Qala Jangi / قلعہ جنگی

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Battle of Qala i Jangi The Battle of Qala i Jangi also incorrectly referred to as the Battle of Mazar i Sharif was a prisoner of war camp uprising that took place between November and December , , in northern Afghanistan, following the armed intervention by United States led coalition forces to overthrow the Taliban s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which had been harboring al Qaeda operatives. Battle of Musa Qala The Battle of Musa Qala also Qaleh or Qal eh was a British led military action in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan, launched by the Afghan National Army and the International Security Assistance Force ISAF against the Taliban on December After three days of intense fighting, the Taliban retreated into the mountains on December Musa Qala was officially reported captured on The Death Convoy Of Afghanistan newsweek Trudging over the moonscape of Dasht e Leili, a desolate expanse of low rolling hills in northern Afghanistan, Bill Haglund spotted clues half buried in the gray beige sand. Welcome to the Sheikh Abd al Qadir Jilani Home Page Welcome to the home site of our Master, the Sultan of the Awliya of Allah, al Ghawth al A zam Shaikh Muhyi din Abd al Qadir al Jilani, al Hasani, al Husaini, may Allah perfume his resting place. Bloody Heroes Damien Lewis Books Bloody Heroes, a hard to put down account of a British SBS Special Boat Service as opposed to the better known Special Air Service unit s deployments after the attack to foil planned attacks against the UK and then to join American forces in Afghanistan. Forts Fortifications Green Dragon Society Infamous Pirates This is the first Roman military camp discovered in Italy, and the newly discovered fortifications were probably created during Roman wars against people known as the Histri, who controlled the nearby Istrian Peninsula. Krigen i Afghanistan nutid , den frie Sproget i denne artikel er af lav kvalitet p grund af stavefejl, grammatikfejl, uklare formuleringer eller sin uencyklopdiske stil Du kan hjlpe ved at

  • Title: Qala Jangi / قلعہ جنگی
  • Author: Mustansar Hussain Tarar
  • ISBN: 9693513339
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Qala Jangi / قلعہ جنگی”

    1. I absolutely love this book. The story of friends who participated in war and all the horrors they face, its terrifying yet you can not put the book down until you know it all. Mr. Tarar has written the book beautifully. You get a very vivid picture of what is happening at any moment in the book and how the main characters are feelings. I loved the book, I can not say more than this. =]

    2. feelings of the wounded of war, hiding a cave liked store far from population, eating the meat of horse for continuing their breathes. The novel is about the War in Afghanistan

    3. اپنی طرز کا لاجواب ناول ہے۔ جنگوں سے دنیا کو کیا ملتا ہے اُس کی ایک جھلک اس ناول میں ملتی ہے۔

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