Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley Anne Shirley is grown up has married her beloved Gilbert and is now the mother of six mischievous children These boys and girls discover a special place all their own but they never dream of what w

  • Title: Rainbow Valley
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery Pam Ward
  • ISBN: 9781452650937
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Anne Shirley is grown up, has married her beloved Gilbert, and is now the mother of six mischievous children These boys and girls discover a special place all their own, but they never dream of what will happen when the strangest family moves into an old nearby mansion The Meredith clan is two boys and two girls, with a minister father but no mother and a runaway girl nAnne Shirley is grown up, has married her beloved Gilbert, and is now the mother of six mischievous children These boys and girls discover a special place all their own, but they never dream of what will happen when the strangest family moves into an old nearby mansion The Meredith clan is two boys and two girls, with a minister father but no mother and a runaway girl named Mary Vance Soon the Meredith kids join Anne s children in their private hideout to carry out their plans to save Mary from the orphanage, to help the lonely minister find happiness, and to keep a pet rooster from the soup pot There s always an adventure brewing in the sun dappled world of Rainbow Valley.

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    1. Over ten Mary-Sues in one book? Got to be a record. I thought Book 6 was rock bottom - turns out I was wrong. To catch you up - book 6 of ANNE of Green Gablesdemoted Anne to a secondary character and her six precocious (obnoxious) children shared the spotlight. Gag.Well, if that wasn't bad enough, book 7 has Anne as a tertiary character. L. M. Montgomery doubled the amount of precocious children and shoves Anne's kids off to the side. Are. You. Kidding. Me. Anne's kids are secondary to the "Mary [...]

    2. Rainbow Valley (Anne of Green Gables #7), L.M. MontgomeryRainbow Valley (1919) is the seventh book in the chronology of the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery, although it was the fifth book published. In this book Anne Shirley is married with six children, but the book focuses more on her new neighbor, the new Presbyterian minister John Meredith, as well as the interactions between Anne's and John Meredith's children.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و پنجم ما [...]

    3. The front cover is simply maddening! There are four girls, and Anne only has three, so one must be a Meredith. So which one??The boy in the water is, I'm thinking, Shirley, and the tall one is Walter. The girl sitting is Diana.If the girl in the blue dress holding the flowers is Rilla and the one holding the basket is Nan, or vice versa, then who is the second redhead? Rilla's hair is a softer red, and neither of the Meredith sisters has red hair.Till my dying day I will be puzzling over thisI l [...]

    4. The Blythes are living in Four Winds and life is going great. They've befriended the local pastor and his family-- The Merediths. The Meredith family is very endearing. They have lost their mother and their father always seems so distracted (which really got on my nerves). They do the best they can with a useless Aunt Martha who makes disgusting food the children call ditto and many hijinks ensue. These poor little kids just warmed my heart right up with their preconcievened notions and how badl [...]

    5. I'm so happy I finally read Rainbow Valley! I read the previous books in the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES series by L.M. Montgomery a few years ago now but just never got around to book seven. Now I have! *grins* And it was fun! I'm so excited to get my hands on a copy of Rilla of Ingleside!It was wonderful to be back in this classic world, filled with wonderful characters. The bits we saw of Anne, I, of course, loved! I had missed her! She is as passionate, whimsical, sweet, and delightful as ever. An [...]

    6. ~4.5 stars~Ok I'm going to be honest, this wasn't my favorite Anne of Green Gables book was cute with all of the kids and it was interesting to learn more about the Blythe children, but the majority of the time this was about their neighbors, the Merediths. I'm not saying it was terrible, because it wasn't just wasn't as good as some of the others in my opinionease don't get mad at me for those who LOVED this one hehe xD

    7. Like I always say, children are the best form of birth control. Even imaginative, sweet-natured children. Oh, lisping Rilla, being chased into the mud by a codfish-wielding Mary Vance how I laughed uproariously over your plight, though I gathered from the soulful prose that I was meant to feel sorry for you.Seven books in, and I can't stop wondering what Anne was like in bed. When one of her litter of six was born, L. M. Montgomery wrote of a stork depositing a bundle of baby at the Blythe resid [...]

