Zio Vanja

Zio Vanja Il personaggio principale di Zio Vanja non Zio Vanja ma il Professore La fittizia rispettabilit la goffaggine l abito e il cerimoniale a sprosito d nno a Serebrjak v un carattere di sussiegos

  • Title: Zio Vanja
  • Author: Anton Chekhov Angelo Maria Ripellino
  • ISBN: 9788806306762
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Il personaggio principale di Zio Vanja 1896 non Zio Vanja, ma il Professore La fittizia rispettabilit , la goffaggine, l abito e il cerimoniale a sprosito d nno a Serebrjak v un carattere di sussiegoso pagliaccio Il suo primo ingresso si pu considerare un autentica entr e clownesca Ai nostri occhi egli appare contiguo talvolta ad uno dei Fratellini, talvolta ai Il personaggio principale di Zio Vanja 1896 non Zio Vanja, ma il Professore La fittizia rispettabilit , la goffaggine, l abito e il cerimoniale a sprosito d nno a Serebrjak v un carattere di sussiegoso pagliaccio Il suo primo ingresso si pu considerare un autentica entr e clownesca Ai nostri occhi egli appare contiguo talvolta ad uno dei Fratellini, talvolta ai grassoni maligni delle comiche chapliniane Il giuoco col plaid, l attrezzer a di medicali boccette, i pomposi sermoni, il si faccia fare una nuova fotografia , con cui Maria Vas lievna prende da lui congedo molti elementi concorrono a porre in risalto la ridicolezza da circo di questa tinca sapiente , di questo trombone, che immagino enorme testa asinina, adornata dal fiotto di una cappelliera rigogliosa e rossiccia Dall Introduzione di Angelo Maria Ripellino

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    1. الخال فانيا الذي اضاع حياته هباء، يتنازل عن حصته في الإقطاعية لأخته ويعمل من اجل اخته وزوجها البروفيسور الاستاذ الكبير ليقوم بالانفاق على أبحاثه.تموت اخته ويتزوج البروفيسور الذي اصبح عجوزا امرأة شابة يقع الجميع في غرامها ومنهم الخال فانيا.الحياة في الإقطاعية مملة جدا وآلة [...]

    2. هو الحليم اذا غضب هو البعير اذا هلكالعم فانيا سيجعلك تتساءل :هل للطحالب جذور؟هل هناك ما يحول *السلبيين* لقوى محركة؟مع تشيكوف لن تجد ندابون و لا أبطاللا اصباغ و لا مكياج . .فقط مجموعة من المبهمين ممن سيجبرك تشيكوف على التعاطف معهم في مسرحية عرضت في اخر ايام القرن 19بروفيسور متقا [...]

    3. عن الشقيانيين و كل عزاءهم أنهم سيرتاحون فى الجنة و لا أمل لهم مطلقا فى الراحة تحت هذه الشمس و فوق هذه الأرض

    4. Another great Anton Chekhov play. I’m not really sure what it is I love about Chekhov, though if I had to narrow it down I might attribute that love to some of his more pitiable characters—think Lubov Andreyevna, for example, or Treplev from The Seagull. Or I might say that there’s a kind of understatedness to his plots that bring his plays to life in a way that is often unmatched. There are recurring themes, also, that unify his four major works. The characters in Uncle Vanya discuss at l [...]

    5. My favourite play. I discovered it thanks to one of my favourite movies, Vanya on 42nd Street Such a satisfying work of art about frustration

    6. Similar themes as in Three Sisters, but I liked Three Sisters better than Uncle Vanya, even though I really enjoyed this play also. We have three male characters in existential, middle-life crisis and two females unsatisfied with their lives, but seeking consolation in love, faith in God and ideals. The melancholic and nostalgic atmosphere is present throughout the whole play as well as the sense of tiredness of lifeTROFF. And then, existence is tedious, anyway; it is a senseless, dirty business [...]

    7. Just this."We must live our lives. Yes, we shall live, Uncle Vanya. We shall live through the long procession of days before us, and through the long evenings; we shall patiently bear the trials that fate imposes on us; we shall work for others without rest, both now and when we are old; and when our last hour comes we shall meet it humbly, and there, beyond the grave, we shall say that we have suffered and wept, that our life was bitter, and God will have pity on us. Ah, then dear, dear Uncle, [...]

    8. Uncle Vanya was completed by Russian playwright, author and doctor Anton Chekhov in 1897 and first produced in Moscow in 1899. This fairly complicated interaction between a group of people, secluded in a country estate is filled with dramatic irony and with overwhelming themes of introspection, ennui and dashed hopes. To say it is bleak would be like saying Conan O’Brien can be a snarky smart ass.But this is Russian drama, so some darkness can be expected, even anticipated. I wonder if long, c [...]

