So Happy!

So Happy There once wasa boy a rabbit a magic seed and a book The boy who was bored went looking for something to do The rabbit who was curious explored until he was lost The seed was thirsty but soon it gre

  • Title: So Happy!
  • Author: Kevin Henkes Anita Lobel
  • ISBN: 9780060564834
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There once wasa boy,a rabbit,a magic seed,and a book.The boy, who was bored,went looking for something to do.The rabbit, who was curious,explored until he was lost.The seed was thirsty,but soon it grew and grew and grew.And the book You are holding it in your hands.Turn the pages It will make youso happy.

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    1. Henkes and Lobel are quite the talented duo, I was practically giddy when I came across this book at the library. And I was not disappointed.The structure of the book is unique as it actually tells three stories. The story of a magic seed that originally fails to grow. The story of a rabbit who gets lost but eventually finds his way home. And the story of a boy who learns a valuable lesson. Lobel's illustrations boldly and softly add depth to Henkes' almost poetic text. I especially enjoyed the [...]

    2. Children and whimsy are natural partners. Here are three very short subjects that come together in a very nice way thanks to the rain that came. Anita Lobel's artwork is lush and reminiscent of Mexican or Native American textures with a semi-arid landscape. It has three things that seem to intrigue any small child: growing things from seeds, small fuzzy animals, and rain (what kid doesn't like playing in the rain?). Getting all three into one short book is quite a feat, but it all works out in t [...]

    3. I think there was a point to this story, but I didn't get it. The idea was an interesting premise, but I didn't see how everything connected and was a little annoyed with how the story progressed. The pictures were okay, but not anything that I would want to look at for hours on end. I was not impressed with this book and would not recommend.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2009

    4. If you are a fan of Vincent Van Gogh and the deserts of North America captivate your heart buy this book. You will want to frame the frontispiece to hang on your wall. That was my reaction, anyway. Anita Lobel is successfully channeling Van Gogh. Wow. The story is simple and sweet. Beautiful book. My 2.5 year old enjoyed it, too. (-;

    5. The story has a parallel of characters: the seed, rabbit, and a boy. Each go through a type of turmoil then comes out of it. For a plant: it is planted but no water so it doesnt grow (can teach students about the cycle of plant growth and what is needed), it rain and the seed grew,snd grew and grew, until it became a flower and the boy gave it to his mom.The rabbit was exploring until it got lost. When it rain the rabbit was trapped with no way to get home. he freaked how because he missed his f [...]

    6. The story is about a seed, a boy, and a rabbit. The seed was planted but cannot grow. The rabbit strays from his family and crossed a dried creek and became lost. Then the boy who was at home bored and had nothing to do. One day the rain came and the river became full; however this became an issue for the rabbit because it could not cross back over to go home. The boy became excited and was playing in the rain. He gathered sticks and created a bridge over the creek. The rabbit was then able to c [...]

    7. This is a somewhat strange tale about how rain changes the landscape and how it affects the world around us. The narrative folllows a rabbit, a boy and a magic seed throughout and cuts to each in turn. The three stories are connected, but only loosely and the ending is happy, yet almost philosophical. The watercolor and white gouache illustrations are lovely and have an almost Van Gogh "Starry Night" feel to them. The short, simple narrative and colorful illustrations make this an appropriate bo [...]

    8. PB 44: I thought this book was satisfactory because it had some positive aspects, such as the captivating images that allowed me to immerse myself in the culture and welcoming mood of the story. I liked that the story integrated three separate tales to show how things in the world all relate to and affect each other. However, I thought the story did not have much of a plot, and it was very short. Also, the title “So happy!” was interjected at the end of the story, but it did not fit well wit [...]

    9. everyday life, multicultural, impressionist4-8This was kind of a dud, which was surprising given its contributors. A boy is bored, a bunny lost, and a seed in need of water. Their conflicts are resolved after some rain, and their plots somewhat interwoven. But there is nothing interesting about any of the "characters," and only the barest hint of narrative drive. There's really no point at all, and the language itself isn't engaging or poetic. The illustrations are nice enough, with a Van Gogh e [...]

    10. Someone plants a seed. A bunny gets lost. And a boy is bored. All of these stories weave together and are connected. The seed cannot grow because there's no rain and the bunny crosses the small river. Then the rain comes and the creek gets bigger, causing the seed to grow, etc. I love how three different stories intertwine, and how the boy gives the flower to his mom in the end. But even I had a hard time following along with this story. It was a little messy, and I probably wouldn't suggest it [...]

