Eden Lake

Eden Lake In newlyweds Clay Perry and Carol Weiss founded Eden Lake a utopian children s summer camp in Maine Thirty years later their marriage is long over and the camp has become a pricey playground f

  • Title: Eden Lake
  • Author: Jane Roper
  • ISBN: 9780982708415
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1968, newlyweds Clay Perry and Carol Weiss founded Eden Lake, a utopian children s summer camp in Maine Thirty years later, their marriage is long over and the camp has become a pricey playground for entitled suburbanites When tragedy strikes, the Perryweiss children have to decide what role Eden Lake, and all that it stands for, will play in their lives Abe, the eldIn 1968, newlyweds Clay Perry and Carol Weiss founded Eden Lake, a utopian children s summer camp in Maine Thirty years later, their marriage is long over and the camp has become a pricey playground for entitled suburbanites When tragedy strikes, the Perryweiss children have to decide what role Eden Lake, and all that it stands for, will play in their lives Abe, the eldest and heir apparent, has never been able to commit to a career or a relationship Jude, entangled with a married man, must confront her turbulent relationship with her past Eric, the youngest, who has never strayed far from Eden Lake, stands at the precipice of a new life Idealism and infidelity, childhood memories and the hard truths of adulthood collide and coalesce in the summer of 1998 at Camp Eden Lake Praise for EDEN LAKE EDEN LAKE is an unusually accomplished debut novel about love and loss and the absurdities of summer camp Jane Roper writes with quiet authority and sly humor about a large and intriguing cast of characters Tom Perrotta, bestselling author of Election, Joe College and Little Children As a kid I lasted one week at summer camp, but at EDEN LAKE I overcame my phobia This is due to the quirky, warm, funny, quixotic crew you ll meet in these pages, and the compassionate yet sharply observed story of a family assembling and reassembling itself after a father s death I ll be revisiting EDEN LAKE many times Jenna Blum, bestselling author of Those Who Save Us and The Stormchasers Anyone who s ever experienced the sweet tumult of summer camp is hereby ordered to read EDEN LAKE immediately In fact, even if you ve never been to camp, this book should go on your must read list Jane Roper has written a wise, sexy novel that fearlessly probes the particulars of desire and loss It s a sheer delight as irresistible as a s Steve Almond, author of, My Life in Heavy Metal, Candyfreak, and Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life

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    1. I'm a long-time fan of this author's "mommy blog" and looked forward to enjoying her writing style in something more long-form. I was not disappointed. This book is essentially a character study, mainly focusing on siblings that grew up watching, attending, and then working a summer camp out east. There are a lot of layers, from comparisons between childhoods in the 70s and today, to commentary on commercialism, to explorations of trust, mistrust, fidelity and infidelity. And there's enough stor [...]

    2. In order to win Jane Roper’s novel Eden Lake, I had to agree to read the book and participate in the accompanying discussion as a part of The Next Best Book Club. I am a finicky reader who has probably put down at least as many books as I’ve begun, and so I wanted to make sure I had a decent chance to like the story okay before I agreed to have it shipped to me. I could already see myself ten pages into 300, not enjoying the read, but having to stay with it because I said I would.I went to [...]

    3. When I first heard of Eden Lake I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I admit at first I was a skeptic. Did I really want to read about a summer camp “that has become a pricey playground for entitled suburbanites”? Not really. However, Roper’s novel goes beyond the clichés of grief and tragedy and challenges the hypocrisy of idealism for the elite and the elite only. How can one hope to change the world through the youth, if that youth is from one socio-economic class? The novel [...]

    4. Great, fun, quick read. I hope there is a prequel! A great addition to a summer beach/pool reading list! Captures the surreal, yet essential rite of passage of attending/working at a summer camp while also featuring some quirky undercurrents and stories

    5. Eden Lake starts is the story of three young adults who must return to their recently deceased father's summer camp in Maine. In doing so, our three protagonists, Abe, Jude (Judy) and Eric, must grapple with the past and all the complications of whom they've become. Eden Lake does a fabulous job of using a very specific lens- that of a small summer camp in Maine founded by idealists (essentially a summerland)- to examine "big picture" ideas that affect us all, ideas like love, career, family and [...]

    6. In Eden Lake, Jane Roper conjures a whole summer camp full of characters dealing with a range of sticky issues. Abe, Jude, and Eric Perryweiss are the focus here, doing their best to run the family business in the aftermath of their father's untimely death, but what's remarkable is how fully realized all of the characters are, including the many supporting players who might've become cartoons in lesser hands.A good example of this is Sergei, an illegal Russian immigrant who reappears at the camp [...]