    9. "Astrov [shouts angrily]: Stop it! [Softening tone] Those who will come after us, in two or three hundred years, and who will despise us for having lived our lives so stupidly and insipidly--perhaps they will find a means of happinessIn the whole district there were only two decent, cultured men: you and I. But after ten years of this contemptible, barbarian existence we have been encompassed by it--it has poisoned our blood with its putrid fumes and we have become just such vulgarians as all th [...]

    10. یکی از ویژگی های بارز نمایشنامه این است که تقریبا تمام شخصیت های آن از زندگی های خود راضی نیستند و احساس رخوت، تاسف و خستگی می کنند. آن ها از افزایش سن خود گلایه می کنند، حسرت سال هایی را می خورند که با کارهای طاقت فرسا هدر داده اند،غم عشق های برباد رفته را می خورند و در این مساله [...]

    11. I enjoy Chekhov's short stories immensely, I think many of them would make very good plays. But he also wrote good plays, and Uncle Vanya was one of the best. It's about one Russian family and their interfamily relationships, featuring jealousy, secret amorous longings, and common bickering, that occur over a span of a few days. I know it's meant to be a serious play, and it is, but I couldn't help but be amused by some of their actions and conversations. I would love to see this one on stage.

    12. Perturbare assopiti acquerelliI quattro atti di Djadja Vanja sono definiti Scene di vita di campagna (e rielaborano qualcosa che Čechov aveva scritto quando non aveva ancora trent'anni, nel 1889).L'ambientazione è una proprietà di campagna russa (la villa di Serebrjakòv), dove la normalità della «noiosa, stupida, sudicia» vita di provincia (così la definisce uno dei personaggi) è stata sovvertita da qualche tempo dalla presenza del professore di arte in pensione, Aleksàndr Serebrjakòv [...]

    13. Ennui.From serf to aristocrat, the incessant race to outrun boredom, insignificance, futility.Insert- histrionics, war, accusation, blame, infatuation, certification, profession, materialism, religion, faith, posterity, captiousness, dependence.Life. The fabricated rationalizations that constantly strive to alchemize vacuity to consequence.Human hubris.Folly.

    14. معدل القراءة قل في وقت غلط تمامًا مش واثق من تقييمي للمسرحية الحقيقة بس ده تقييمي ليها لما قفلتهاالمسرحية دراميه تعرض حياة الخال فانيا الذي ضيع حياته في ادارة ضيعة اخته المتوفية و ارسال النقود لزوجها السابق و بذلك لم يعش حياته ابدًا لم يتزوج و تصدمه الحقيقة فجأة بأنه ضيع حيا [...]

    15. I came upon this play at just the right moment, when I could see it in isolation and yet reflecting the connections between it and all the other great plays about family interaction, unrequited love, and human despair. It reminded me strongly of Eugene O'Neill or Arthur Miller, filled with a kind of crazy inability to act, to move, to change.I had no idea previously that Chekov was writing directly to all of us, the people "one hundred or two hundred years from now" who would be facing an enviro [...]

    16. Anton Chekov. Gerçekçi oyunculuğun Bernard Shaw'la birlikte mucidi.Vanya Dayı ise onun en bilindik oyunlarından biri.Br çiftlikte geçiyor oyun. Vanya, Sonya'nın dayısı. Sonya'nın annesi ölmüş. Yaşlı babası, güzeller güzeli üvey annesi, dayısı ve dadası ile beraber yaşıyorlar çiftlikte. Bu arada Vanya dayı, üvey anneye fena halde aşık. Birde doctor var. Yaşlı babanın romatizma ağrıları nedeniyle o da çiftlikte. Üvey anneyi görür görmez o da vuruluyor kadı [...]

    17. "Vanya Dayı: Çocuğum, bilsen nasıl da güç geliyor bana! Ah bilsen nasıl güç geliyor!Sonya: Ne yapabiliriz? Yaşamak gerek! Hayatında mutluluğu tadamadın, ama bekle Vanya Dayı bekleDinleneceğiz"Vanya Dayı’nın geçen yıllar karşısında elinden kaçırdıklarına ve bunlara karşı olan isyanına ,insanın da isyan edesi geliyor bağıra bağıra!

    18. ||-"لم يعد بمقدوري أن أتعلق بإنسان، أنا لا أحب أحداً ولن أحب. أما الشي الذي لا يزال يشدني فهو الجمال لا أستطيع أن أكون لا مبالياً تجاهه !"خالنا فانيا، شخص عاش حياته من أجل شخص آخر، مرة من أجل أمه وأخرى لأخته وزوجها وأحياناً لابنة أخته إلى أن وصل لعمر استوعب فيه أنّه لم يعش حياته ل [...]

