Shadows From the Past

Shadows From the Past It is the price you pay for choosing to be a cop Your brother s life Those words haunt her dreams and her waking moments LAPD officer Aurora Kavvan cannot rest until she finds her brothers killer Di

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  • Title: Shadows From the Past
  • Author: Ashley Dawn
  • ISBN: 2940012221865
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Nook
  • It is the price you pay for choosing to be a cop Your brother s life Those words haunt her dreams, and her waking moments LAPD officer, Aurora Kavvan cannot rest until she finds her brothers killer Digging into the past always brings back unpleasant things memories, guilt the hit man Now she is in a race against time to find the murderer before he finds her Kill h It is the price you pay for choosing to be a cop Your brother s life Those words haunt her dreams, and her waking moments LAPD officer, Aurora Kavvan cannot rest until she finds her brothers killer Digging into the past always brings back unpleasant things memories, guilt the hit man Now she is in a race against time to find the murderer before he finds her Kill her I don t care how, and I don t care where, but I want her dead now Someone was trying to kill his dead partner s sister FBI agent, Jordan Reiley will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves Even if it means going against her wishes putting himself between her and the man who murdered her brother Will God keep them alive long enough for them to find the truth

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    1. originally appeared on:Bookshelf ConfessionsJoe had looked him in the eye and asked a simple question that had cleared everything up for him. It was actually a very simple question. He’d asked, “Do you believe that God is sovereign and knows what is best for His children?” Jordan had been quick to answer yes and Joe had in his quiet way asked, “Then why do you wonder if you could have changed what was already God’s will? If God hadn’t wanted Lance to come home, to be with Him, then L [...]

    2. Is it possible to change God's will?Aurora watches in disbelief as a lone gunman fires at her beloved brother. Unable to help him, she sinks into a pit of despair and loneliness, turning her back on everyone that cares for her. Including God.Faced with some tough questions, like is it okay to keep living, is she betraying the dead if she doesn't find his killer, and is it okay to love again when she feels so very unlovable, follow along as she manages to remember that God is the One Who is truly [...]

    3. I almost feel bad giving this book two stars. The book started out well; the mystery surrounding the death of the main character's brother was intriguing and held my attention. There was also a wonderful and inspirational message woven throughout. You know, the kind that gives you those warm little fuzzies and a sense of contentment. In addition, the two main characters and their romantic development (although a little fast) was extremely cute. The dialogue was fun and playful, as were a handful [...]

    4. Book Description:"It is the price you pay for choosing to be a cop. Your brother's life."Those words haunt her dreams, and her waking moments. LAPD officer, Aurora Kavvan cannot rest until she finds her brother's killer. Digging into the past always brings back unpleasant things: memories, guilt.a hit man. Now she is in a race against time to find the murderer before he finds her."Kill her. I don't care how, and I don't care where, but I want her dead now!"Someone was trying to kill his dead par [...]

    5. Aurora Kavvan, an LAPD officer, shuts herself off from everyone that loves and cares about her. She blames herself for her brothers death. She has even stopped praying and talking to God. How could God let this happen to her brother? It is like she has no right for happiness or forgiveness. Everyone must blame her. That is what she is thinking and instead of facing them with her feelings and opening her heart to God she puts up a wall. It is harder to forgive oneself than it is to forgive others [...]

    6. Ashley Dawn’s Christian suspense novel, Shadows from the Past, tells the present predicament of a young LAPD officer investigating a drug lord while absorbed in the lonely search for her brother’s killer. Aurora lost her faith and hope the day she lost her brother, and neither her partner’s prayers nor former-fiancé’s promises can bring her home. The fiancé works for the FBI and his brother’s in the CIA. They’ll all work and pray together with various partners and friends before th [...]

    7. LAPD officer, Aurora Kavvan, is tormented in her dreams by the killer’s voice yet cannot rest until she finds her brother, Lance’s, killer. She follows every lead no matter how small. Since the killer is now after her, the ante is upped.FBI agent, Jordan Reiley, was Lance’s partner. At the time of the murder, Jordan and Aurora were engaged. With Aurora being the next target, he will stop at nothing to protect her.What follows is a vicious and deadly cat-and-mouse chase to find Jordan and A [...]

    8. Will "Shadows From the Past" keep Aurora Kavvan from having the love of God and a special man in her life? Aurora, a LAPD officer, has witnessed the murder of her only brother, Lance. Being shot with her weapon, she blames herself totally for his death and convinces herself that she is unworthy of her fiance, Jordan, in the process. 5 years later, her brother's case still unsolved, her partner, Joe, gets fired upon as he is protecting her at a stakeout. She was the target! As her partner recover [...]

    9. Aurora Kavvan is a police woman who can hold her own. But when her brother is brutally wounded right before her very eyes, even she can’t quell the dreams that come back to haunt her. Her feelings of guilt coupled with a need for revenge drive her to alienate those she loves the most, including her fiancé Jordan Reiley. Jordan hasn’t given up on Aurora, though. When her brother’s killer begins threatening Aurora, Jordan is there to protect her. Not only is their love rekindled, but Aurora [...]

    10. I loved the banter between Aurora and Jordan, they were so adorable together, but I think that their romance rekindled very quickly - almost too quickly. However, I thought that Joe, Alex, Kami, & Cassie were wonderful characters - they helped to make the story enjoyable.The way that the traitor was kept a secret until the last possible moment seemed a bit much to me. It really didn't matter who the traitor was, because this person wasn't mentioned all that much and so I didn't care who it w [...]

    11. This was an interesting story that got bogged down by pacing, side stories and side characters. The mystery of the drug-dealer and of Lance's murder were captivating, but that story kinda got lost in the middle two thirds of the book. There was a lot of emphasis on Aurora's relationship with God and her quick re-courtship with Jordan that didn't keep the plot moving at all. When there was action, it was well written and exciting - it just didn't seem to have a good enough pace to keep going. The [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book very much! It was really well written good suspense made you keep moving forward because you needed to know the explanation! It also had a very positive message woven throughout! It was nice that it had some romance & chemistry but done very cleanly & respectfully! But there was no denying the connection which was great!! I look forward to finishing the second book to learn even more about this amazing family! Thanks!

    13. A very enjoyable book with a great love story and a great tale of returning to God as well as a great action/ crime story was just amazing! a little disapointed the next one isn't about the same main charecters as i have got to know these main charecter and would have loved to know more of their story but over all a great book for 13+.

    14. this book is awesome I loved it from the start I was looking around and found it can't wait to find out about the next one really hope it is out

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