Because You're Mine

Because You re Mine A classic historical romance novel from New York Times bestseller Lisa Kleypas One of today s leading lights in romantic fiction Seattle Times Because You re Mine is a breathtaking tale of romantic

  • Title: Because You're Mine
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • ISBN: 9780061738807
  • Page: 123
  • Format: ebook
  • A classic historical romance novel from New York Times bestseller Lisa Kleypas One of today s leading lights in romantic fiction Seattle Times , Because You re Mine is a breathtaking tale of romantic intrigues and uncontained passions that showcases this acclaimed author at her very best Returning to Regency Era London, Kleypas weaves a sensuous tale of a lovely intriA classic historical romance novel from New York Times bestseller Lisa Kleypas One of today s leading lights in romantic fiction Seattle Times , Because You re Mine is a breathtaking tale of romantic intrigues and uncontained passions that showcases this acclaimed author at her very best Returning to Regency Era London, Kleypas weaves a sensuous tale of a lovely intriguer s attempts to seduce a notorious seducer in order to save herself from an unwanted prearranged marriage only to have true love complicate the affair This is emotional, sensual, absolutely superb storytelling from a multiple RITA Award winning historical romance superstar that any serious fan of top quality love stories must not miss.

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    1. OMG! Why didn´t anybody told me this book was this good? Seriously, all of you out there, LK fans, what's wrong with you? Knowing I'm such a freak when it comes to LK. I had postponed this series because it was supposed to be not as good as the rest but IMHO it was one of the bests and I definitely expect more books in it in the future. I really enjoyed the first installment in the series, the introduction to this world which goes around the theater life was exquisite and most interesting. It w [...]

    2. Uh TORTURED hero anyone?!! I'm saying that with a WHOLE LOT of sarcasim if it's not coming across in print! Okay, I know I gave this book 3 stars, but that's only because LK kept "playing" with MY emotions by adeptly keeping my hopes up: About 20 times she had me wanting to throw something at the er *cough* (so-called) "hero," for pity's sake if not Madeline's only to turn around immediately (of course in the nick of time??!) and make me feel all sorry for him LIKE HE WAS DOING TO MADELINE! [...]

    3. Forced into an unwanted engagement Lady Madeline Matthews comes up with a plan, become ruined to break the upcoming marriage, and she sets her sights on the well known actor, owner of Capital Theater and womanizer Logan Scott, only the plan didn’t include for her to fall in love. I was very surprise to see this book sitting on my TBR shelf and it being a Lisa Kleypas book to boot! The horror! But it was worth the wait as like all of Lisa Kleypas works, I was quickly drawn into the story.Second [...]

    4. How terrible of me. Giving two stars to Lisa Kleypas. I'm awful. ***Might be some general SPOILERS bellow.***I wasn't disappointed in this story at all. It was entertaining and engaging. But the characters! They brought me no end of grief. I just couldn't empathize with either of them! I kept judging them over and over. Here's all the terrible things I thought of Madeline:Naive IndecisiveStupidPushoverSelf sacrificingYou might not think that the last one is an insult but in this case it is. Her [...]

    5. I couldn't put it down which is pretty shocking because it was a historical regency/victorian time period- not always my favorite. This book was recommended to me through an Discussion as an All Time Favorite and I have always found Lisa Kleypas's books enjoyable it didn't disappoint. The story wasn't anything earth shattering or overly deep, but the characters were likable and well defined, the story entertaining (quick and easy to read), and the love story beautiful. The heroine, Maddy, was y [...]

    6. This was such an incredible read!Why the hell didn't I read this book /series before now?(But, isn't it wonderful to find a series you've had on your TBR list for a long time, and then just start reading the first book only to discover that you've had a gem in your possession all along?)Wonderfully written.Amazing storyline.Beautifully developed and engaging characters.I loved how edgy and sinister Logan Scott could be in order to protect his heart, and Maddy was just a brilliant character to wa [...]

    7. Dopo il parere positivo sul primo libro della serie, devo dire che ho gradito anche questo.La prima parte è molto bella, con questa ragazza che si ribella a un matrimonio combinato e fugge nella Londra della perdizione per farsi rovinare la vita e conquistare la libertà. Ok, detto così il piano sembra piuttosto ingenuo, e in effetti naufraga miseramente. Però Madeline si organizza comunque per ritagliarsi un posto a teatro.La sua preda è Logan Scott, che in realtà è abituato a fare il lup [...]

    8. The first half of this book was pretty good. A little far fetched with Maddy's scheming but still had a sense of fun & sexiness.The second half is a whole different story. The "hero" Logan became such an ass that I could barely finish this book. I know I'm alone on this according to the ratings but I do not enjoy forcing sex on someone in the name of romance no matter what his true feelings are and even if her body betrays her and she enjoys it in the end. I found the whole thing to be un-s [...]