    11. This is a cause and effect book. There is a seed and a boy and a rabbit. They all are affected by the rain, and their individual stories interwine into this interesting tale. The illustrations are not done by Kevin Kenkes this time, but are beautiful, and seem to depict an American Indina family or a Mexican American family. This could be multicultural,but it is universal. The think I liked the most was that the boy was "bored" and he found something to do outside that was useful and interesting [...]

    12. CIP: Brief text and illustrations tell the story of a boy, a rabbit, and a seed.Review: The wonderful art (Southwestern meets Van Gogh) telegraphs the moods in this simply and sparely told story of a bored boy, a lost rabbit, and a flower bulb, all waiting for the right conditions to come together. The art alone sold me on this book. School Library Journal: "A satisfying look at the interplay of nature, time, and love."Booklist: Starred review.

    13. I would probably give one and a half stars to this book, but would consider awarding the full two. The books of Kevin Henkes do tend to make me So Happy, and this book does a good job living up to the billing. It's a nice story about a boy, a rabbit, and a seed, and the ways in which their improbable destinies interact in one seemingly insignificant moment. I like the way that Kevin Henkes's mind works.

    14. This made me think of Henkes' later A Good Day with the parallel stories and the uplift of emotion at the end. I like the dusty colors. I like that the three full page spreads accent the main beats of the story: the rain (change agent), the rainbow (as climax), and the boy and his mother (resolution). Not so great for storytime, but a marvelous 1-on-1 book, rich with possibilities for open-ended questions and predicting, and lots of detailed illustrations to describe.

    15. This simple story is about a magic seed that was planted and a rabbit that got stuck. A young, bored boy built a bridge that allowed the rabbit to become free, and the little boy was able to bring flowers to his mother. This story has different stories within that somehow connect. I would, therefore, use this book to teach about another way to write. It can show students that the author can have multiple stories or parts that can connect in some way- another form of writing.

    16. I'm a big fan of both Kevin Henkes and Anita Lobel, but for a 20-month old toddler, this book didn't cut it. There seemed to be three simultaneous story lines, though simple, it still being a picture book after all. There wasn't much text on each page but it didn't engage her attention. Maybe when she's older.

    17. This book was a great storyline, but the pictures were beautiful. This story has great pictures that could leave you loving the book even more. Not only in my classroom do I want good books to read, I want great illustrations in those books for my students to use to be creative and make their own art like Kevin Henkes!

    18. I enjoyed most of the art. Lots of beautiful colors and shading.But the whole thing with the bunny. It didn't I know it sounds picky but it didn't quite gel for me. And after all that work (slight spoiler ahead) at is what happens to the seed? All that build up?Though I guess that is a purpose to be served as well. :/

    19. The illustrations are beautiful but the story was so disconnected that I just didn't get it. A boy, a bunny, and a seed are the main players in the story. This story, contrary to its promises, did not make me happy. Booklist gave it a starred review so maybe I'm just wrong.

    20. I didn't like this book so much, but it had some repetition in it. I think it had a sentence in it that wasn't grammatically correct, and I don't feel like it flowed. It's a good book to show diversity in the classroom, but not a good book for a mini-lesson or anything like that.

    21. I thought this book was pretty good. I liked the illustrations but what I liked most was the fact that the three stories came together at the end to have a happy ending. This book would be a little confusing for a beginning reader.

    22. I'm not sure impressionism comes across in story form here. The illustrations are lovely. The three story lines can be confusing if you don't know immediately that you're dealing with a particular literary form here.

    23. Beautiful illustrations. There are three storylines in this book, so although there is minimal text, it might be hard for younger readers to follow. May or may not be good for Storytime.

    24. I felt that this book was a little plain. The story wasn't very progressive and didn't leave room for much thought.

    25. Another WTH did I just read book. Totally nonsensical. The illustrations were pretty neat, but really because of the storyline they were following were just as nonsensical.

    26. I had to stretch a bit for the point of this story, but the illustrations are lovely, and they kick it up to 3 stars.

    27. I didn't like this book at all. The story didn't seem to connect at all from one page to the next. I had a hard time following along, and I think children would as well.

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