La Esperança, Volume 07

La Esperan a Volume Thanks to Verda who showed up with Alan George is overcome with grief at the thought that he is nothing than a replacement for Grace Will Robert be able to convince George that their relationship ha

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  • Title: La Esperança, Volume 07
  • Author: Chigusa Kawai
  • ISBN: 9781569708309
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thanks to Verda, who showed up with Alan, George is overcome with grief at the thought that he is nothing than a replacement for Grace Will Robert be able to convince George that their relationship has meaning

    One thought on “La Esperança, Volume 07”

    1. Ever since the first volume this series has held me in angsty suspense; the story itself is beautifully written and you feel for every single one of the characters, for all of them have depth and harbor insecurities and it's wonderful to see them work through it as the series progresses. As for this volume it surpassed my expectations and has become my favorite of all of the volumes since everything finally reaches its climactic end with everyone having given closure to past hurts and growing fr [...]

    2. While I felt that Georges' family history was somewhat over the top in its tragedy on top of tragedy, and that everything was wrapped up a bit too neatly, I have to say that overall I’m happy and that I’m glad I stayed to the end despite my occasional doubts. I've had some worries throughout the series about how this self-described "yaoi" manga (see the covers) had the small, blond and gentle Georges so blatantly destined to be with the dark-haired, older, violent and selfish Robert, an obvi [...]

    3. This 7th book ends the series of La Esperanca. I would recommend fans to buy and read the last two books together to avoid cliffhangers. This volume is full of angst and pain and borderline suicidal thoughts but in the end, everything is explained to the reader's satisfaction. I like how Georges changed during the series from a timid do-gooder to a strong young man who knows what he wants. I also love Robert's family - they are a bunch of weirdos but they obviously love each other very much. Thi [...]

    4. The series ends on a disapointing note. While it a very up and down emotional ride for the reader, there is really no payout besides some chaste kisses. With no sexual content and no serious exploration of being gay and religious, this series fails to answer any of the tough questions it initially answered. The mystery of Georges birth is interesting, but overall I felt like there wasn't enough of a payout.

    5. Re-read. That's it! What a wonderful ending to a wonderful series Especially that last page! I remember distinctly when I first read it and saw how the author ended it. I might have died a little inside from happiness.

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