One thought on “Wolf Notes”

  1. I liked these poems for the most part. The language seems quite sophisticated and rich. And there's and undercurrent of the universal / spiritual in them.

  2. The 'Between the Palace and the Bodhi Tree' sequence is simply stunning. It imaginatively depicts Siddhartha Gotama's wanderings and reflections before he attained enlightenment.

  3. Continuing my year of trying to read as few straight white men as possible, I picked up this book by Judith Beveridge.I had the immense pleasure of being in a class taught by Judy at about this time last year. I'd taken poetry as part of my Masters, just because I could, and because the way to improve your writing is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, which poetry definitely was. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better teacher than Judy. While poetry isn't the main thing that I w [...]

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