Swords of the Rainbow

Swords of the Rainbow Swords of the Rainbow Gay and Lesbian Fantasy AdventuresThe richest vein of authors writing today including Dorothy Allison Samuel R Delany and Tanya Huff is tapped in this remarkable collection of

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  • Title: Swords of the Rainbow
  • Author: Eric Garber Jewelle L. Gómez JeanStewart Mark Shepherd Tanya Huff Samuel R. Delany Carrie Richerson Dorothy Allison
  • ISBN: 9781555832667
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Swords of the Rainbow Gay and Lesbian Fantasy AdventuresThe richest vein of authors writing today including Dorothy Allison, Samuel R Delany, and Tanya Huff is tapped in this remarkable collection of fantasy, sword and sorcery, and science fiction tales on lesbian and gay themes.

    One thought on “Swords of the Rainbow”

    1. Fantasy – the very word suggests unfettered imagination, limitless possibilities. All too often, however, it merely presages an endless repetition of identical fantasies. Amnesiac princes named Jared or Jharet or Gharad, all with evil, usurping twins and…No, thanks.Swords of the Rainbow provides a bright reminder of everything that once seemed promising about the genre. Escapist fare unbound by traditional mores? Is it surprising that queer writers would be attracted?“The Tale of Small Sar [...]

    2. No, every story in this anthology is not a winner, but the overall quality is very good. And when Swords of the Rainbow was released back inOlden Times, there were literally TWO gay spec fiction anthologies to choose from. That's how much times have changed! We're spoiled for choice these days.I discovered the work of both Mel Keegan and Tanya Huff through Swords -- their stories are two of my favorites -- and for that alone I will always be very fond of this anthology.

    3. SlashReaders: Alright honestly most of the stories in here were not that great. I wasn't overly impressed by most of them. There were however a few exceptional stories in it. I wasn't disappointed by Mel Keegan's story which is the whole reason I bought the book. It was definitely one of the better ones in there as I would expect from him. However most of the others left much to be desired. So if you're a nut case like me or just looking for a quick short story read it's not a bad book but if yo [...]

    4. If a quarter or half star were available, that's what this book would get from me. Swords of the Rainbow ~12/30/07 This was a repetitive piece of crap! Each story told the same story—boringly—about how a gay boy or lesbian either through magic or science found their true love. Oh! Don’t forget the fucking! Yuck! Did I say this was dreck!

    5. Not all the stories were of the same calibre and that's the reason I'm giving it 3 stars. Don't let that put you off reading it though. All in all it was a very enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend it.

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