Hiccup: The Viking Who Was Seasick

Hiccup The Viking Who Was Seasick Poor little Hiccup is spooked by the sea and he s to make his first voyage soon next Tuesday His dad Stoick the Vast says there s no such thing as a frightened Viking But Hiccup s about to find out

  • Title: Hiccup: The Viking Who Was Seasick
  • Author: Cressida Cowell
  • ISBN: 9780340757222
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poor little Hiccup is spooked by the sea, and he s to make his first voyage soon next Tuesday His dad, Stoick the Vast, says there s no such thing as a frightened Viking But Hiccup s about to find out otherwise Hiccup s hilarious tale shows the true meaning of bravery, and the delights that await when one faces one s fear.

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    1. Cute little short story about Hickkup's first time he went to sea.I think it's an excellent way to get kids to read this series. It's just intriguing and short enough to awake the imagination and left you wanting to know more!

    2. It was ok.I liked the message. Kids do see adults as wise people who are scared of nothing, and it's good for kids to look up to their parents, but it's also good to show them our weakness sometimes. They realize they don't have to be perfect and its ok. That could make them stronger, like Hiccup. They can learn that way.And sometimes kids CAN teach adults a thing or two, or remind us of something we've forgotten. We as adults should be more open. I mean, it was Hiccup who brought them hime. Kid [...]

    3. Little viking is scared to go off to sea. His father says no vikings ever get scared. They go off to sea and a really bad storm makes him sea sick. Then everyone gets seasick. The little viking figures out if he is in charge and steers the boat, he is not so scared. He gets them all home quickly. He figures out sometimes vikings get scared.

    4. Very sweet little book about a kid who is worried he won't be a very good Viking, he is due to go to sea for the first time and he is terrified.This is where how to train you dragon all started, there is a lovely introduction explaining how the idea all came about.Nice illustrations and a quick read. Also plenty of opportunity to do some silly Viking voices.

    5. Ran across this at the library the other day and HAD to grab it. I'd looked for this in the past, so the library must have gotten in over the last year or something. I was so excited. This is a book that my husband actually sat in on to listen as well. I liked the introduction by Cowell, about how this is what started her crazy journey with the How to Train Your Dragon serieswhen she was very young. The story was actually good too. It shows kids that parents can be wrong and things aren't always [...]

    6. This is where the How to Train Your Dragon universe all began. It was cute and clever, a good start. I'm glad it inspired something more from Ms. Cowell. Because it got better from here.

    7. How To Be A Viking was originally published as Hiccup: The Viking Who Was Seasick and is the first tale in the How To Train Your Dragon series. With the second film coming out this year, and the tenth anniversary of How To Train Your Dragon last year, the picture book has been reissued with a new title matching the other How To Train Your Dragon titles and a new forward from Cressida Cowell.I have to admit we’ve not read any of the How To Train Your Dragon books other than this picture book. M [...]

    8. Never read the How to Train Your Dragon series, but when I saw this one in the library I just knew I had to read it. And luckily you also don't need any knowledge of the series to read this one.This one is about an adorable little Viking named Hiccup (I just love that name! Though I do wonder how his parents got to call him like that.), unlike all the other Vikings he is pretty much afraid of everything and prefers to do calm and polite things (yes, totally not what the Vikings are about in this [...]

    9. Unlike, it seems, the other reviewers, I purchased this book because it had *Hiccup* in it; as a HTTYD movie watcher, I eventually made it back to the origin and read all the books - including this one.And I must say - fantastic.For a children's book, it really hints at deeper characteristics that a four-year-old Hiccup doesn't have yet - bravery and perseverance, although that may be reclassified as "bull-headed Viking stubbornness."The plot is very simple, short, and overdone. Was it expected? [...]

    10. From the author of "How to Train Your Dragon" and starring Hiccup as a young Viking, this is a great life lesson on how to find out who you are and maybe through that, your family will realize they had some mixed up ideas too! Hiccup is challenged to learn to be a viking even though he is scared of spiders and loud noises. As soon as he sets sail for the first time, he is seasick and is told by his Dad that Vikings don't get seasick. Soon a storm blows up and everyone else on the boat discover t [...]