    8. Well that was stinking adorable. I loved it. What I like: 1. All the Blythe children, but especiallyWALTER. I just love Walter to bunches and bits. I love when he fights despite not wanting to. And how he always dreams and thinks up whimsical things. He makes whimsies manly, Walter does.He's so sweet and I love him. 2.UnaE'S SO SWEET. The end.3. Jem. Jem is a teenager now and he's so handsome and tall. Gah, these children.4. I loved the beginning of this book, and just GAH. It's Montgomery. All [...]

    9. I remember reading Rainbow Valley when I was a kid and enjoying it, but not loving it. I still have that same issue today. This is technically the 7th book in the Anne of Green Gables series. However, it was the fifth book published. L.M. Montgomery went back later and wrote Anne of Windy Poplars and Anne of Ingleside. I think that is why I often felt as if Anne of Ingleside was more dark than the earlier books in the series.This novel though it proclaims it is an Anne of Green Gable book really [...]

    10. 4 stars.Rainbow Valley was a sweet little installment in the Anne series that was mainly focuses on the kids. It honestly felt like a bit of a spin off because of how much it focused on the Meridith kids, while Anne and family were practictally side characters. Still, I did enjoy it very much even if the shadow of the impending Great War did creep in here and there and make me sad. (Darn that Pied Piper metaphor that kept making me want to cry.)This story was so character driven I think the best [...]

    11. The stories of Anne of Green Gables manage to cast such a cheerful, lighthearted glow on the world. At first glance it almost seems too much, as if the characters are unbelievable because the world isn't so bright and good all the time. But L.M. Montgomery doesn't avoid writing about characters that suffer, she just refuses to dwell on the misery in life. Even characters such as Mary Vance, or Lida Marsh have a hopeful feel to them. It makes me feel like some of our authors today try too hard, s [...]

    12. LMM's stories are the absolute loveliest. I just adore her characters! This book is cute and funny and mostly light-hearted, which is exactly what I needed.

    13. I didn't expect to love the Meredith children (and unforgettable Mary Vance) so much, but I found them charming. This whole book was really delightful--filled with so much childhood innocence and gentle humor. This book had a central plot and was better constructed than the previous volume in the series. I think that's why I enjoyed it more. There is some serious foreshadowing in this. Montgomery was definitely preparing her readers for the looming cloud of war that shakes the world in the next [...]

    14. This has always been one of my least-favorites of the series, but I reread all the Anne books this past week and couldn't leave this out.I might be a completionist, but still: a reread in the order I just read maybe isn't the most coherent? I started with Windy Poplars (the most underrated Anne, I think; I love it) and then read Anne of the Island (favorite!), Anne's House of Dreams, and Anne of Green Gables; I skimmed Avonlea (my second least-favorite), read Ingleside, then Rilla (so, so good), [...]

    15. I actually ended up really really loving this installment. I think partly I love it because the children are the focus now--none of the indecision of the previous book, although there are of course digressions that focus a bit on Anne, and a few that focus on Mr. Meredith and the West sisters and a few other choice adults. I just LOVE the addition of the Meredith family to the Ingleside cast, and even though we really don't get to see their visits, it makes me deeply happy to know that the Blyth [...]

    16. Anne’s kids find new playmates. Overall, a bit better than Anne of Ingleside — the Blythe kids are more interesting in this book, and the Meredith children are a lot of fun. My one major gripe is Rev. John Meredith, the severely absent-minded minister father who supposedly loves his kids but who doesn’t notice their poor food and household conditions, and on the rare occasions where he wakes up enough to notice, he doesn’t do anything about it, until he finally gets married to a woman wh [...]

    17. I thoroughly loved this! It was funny and the characters were charming, particularly Norman and Ellen. I just LOVED their romance. I was horrified by the maltreatment of Mr Meredith's children, though. What started out funny quickly became full-blown neglect, and no one did a damn thing about it. Still, she's back on the side of poking fun at religion. Yay!"Mr Wiley used to mention hell when he was alive. He was always telling folks to go there. I thought it was some place over in New Brunswick [...]