    9. Not great. Ultimately, I didn't believe any of the characters or their motivations, and the hero wasn't redeemed enough after being a complete asshole. I love a good jerk hero, but he has to BEG afterward. He just kept treating the heroine like crap and it was supposed to be a point in her favor that she always accepted it. He went "omigoodness she loves me even when I'm the worst person alive, she's great!" and that's why he fell in love with her. That is NOT what I want to read.

    10. La jovencísima Madeline Matthews decide urdir un plan para eludir su futuro matrimonio y quién mejor para ello que el oscuro y seductor actor de teatro Logan Scott, con el que arruinar su reputación.Esta segunda novela de la serie ha devuelto mis esperanzas y ha sido todo un placer leerla. Me ha fascinado Logan Scott, ese hombre en apariencia frío y distante que solo expresa sus emociones en el escenario. Un hombre que se ha hecho a sí mismo, con éxito y con un aura que atrae a todos hacia [...]

    11. Lady Madeline Matthew, seumur hidup terkurung oleh segala peraturan ke 2 orang tuanya bahkan disaat teman2 sebayanya menikmati pesta season mereka di london, madeline harus tinggal di sekolah selama 2 tahun lagi.ternyata 2 tahun dia disekolah adl permintaan lord clifton, orang yg jauh lebih tua dibandingkan ayahnya, jg orang yg telah ditunangkan dengan madeline oleh ke 2 orang tuanya.Madeline menolak mentah2 pertunangan itu tp dia tidak bisa menentang secara terbuka keputusan ke 2 orang tuanya k [...]

    12. 4 solid stars!I loved this book so much! It was full of angst and love! Logan was such a tortured soul in need of love but just couldn't allow himself to love or be loved in return. Once he met Maddy, he was a goner but he fought against it. Poor guy, he was in desperate need of love and ughh! Yes, he was cruel to Maddy but she did break his trust and he had his own reasons for being the way he was.Maddy, Maddy, Maddy. I got so much second hand embarrassment from this one She was such a naive gi [...]

    13. Love,love,LOVED!I have to take a breath before i rew!Ohad this book!Skip the first if you likebut read this one!Do it NOW!

    14. Because You're Mine by Lisa KleypasSecond in the Capital Theatre series4 starsLady Madeline Matthews doesn’t want to marry Lord Clifton. He’s older than her own father and they have nothing in common. She would do anything to avoid marrying him. Maddy devices a plan to seduce the famous actor and owner of the Capital Theatre, Logan Scott. Logan Scott isn’t like any man she’s eve met and from the start it’s obvious that her scheme of seduction won’t be as easy as she hoped it would be [...]

    15. Because You're Mineturned out to be a good surprise - I really enjoyed it! It's not a terribly original plot - young girl arranged to marry older man, runs away from home to escape said marriage, sets out to get super handsome guy - but it had all the ingredients to a great romance. Madeline is a young (18), beautiful, willful woman, who will do anything to get out of marrying an older man she despises. Her friends show her a picture of a famous actor, Logan Scott, who owns and acts out of his t [...]

    16. 2.8This is one of LK's older works and I think it shows, the writing is stiffer and the execution is not as smooth. Many of the circumstances seemed to happen too easily and unrealistically - one instance, namely, being Madeline's plot to run away from school and go to London. I felt that she found Logan too easily and accomplished everything too readily which is shocking considering she should, technically, be quite naive and innocent given her sheltered upbringing. I can't really fathom she'd [...]

    17. Lady Madeline is an 18 year old who has been kept in school and never had a come out ball because her parents had promised her to Lord Clifton, a lecherous old man. She runs away from school to London, to attempt to seduce Logan, whose picture she has seen in a playbill. Logan grew up being abused and left his family to become an actor and eventually own his own theater. He had been burned in love and keeps himself apart from relationships that could emotionally impact him. Madeline keeps the se [...]

    18. No thank you. Did not really enjoy. Here's why.Maddy was:- too trusting- self sacrificing (to her own detriment) - too forgiving - pushover Logan was:- asshole - verbally abusive (literally threatens her physically and sexually) - mean Basically, Maddy does Logan The Big Hurt and he "can't get over it" even though the hurt honestly wasn't as terrible as he made it out to be. Then he exacts revenge by treating her like shit, saying terribly hurtful things to her, all the while fucking her and tre [...]

    19. I probably say this after every book I finish by Lisa Kleypas but I really think this one is my favorite *winces as she thinks of Suddenly You, Dreaming of You, Somewhere I'll Find You, Again the Magic, Prince of Dreams, Secrets of a Summer Night, Worth Any Price, Devil in Winter, Smooth Talking Stranger, Lady Sophia's Lover, Mine Till Midnight* Kleypas has written maybe 40 booksI've read at least 25 of them, and I've yet to find two that are alike. No wonder the We Love Lisa Kleypas group has b [...]

