...]

    10. Without spoiling readers, I would say that this one was absolutely terrific read! I absolutely freaking loved every single second of it. Every word, every line, I couldn’t help but love. Just thinking back over the story, makes me want to pick up the book up and start it all over again. And oh man! I'm freakin' in love with the hero, Emilio. He is just so freaking delicious. I was swooning all over the place. And Megan was very likable heroine. Having an extra pound myself, I was able to relat [...]

    11. I think this book was written weirdly. Not because the events only spanned a few hours, which I found a refreshing change of pace to the forced extensions most authors do (think of the obligatory two months a hero MUST spend unable to find the heroine ‘cause she runs away after misunderstanding some fundamental bit); nor because of the flashbacks (technically, they were a bit weirdly introduced and equally weirdly left behind at points), because I love flashbacks (sue me!); but it was perhaps [...]

    12. The story beings with the hero Emilio going to pick his ex wife up from the airport. When he gets there he sees the heroine Megan, the sister of one of his friends and also the girl he fell in love with a few years back. At the time Emilio was stuck in a marriage of convenience and by the time he was free Megan was involved with someone else, or so he thought. Megan is stuck in Madrid to a strike and Emilio offers her a place to stay, Megan is initially reluctant to accept as she believes Emilio [...]

    13. Ah, Kim Lawrence. What is there to say?The author’s tenuous grip on reality is exposed in the second sentence of the book, when Emilio ties his silk tie one-handed. Now, I’m not going to assert flat-out that such a thing is impossible—I’ve seen TV conjurers do some very impressive tricks—but it’s a curious party piece for a practical businessman to devote extraordinary effort into developing, given that it doesn’t really lead anywhere. There is (spoiler alert) some undressing going [...]

    14. No puedo decir nada mas,mas que ME ENCANTO! Jaja así es que me gustan las lecturas sencillas,una buena historia para disfrutar rápido.Les cuento que me pareció tierno que Emilio se hubiera enamorado de Megan desde hace años.Lo único que le impide acercarse a su amor es el hecho que el esta casado,por conveniencia o por un ridículo mandato de su padre con una mujer a la que no ama y encima ella le fue infiel.Pero el colmo de los colmos es que ella ahora se enamoro del amigo de Emilio que es [...]

    15. Sweet sweet oh so sweet. These two have been secretly In love with each other for years. But it took Emilio sometime to finally acknowledge his feelings, but it was already too late as he was married to a woman he doesn't love. After his divorce came through, he accidentally ran into Megan at the airport. The attraction was instantaneous and Emilio vowed then and there to make her his forever. But he only had 24hrs to win her. Megan on the other hand feels betrayed that he never loved her and ch [...]

    16. Unfortunately, I didn't feel the sexual tension. The author told me, repeatedly, in almost every sentence how Emilio wanted to do the dirty with Megan and how Megan wanted to do the dirty with Emilio, but it fell flat for me. It's nice setting at the beginning, but after a while I was like okay I get it you want to do dirty with each other can we move on to other subjects please. Megan supposed to be this smart and classy young woman but she scream, shout and shrill her way through Emilio's taun [...]

    17. Man! what a hot charming mano bad the girl was so slow on how much he digs her that it takes 2 years for them to get it together(and those kisses are hot enough to knock your socks off!)women dream of a man that into them but sometimes you just need the words.

    18. Would have been a memorable story, but ruined by jerky narration and OTT sexual banter.The plot is of a girl who has seen a lot of rejection from family and society for being illegitimate. Added to this, she loves her foster brother's rich friend, who yells at her mistakenly for being a promiscuous tart.So poor little miss virgin manages Daddy's business and is content with crumbs from family.He married in a haste as per Daddy's orders and promptly​ got divorced too. Now he's is free to pursue [...]

    19. So it was an nice romance but I definitely need an epilogue for this book like I felt it was missing something or maybe I just wanted more and I did I wanted to see what would happen next.

    20. I really liked this book sure it was fast paced been set over a 24 hour period but so what I think in this case it worked. Our H fell in love with the h when he was married but there was no affair so only bonus points to him - he went off and sorted his life out so he could come back n sweep her off her feet.Our h has been in love with our h for years since she was a girl so no problem there. There were no evil OW/OM only interfering family. Loved the H deducted a starve cause the h was a little [...]

    21. I adore every single character in this book - even the wicked fathers because their quirks or flaws are explained so cutely. I think this is the first book where the evil villain was low self-esteem. The H, Emilio is a heart throb who entered into a marriage of convenience with Rosanna. They both realised they cannot make it work when she cheated and he fell in love with Megan.After the divorce, Emilio waited a year to ensure no negative press comes Megan's way and then decided to pursue her. Du [...]

    22. I think one of the things I really loved about this book was just how in love the hero was with the heroine and just how determined he was to make sure she was going to be come a permanent fixture in his life (I am going to conveniently ignore that he fell in love with her while he was stuck in a marriage of convenience). The 24 hour strike happening at the airport I thought was plausible.I was annoyed about how insecure and how much of a doormat Meghan was. I wanted Emilio at times to shake som [...]

    23. Initially I thought this is an incredible book as the story spans 24 hours and they gad lots totalk about haha! But then I realised it's a mini series called One Night In I'm pretty impressed with how much the author has packed into these 24 hours. A satisfying and credible live story between Emilio and Megan. Their back story and second chance is sweet indeed. Funny and witty thoughts from both Megan and Emilio made me LOL at times. Good read! I like that Emilio had chosen to be faithful even i [...]

    24. I finished reading this book a week ago, and I already have forgotten most of my reactions to it. I consider this to be a bad sign. It's not painful, but it's not good, and it's certainly not memorable. If you have a strong aversion to cheaply-made and mass-produced romantic fiction, this isn't the novel to change your mind. If you want something simple and easy to numb the brain for a few hours, you might give this a workaday whirl.

    25. A bit hard to understand how the characters fall in love when their encounter in the past was purely based on physical attraction. They met in the airport and within that day they talk (though nothing in substance in my opinion)then fall in bed together For that 24 hours time span, they know they love each other. I somehow am not convinced. I understand there is strong physical attraction but apart from that, what do they love each other about?

    26. I really disliked the use of flashbacks in this book. They led to very confusing scenes and had no discernible indicators. Also the heroine's name was Megan, but changed to Rachel once the book. If this couple lasts a year after the book, I would be beyond amazed. They do not fit well together in any realistic form.

    27. I couldn't get into this one. Not sure why. I loved the premise of the book. I think it was the writing style. It is a novella but I guess I was hoping for a bit more. The blurb is a bit misleading as she is not an old flame but his uni friend's sister. I do love Kim Lawrence's work usually although I tend to steer clear of baby related love stories as they're just not my cup of tea.

    28. Formerly chubby heroine who is ridiculously insecure. I prefer actual chubby heroines but at least she didn't "become beautiful" after losing weight or something. I really like the angst, even if it was overall rather cheesy. (view spoiler)[Not a big fan of the hero being mean to the heroine after she was pretty intensely sexually harassed, if not assaulted. Kind of a dick move there, dude. (hide spoiler)]

    29. Concernant "L'amant de Madrid" de Kim Lawrence: J'ai beaucoup aimé ces deux héros qui s'aiment depuis longtemps mais qui n'arrivent pas à se l'avouer surtout parce qu'ils perdent la tête et n'arrivent plus à aligner deux mots cohérents quand ils sont ensemble lol

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