    18. I sometimes think you have to be in a certain mood to enjoy the Anne books. It took me almost half the book to warm up to these characters. But by then I'd come to love the pastor's children with all of their quirks and troubles. Even sardonic, sensible Susan (with her annoying habit of addressing Anne as "Mrs. Dr. dear") found a place in my heart as she knit a pair of stockings for Faith because "Susan never worried over poor humanity. She did what she could for its betterment and serenely left [...]

    19. 2.5 stars. This book follows the adventures of Anne and Gilbert Blythe's 6 children as they grow older and meet the mischievous Meredith clan. It generally focuses on the adventures of the children, with Anne appearing only in passing. The children's adventures are amusing, but the core of the book for me was really the would-be romance between Mr. Meredith and Rosemary West. If not for that, the book would have lacked a strong emotional foundation. Many of the Meredith children's woes and misad [...]

    20. Sono quattro stelle piuttosto scarse, in realtà.Stavolta ho avvertito qualche scricchiolio perché non sono riuscita ad entrare in sintonia sin da subito con i nuovi personaggi, i Meredith, le cui vicende monopolizzano la narrazione a tal punto da apparire come gli assoluti protagonisti di questo settimo romanzo.A parte questo piccolo intoppo iniziale, Rainbow Valley si è rivelato in fin dei conti così gradevole che riesco persino a passar sopra il fatto che l'azione di Anna e Gilbert all'int [...]

    21. This is actually more of the story of a widowed pastor's children and a runaway, but Anne's children also play a part in it. More beautiful writing with characters to fall in love with and a setting which you wish you could jump into! There is an undercurrent of change running through the book. Even though it was finished shortly after World War I, it takes place before the war, but more than once a hint of what's to come is given which makes it all the more poignant. With only one more book lef [...]

    22. خب اين كتاب نه تنها آنه حضورش كم بود بلكه بچه هاى آنه هم نقش زيادى نداشتند. بيشتر از هر چيز ماجراى كشيش جديد و فرزندانش بود.درست است كه اين كتاب هفتم، شباهت خيلى كمترى به كتاب هاى قبلى مجموعه ى آنه شرلى داشت، اما از اين ماجراهاى كوچك و بانمكش لذت بردم و خيلى زود كتاب را تمام كردم. [...]

    23. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I love all the children (except Mary Vance) and how brave my darling Walter is and John and Rosemary's romance (it's my favorite 'side' romance in the whole series, I think). Almost everything about this book is sweetness and adorableness. <333333

    24. Oh, THAT's who the Meredith children are! They are quite adorable. I love their little conduct club. John Meredith is also adorable. The story really picks up in the final third. <3

    25. To say that I was disappointed with Anne of Ingleside - the sixth book in the Anne Shirley series, by L. M. Montgomery - would be an understatement. My review of that book details why it is my least favorite book in the series that I've read to date. It was with this in mind that I read the seventh book, Rainbow Valley, with some apprehension. I was willing to give it a try, because I was told by some friends how it was MUCH better than the abysmal (to my view) Anne of Ingleside. I can honestly [...]

    26. I feel like I would've liked this one better if it hadn't been labeled as an Anne book. I mean going into it I didn't expect it to really focus on Anne much, but almost none of her or her children played any part of the story whatsoever. The Blythes had cameos, but nothing more. Instead we mainly follow the Meredith children, and while they were adorable and sweet, I had no connection with them, and when I was expecting an Anne book, it was very disappointing. There were a lot of great moments i [...]

    27. تقریبا دیگه میشه گفت دنیای جادویی آنه تموم شد. چون این کتاب اصلا به آنه و حتی بچه‌های آنه هم ربط نداشت. ماجرای کشیش تازه‌ و بچه‌هاش بود که به اینگل ساید اومده بودند. بچه‌های کشیش با بچه‌های آنه دوست شدند و اتفاقات کودکانه‌شون داستان اصلی این کتاب بود. شیرین بود ولی واقعا من د [...]

    28. People complain that this book doesn't have enough about Anne or her family in it, but I've always kind of liked it anyway (maybe because I'm a fan of L.M. Montgomery's other books too, and not just the Anne series). Mostly, the book is about the Merediths, the children of an absent-minded widower minister. The Merediths are far more exciting characters than Anne's children (at least in this book - Rilla of Ingleside is my favorite and focuses more on Anne's brood) and I love the side story of R [...]

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