First Time Dead 2

First Time Dead The legions of the undead continue to grow First Time Dead proudly presents a host of brand new names to the genre pantheon Each writer contained herein might be the next it writer on the rise the one

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  • Title: First Time Dead 2
  • Author: T.W. Brown D.A. Chaney Gregory A. Carter Matthew R. Davis
  • ISBN: 9780984537280
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • The legions of the undead continue to grow.First Time Dead proudly presents a host of brand new names to the genre pantheon Each writer contained herein might be the next it writer on the rise the one to watch for You never know where the next Romero, Kirkman, Brooks, Keene, or Wellington may emerge to scare and entertain the masses.

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    1. Have you ever found an author that you like? Somebody who has been publishing for awhile, somebody who has a back list but who is entirely new to you? You absolutely love this author and wish you had discovered them earlier because now you have so much to catch up on. Wouldn't it have been great if you had been able to get in on the ground floor, so to speak. Well, here's your chance. First Time Dead is a two volume zombie anthology published by May December Publications and edited by TW Brown. [...]

    2. The problem with reviewing an anthology is that if it is well-assembled with a broad selection of styles and a variety of approaches, some of the stories will really grab you while some will only mildly entertain you. I gave the anthology a five star rating because from my perspective, all of the stories were well written and the full spectrum of the zombie horror sub-genre was addressed, but some of the stories did appeal to me more than others. I have no preference between the dumb shamblers a [...]

    3. Don't sell this anthology of zomie stories short based on its premise. FIRST TIME DEAD 2 features zombie stories by first time writers (at least within the scope of zombie horror). The result is anything but amateur. Instead you get some very fresh takes on a genre that is quickly becoming over saturated.The fresh perspectives are imperative. Too much zombie fiction is just the same story reworded over and over again. READ: World War Z wannabees. This is a collection of young blood dying to shar [...]

    4. The two volume set of FIRST TIME DEAD pumps new life into a genre that can be a bit tight when you are first trying to get your name out there. The stories are well done and there are some names that will become familiar over the next several months.

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