    20. I would have adored this completely if the first half of the book was shorter and the part after they married was longer. I love it when the hero feels betrayed, yet is still in love with the heroine and acts like an *#@ because of it. That part really needed to be expanded on and the first part of the book where she chased him around could have been shortened. In fact I would have loved to have seen her actually leave him and him have to win her back. The resolution was just too abbreviated for [...]

    21. Started this one but put it down pretty quickly - the 18-year old heroine was not believable and the 30-year old hero was way too old and too experienced for her. Also, I just could not believe that the hero would be "one of the richest men in England" as a theatre owner who started with literally nothing and spends all of his time either managing his theatre, rehearsing plays (he's the main actor and director at the theatre), or writing new plays, no matter how successful he is at what he actua [...]

    22. Aku menunda2 baca buku keren ini lama sekali, antara menyesal sama tidak sih, memang di butuhkan saat liat buku lain gak selera, cure nya memang LK, yg selalu bisa mencuri hatikuRT ONE Logan Scott, aktor,pemilik The Capital Thetre,keren, di inginkan semua perempuan, tapi dingin, menjaga jarak dan memiliki masa lalu misterius. Hanya bisa bersahabat dengan Duchess of Leds,Julia (book 1), dia menjalankan teater nya dengan sukses.Sampai satu saat, Madeline Matthews, gadis 18 tahun yg kabur dari seko [...]

    23. La primera parte de la novela está bien, los personajes tienen mucha química.Es hasta que se casan cuando todo cambia y se vuelve aburrido y ya no tiene mucho enganche. Me gustó más la primera vez que lo leí hace varios años.

    24. Hooray for the Happy Ending!One thing you can guarantee and rest assured in when reading in the Romance Fiction genre is that you're going to get a happy ending. Just like watching a movie with a superstar cast, you know the headlining actors, whatever the story's direction, won't be eliminated before the end. So is a similar knowledge for the Romance novel. There will be love, passion and a happy ending. Thankfully, as I've seen so far, Lisa Kleypas novels have a bonus, a good story. I've been [...]

    25. First things first: wow, this was rapey. I know, product of its era, this came out 16 years ago. However, there's at least one scene where the heroine Madeline says no and MEANS no and yet the hero Logan forces himself on her. In the old, dated romance tradition, she likes it in the end, but that particular scene threw me so far out of the novel that I was no longer able to be sympathetic to Logan.It's a shame, because in many ways this is a pretty solid Kleypas novel. I had a hard time believin [...]

    26. I like Lisa Kleypas’ formula for historcals. Her tortured flawed Hs fight a losing battle with the sweet virginal h before being brought to their knees in the final round, post a mu or two. Although it can be argued that that is the usual fare for most historicals/romances but LK does it better as her Hs are not real jerks deep inside and the hs are really loving and lovable, so their love and hea is always so believable.This one is no different. The H being an actor and the background of thea [...]

    27. The second read. I enjoyed these two tremendously. Although this time I found their attraction too good to be true, I still adored them together and enjoyed reading about how Logan had fallen head over heel.4.5 Stars First Read: 13 March 2016I loved Logan. I ADORED Logan and Maddy together. They made a heavenly romantic couple. From the first book I knew Logan had to have his happiness. He needed love then and he needed love now. Maddy was a perfect cure for his aversion of love. Maddy was reall [...]

    28. #BookLove2017: Logan ScottNunca he visto un personaje tan reacio a amar, como este. Después de haberle propuesto un matrimonio por conveniencia a Julia en el libro anterior, nada me sorprende de Logan para evitar los sentimientos. Claro, no me esperaba ese pasado en él, tampoco me esperaba su relación con el conde. Y ahí es donde entra ella y su plan de arruinarse a sí misma. Me da risa porque pese a todo, ella no es más que una niña en comparación a él. Su primer y último amor ha sido [...]

    29. Kleypas is one of my favorite authors, and this book ranks right at the top of my list. I think my favorite thing about this novel is how early on the couple commits to one another. I love Logan. Love him. There's something very compelling about his strength. Especially once he falls in love with Maddy. All that protective masculinity focused in one placehot.Maddy was somewhat misguided in the beginning, but she was the perfect match for Logan. I loved how she made herself vulnerable to Logan. I [...]

    30. Logan Scott was excellent but I did not feel his pain the way I did with Christopher Phelan or Nick Gentry. And he was a bit drawn back compared to Sebastian St Vincent or Derek Craven.Perhaps I've read almost all books from Lisa Kleypas and this book in comparison is not her best. But the fact that some scenes really made me touched was undeniable. I liked the times when she had to choose between her direction and Logan's life. I loved the character of Mrs Florence but I have issues on Andrew's [...]

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