    11. I have read several of the How to Train a Dragon books so when my cousin sent this book for the girls, I was excited to read it. It is a prequel to the chapter books with familiar characters like Hiccup and Stoick the Vast.Hiccup is a polite Viking who is afraid to go to sea. On the advice of his grandfather, he goes to sea despite his fear to see if Vikings really aren't afraid of everything.Stoick's song is great. I wish it had musical notes so I could sing it.

    12. Cute, short tale about Hiccup's first sea voyage and his first lesson about the fallibility of adults. The story is entertaining and humorous and I enjoyed listening to Cressida Cowell narrate the audiobook aloud. I especially liked how she explained the beginnings of and inspiration for her popular series.

    13. I really wanted to like this book, but I didn't. I think it went on for too long, with no real payoff. It also kind of seemed to lose its thread a little bit. It starts off talking about Vikings being brave, with the main character worrying because he doesn't feel brave, but then suddenly it's "Vikings don't get seasick" and everyone is throwing upd then finally it's back to "I guess Vikings can get scared sometimes." It was weird and didn't flow very well. Kind of a bummer.

    14. The story of Hiccup, a Viking child who is a bit of a scaredy cat. When he joins his father at sea on a Viking ship he doesn't feel so well. A sudden storm kicks up and Hiccup's father gets sick as well, despite that he swears Vikings don't get seasick. Hiccup suddenly feels better and is able to steer the ship to safety.

    15. This one is cute. I wish there were dragons in it - I got it because it's the pre-schooler book introduction to the 'How to Train Your Dragon' series, which I will start reading to my daughter soon, probably once we've exhausted the Magic Tree House books sometime next year. Both the kids liked it enough and it has a nice message.

    16. I just had to see how this series started. Granted it's a little on the easy reading side, but it's a very cute, cleaver story. I'm glad that the author expanded her series and I'm looking forward to reading more about Hiccup.

    17. Erin and I read this together - she read one page/I read one page. It was a sweet story. The vocabulary was quite difficult for a picture book, and would have to be read to most children below the age of 6 years old. The star rating is hers.

    18. A really sweet story about a shy Viking boy that learns to overcome his fears when needed. This children's story was the inspiration, I believe, for the "How To Train Your Dragon" series by Cowell. Great read for 6-9 year olds.

    19. Hiccup is a Viking, but a very peculiar one. He is little, and polite, and thoughtful and scared of the sea! A sweet and very funny tale about accepting difference and overcoming fears. Success guaranteed with young pirates!

    20. Aimed at a far younger readership than its popular descendants, Hiccup: the Viking Who Was Seasick is nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable book, filled with Cowell's engaging illustrations (in COLOUR!) and brilliant Viking humour! Well worth the five minutes it'll take you to read it!

    21. My daughter and I listened to the audio cd that came with this book, animatedly narrated by Cressida Cowell herself. It was a fun book to hear and see and I'm sure young readers will love it. Vikings are nearly as cool as dragons.

    22. A story about a little Viking that is going on his first voyage and how he is scared of doing so. The illustrations are amazing and overall the story was good. My daughter seemed to enjoy it as well. Would recommend.

    23. My children adored this story! We borrowed it from the library with the audio on CD and they listened to it three times before we had to put it away, but have been asking to listen again. Delightful little story.

    24. Hiccup is a Viking but he is scared of many things and when he has to go on a Viking ship he is seasick everywhere despite his dad telling him Viking's never get seasick. But then a storm catches them and all the other Vikings get seasick too and it is down to Hiccup to steer them towards home.

    25. Vey cute book that the smallest of my 3 was happy to discover was about the same Hiccup, featuring in the HTTYD series that his biggest brother adores!

    26. 3.75 starsI listen to this in audio book form having the author read it ! It was fun to hear her talk about it! Cute Story! Cute Pictures! Fun to listen to the author!!

    27. Eh, the story was okay (think - Rudolph the Reindeer for theme) but I was impressed by the story or the illustrations.

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