    19. Çok sevdiğim oyunlardan biri Vanya Dayı. İsyan etmek ile etmemek arasında sıkışıp kalan hayatlar ve Çehov'un saf pürüzsüz kelimeleri. Behramoğlu çevirisi güzel, İŞ Kültür basımı imla/basım vs hataları yok. Soluklanmadan 1 saatte yeniden çok severek okudum

    20. رغم عدم ولعي بالمسرحيات الا ان كلا من تشيخوف وشكسبير استثناء من القاعدة في الخال فانيا يصور تشيخوف حياة الشقاء التي يعانيها كل من سونيا وخالها فانيا الى جانب بعض الحوارات الاخرى سنسنمع ترانيم الملائكة، و سنرى السماء مرصعة بالماس، سنرى كيف تغرق كل شرور الدنيا، كل آلامنا فى ب [...]

    21. Uncle Vanya , Anton Chekhov عنوان: دايى وانيا - نمایشنامه در چهار پرده؛ آنتون چخوف؛ مترجم: هوشنگ پیرنظر؛ تهران، نیل، 1347؛ در 127 ص؛ چاپ دیگر: تهران، نشر قطره، 1383، شابک: 9643412709، در 110 ص، چاپ سوم 1386: شابک: 9789643412708؛ چاپ چهارم 1388؛ چاپ هشتم 1392؛ چاپ نهم 1393؛ موضوع: نمایشنامه های نویسندگان روسی قرن 19 معنو [...]

    22. Seen the Louis Malle movie a bunch of times, saw it performed as a kind of farcical romp once, read the actual play several times over.It's my favorite among the Chekhov plays I've read. Stunning, relate-able, so agonizingly true to life (the love triangles, dorky-but-sweet professor type doesn't notice the simple heart who loves him, wretched old man whose longing for the beautiful lady is simultaneously his idea of redemption and self-pity, on and on.) and with an ending that gently places you [...]

    23. لما برجع أقرا حاجة لتشيكوف بفتكر كلام باتريك سوزكيند عن موزارت في مسرحية مونودراما عبقرية ليه اسمها الكونتراباص وكان بيقول على لسان عازف الكونتراباص : إن موزارت حقيقة ليس أسطورة في الموسيقى ليس استثنائي في مؤلفاته أهميته ليست فنية بقدر ما هي تاريخية أهميته في أنه أول من أف [...]

    24. O tamanho deste livro não é reflexo da densidade do seu conteúdo. Por ser uma peça, acabamos por ter um papel mais activo, acrescentando as nossas percepções em relação ao que não foi escrito. Cada vez mais os livros se enchem de grafismo, parágrafos e parágrafos de descrição para montar cenários, linhas e mais linhas para dissecar sentimentos e aqui está, da forma mais simples possível, mas com igual ou superior competência, «O Tio Vânia». A melancolia que encontrei antes no [...]

    25. Une succulente pièce de théâtre, admirable même Chekhov a su comment inclure le thème des interactions familiales, l'amour, le désespoir, la vieillesse, tout dans cent pages.L'oncle Vania n'est rien qu'une figurine pour plusieurs gens, pour les humains, dans son désespoir, dans son regret pour le temps qu'il a perdu de sa vie, quelques uns savent cacher l'oncle Vania qu'ils ont au dedans d'eux, d'autres n'essaient pas de le faire.Cette pièce théâtrale inspire beaucoup.

    26. تئاترش را چند سال پیش با کارگردانی و بازی اکبر زنجانپور در نقش دایی وانیا در تالار اصلی تئاتر شهر دیدم.مصطفی مردانی و خانمش را دعوت کرده بودم. تولد موسیو بود.تئاتر به شدت تلخ و گزنده بود. مخصوصا پایانش. خوب شد تنها نبودم وگرنه زیر آوار اندوه اون همه فاصله آدم ها با هم و با آرزوها [...]

    27. The nobility in a time of transition11 October 2013 This is the last of the four Chekov plays that was in the book that I picked up in a second hand bookshop in Adelaide. The main reason that I grabbed the book was because I had never read anything by Chekov before, and also it was one of those nice hardcover editions (though I suspect that it is actually a part of a much larger collection of world literature, like the ones that are advertised in television in one of those ridiculously long info [...]

    28. ربما تبدو المسرحية في مظهرها الخارجي عادية ، ربما بعد الانتهاء من القراءة تشعر بأنك لم تحصل على شيء جديد أو تستفيد شيئاً من قراءتها ، ربما تشعر بخواء ولكن كل هذا لا ينكر أن بساطة أسلوب تشيخوف في تلك المسرحية اخفى وراءه قيمة هامة للعمل المسرحي هذا .الخال فانيا ، الكثيرون منا بد [...]

    29. لحد الان لم أقرأ قصةاو مسرحيه مبهرة لانطون تشيخوف هذه المسرحيه تافهه للغايه هل تكلم تشيخوف عن مشاكل فى مجتمعه؟لا لم يفعل فقط نجد مسرحيه بدون هدف تحكى عن عائله ريفيه حياتها ممله ورتيبه يتبدل حالهابمجرد وصول احد افراد الاسره هو وزوجته يقع كل افراد الاسرة الذكور والعجائز فى غر [...]

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