    7. Delicious summer (and other seasons) reading. I never went to summer camp, but this book brought me deep into the experience, with characters who I became attached to, and writing that sang. I loved it!

    8. What a fun summer read (although a winter read would certainly give you a touch of summer!). This book took me back to the nostalgia of camp although with a touch of good adult drama. I felt very connected to the characters and the story and stayed up late reading on more than one night!

    9. I'm a long time reader of Jane Roper's blog and was thrilled to see she had written a novel. Great book, well-written, perfect for the summer. I highly recommend!

    10. I read about this book long before I obtained a copy of it, waited rather anxiously for it as the topic of a summer camp is close to my heart.Eden Lake is a camp owned by Carol and Clay founded in the late 60's. Their three children knew no other life as children, they lived at the camp and spent the summers as campers there. Carol and Clay get divorced, Clay remains at the camp with his new wife Gail and the children have all grown up and left the camp except Eric who wants to remain behind the [...]

    11. I won this book in a blog giveaway late last summer. Eden Lake is a dramatic book about siblings Abe, Jude, and Eric who come back to run their family's summer camp after the untimely death of their father. Each adult child is at different points in their life, but all seem to be stuck in their own rut going nowhere. The interactions at the camp help them all to eventually find their way to something new. What I liked- The setting. I've never been to summer camp myself. I enjoyed the description [...]

    12. This was a very long book. I really liked the beginning. The book was told by different voices, in a good way, I got a lot out of hearing the story from different perspectives. It seemed to be filled with some unnecessary drama with people not at the camp (bosses and boyfriends). My biggest criticism was how Carol told Eric about his father. That went against everything we knew about her as a person. It was good to see some character development, I liked Eric best. The children all seemed to gri [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book about four marginally dysfunctional young adults whose parents founded an idealistic summer camp in Maine in their hippie years. Now these folks have to wrestle with running the camp when they haven't had a lot of success sticking with jobs or relationships in the past. In addition they have to handle some blows in their own families when a tragedy happens and when old transgressions become new information. I found the story to be compelling, but the characters mildly unsatis [...]

    14. Eden Lake is a wonderful debut (I'm pretty sure that this is a first novel?) novel about loss, forgiveness, and growing up. It's primarily a character study of three siblings and a step-sister, set in Maine at a summer camp. As a Mainer, I greatly appreciated the realistic depiction of Maine; it was accurate, non-patronizing and that's not always the case of novels set in the state (we don't put tarter sauce on lobster rolls, for instance).The Perryweiss children are complex characters, each sym [...]

    15. I really liked this story told in alternating voices of three siblings forced to run a summer camp for their recently deceased father. I felt like I spent the summer with them at sleep away camp and watched as they came to terms with their past and took ownership of their futures. A great summer read.

    16. The ultimate summer camp experience. Not only do you get to spend a summer with these characters, but you also get to see into their past and get a glimpse of their (possible) futures. While there are some rollicking good moments that would challenge a soap opera plot, there are also some really thoughtful reflections on how the world has changed since the seventies.

    17. Good and easy read about a family trying to pick up the pieces after tragedy. The story is told alternately from three siblings' point of view. I like how this kept me feeling invested in each of their stories. This book transports the reader to the nostalgia of being a kid and/or counselor at summer camp.

    18. A very likable book - summer camp, three siblings, complicated love, loss of parents, divorce, etc. But the thread throughout the book is good - nuture our youth so they grow up ready to handle their adulthood. Uncomplicated. A great summer read!

    19. I've never been to sleep away summer camp before but Jane Roper made me feel like I could've been there - loved the characters - especially the realness of them all - Great story, laugh out loud funny parts and scenes that made your heart ache for the characters. I definitely recommend this book.

    20. Really good story. The characters are so real-I just want to reach through the pages & give them hugs! I don't know if there are plans to do more with these guys or Camp Eden Lake, but I'd love to share another journey or two with them!

    21. I liked this and it tied into a recent read (Meg Wolitzer's The Interestings) is some cool ways. I really liked all the characters here, and they felt really believable to me. A good read.

    22. I met this author at a reading at the library. I really liked this novel and look forward to her memoir which will be out next year.

    23. It took me a little while to get into the story. But overall I liked the book. There are some great characters and I like the ending. Some aspects of the book didn't seem realistic to me though.

    24. Enjoyed reading Eden Lake by Jane Roper! For my complete review visit my book blog: marianslibrary.wordpressBest,Kathleen

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