Cape May Court House: A Death in the Night

Cape May Court House A Death in the Night In the small town of Cape May Court House was shocked by the death of Tracy Thomas It seemed unimaginable that after a low speed auto collision with a utility pole on a snowy night the lovely a

  • Title: Cape May Court House: A Death in the Night
  • Author: Lawrence Schiller
  • ISBN: 9780060006655
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1997, the small town of Cape May Court House was shocked by the death of Tracy Thomas It seemed unimaginable that after a low speed auto collision with a utility pole on a snowy night, the lovely and pregnant wife of the town s new dentist Dr Eric Thomas, was dead No one was surprised, several months later, to learn that Dr Thomas was suing the giant Ford corpoIn 1997, the small town of Cape May Court House was shocked by the death of Tracy Thomas It seemed unimaginable that after a low speed auto collision with a utility pole on a snowy night, the lovely and pregnant wife of the town s new dentist Dr Eric Thomas, was dead No one was surprised, several months later, to learn that Dr Thomas was suing the giant Ford corporation for wrongful death, when coroner Elliot Gross stated Tracy than likely died from the impact of the driver side airbag But during the course of Ford s investigation, the motor company s lawyers made a startling discovery It seemed likely she was strangled by none other than Dr Thomas The focus of the case turns as Ford moves from defendant to defacto prosecutor, even hiring a criminal attorney to present its case to the court Investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author Lawrence Schiller, takes the reader deep inside the twists and turns of one of the most surprising civil cases in history and delivers a fast paced, riveting page turner.

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    1. I enjoyed this book when it first came out in 2002, and when I came across it again recently, I couldn't remember the outcome so I decided to read it again. It was good but not as good as I'd remembered it. The bulk of the book concerns the suit against Ford by the murder suspect, and the narrative gets bogged down (in my opinion) with innumerable lawyers and their innumerable maneuvers.

    2. A good read made even better by a legal education. In a nutshell, Schiller builds no character development, develops no real history and recites only the facts. A true story, Cape May Courthouse recounts the story of a local dentist who sues Ford Motor Company for what he alleges is the airbag deployment related death of his wife. Ford, however, bolstered by the opinions of their forensic medical experts, posits the shocking and aggressive defense of homicide -- that the good doctor wasn't such [...]

    3. Standard true crime, with the variation of the families being upper middle class African-Americans. Totally a one-night-stand read, and need to go back and see what happened to these people after I hate it when there's a character named Stephanie who's a bitch.

    4. I listened to the audio-book version of the book on a recent trip and quite enjoyed it." Death in the Night- the CapeMay Courthouse Murder" by Lawrence Schiller it a true crime story which covers the event that began one winter night when a Ford Expedition driven by Tracy Thomas ctprashed into a pole, killing her and her unborn baby and injuring her husband, Eric, who was riding in the car along with their toddler child Alex. First off, there is some question, not resolved in the lengthy court p [...]

    5. I did not expect to enjoy the book as it is very dry, but I kept at it until the end. Interesting process but did not really reveal anything. Could have just read the verdict and left it at that.

    6. Originally I bought this book for the sole reason that I was born in Cape May Court House, which isn't a courthouse at all but rather a small town in southern New Jersey. When I got the book, I was surprised to find it was a true crime story about a doctor whose pregnant wife was killed in a car accident. He blamed seat belts and the car manufacturer and tried to sue, but in the course of an investigation, authorities became suspicious about the cause of death and ended up trying him for murder. [...]

    7. This is a work of non-fiction and is the true story of a dentist in southern New Jersey that was in an automobile accident with his family in which his wife was killed. This dentist ultimately sued Ford Motor Company for product liability claiming that Ford's safety restraints were faulty and responsible for his wife's death. Ford during it's due diligence finally began to suspect that his wife had been strangled or otherwise killed and at this point the story becomes interesting. The book is on [...]

    8. This book is written like a law student's summary of a case occasionally mixed with some pointless scene-setting detail (who cares what interstate an attorney was on when he had an idea?) It's also a squandered opportunity to critique the cost and delays of our legal system. Despite these defects it's almost impossible to put down, due to the intrigue of the underlying story. A Google follow-up made it all the creepier - the alleged murderer is available to provide your dental care under the nam [...]

    9. Can't put it down! I wrote this as I read, but have to admit that I enjoy watching Nancy Grace and this was my first true crime novels. I was motivated to keep reading because I wanted to see justice at the end. I was frustrated at the end of the book, but true justice is just that. It is not a movie where everything is tied up in a nice, neat bow. I enjoyed the journey through the trial. My prayers go out to the Roses and the hell they have to deal with, I'm sure to this day.

    10. I remember reading about this in the papers. I guess you could say I am a little disappointed that they were unable to solve the case. Maybe someday they will find if it was her husband who killed her. I also know the area having gone to Cape May on my summers when I lived in New York. It is well written and I liked it very much.

    11. I read this book because I used to live in this township. The premise of the story is good--did Dr. Thomas murder his wife, or did the car's airbag kill her in the car accident? However, the long, drawn-out games played by the lawyers involved in the lawsuit is extremely aggravating. And the reader never does learn how Tracy Thomas really died!

    12. I thought that this book was a crime fiction when I picked it up and I was excited to read it because it takes place near Wildwood, NJ. I was unable to finish reading it, I ended up skipping to the end to find out what happened and I was disappointed. The story did not hold my attention. It was like the facts section of a legal memorandum was being stretched out into a full length story.

    13. I gave up on this book after about 50 pages. Lots of highly detailed info about cars, airbags and the conditions for their deployment, but little on the actual people involved. Probably a very good book, just not for me.

    14. A book with no ending. Interesting to see how lawyers work with and against each other in cases like this. Disturbing to realize this man is in dental practice after reading this book. I can't believe he seems to have gotten away with murder.

    15. I really liked most of it - it helps that I'm an attorney so the courtroom wrangles were interesting - but there was too much of it towards the end. And still no answer to the big question of whether she was murdered or died in an accident, dang it!

    16. Interesting true crime story. I've read other books by Schiller and he does a good job of writing. Book does get bogged down a bit in the middle and lots of things are unsettled at the end, but I enjoyed reading it.

    17. I enjoyed the book very much. Didn't take me too long to finish it once I started because I found it well written and quite gripping. I have been reading true crime for many years, and this one seemed a cut above the norm.

    18. Investigative journalism-not as enjoyable as a novel It got rather tedious with the details of the pre-trial processes-but that is the essence of the book.

    19. Not what I expected, however, once I adjusted to journalistic style I appreciated the concise yet thorough manner in which Schiller recounted the facts.

    20. Very interesting case. I could not put the book down. True story so I went on Google to get more info but unfortunately nothing more was listed.

    21. My first true crime. Too dry. I don't think I like the genre, I prefer fiction to the real garbage that we are bombarded with every day.

    22. I really liked this book and went back and forth the whole timehe is guilty, he is not!!. Very well told and documented.

    23. Black dentist is found in his Ford Aerostar on the side of the road with his dead pregnant wife at the wheel. He sues Ford for her death by faulty air bags. So begins a famous case in the law books.

    24. The technical and legal parts about airbags was interesting to me because of what I used to do, but the ending is very unsatisfying.

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