Cat Breaking Free: A Joe Grey Mystery

Cat Breaking Free A Joe Grey Mystery The fur starts flying when a gang from L A comes up to tranquil Molena Point California and begins breaking into the village s quaint shops The fur of Joe Grey Feline P I that is After all Molena

  • Title: Cat Breaking Free: A Joe Grey Mystery
  • Author: Shirley Rousseau Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780061740114
  • Page: 190
  • Format: ebook
  • The fur starts flying when a gang from L.A comes up to tranquil Molena Point, California, and begins breaking into the village s quaint shops The fur of Joe Grey, Feline P.I that is After all, Molena Point has been his home since he was a kitten eating scraps from the garbage behind the local delicatessen, and he doesn t take well to marauding strangers Joe even wondThe fur starts flying when a gang from L.A comes up to tranquil Molena Point, California, and begins breaking into the village s quaint shops The fur of Joe Grey, Feline P.I that is After all, Molena Point has been his home since he was a kitten eating scraps from the garbage behind the local delicatessen, and he doesn t take well to marauding strangers Joe even wonders whether the blonde who s moved into next to his human companion Clyde could be a part of the gang she s been acting pretty suspicious lately But when the strangers start trapping and caging feral cats speaking cats like Joe and his girlfriend Dulcie it proves too much for the intrepid four footed detective And when one of the gang is murdered, and a second mysterious death comes to light, he has no choice but to try to stop the crimes Joe, Dulcie, and their tattercoat friend Kit, who used to be a stray herself, are deep into the investigation when they are able to release the three trapped cats But as Kit leads them away to freedom, will she herself return to that wild life

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    1. Once I get past the problem of talking cats: talking, crime-fighting housecats come to think of it, maybe I can't get past that. This is definitely a series for cat lovers: soppy, anthropomorphizing cat lovers. Okay, I pretend my cats talk, but I don't go much beyond "Why don't you feed me?" and "Pet me, damn you, pet me!" and "I. Hate. You." I don't imagine some rich, inner life wherein they can reason, read (how does a cat learn to read when human children take years to learn and develop flui [...]

    2. Tomcat Joe Grey, his lady friend, Dulcie, and the Kit learn that cats who can speak like then are being held captive. Meanwhile a jewelry store in Molena Point is robbed and a two people are found dead. It's up to the three cats to find out what's going on and to make anonymous calls to Captain Harper's phone to help solve the mystery. "A Joe Grey Mystery" is a great cozy mystery series, especially if you like cats and the fantasy of talking cats makes you curious. Makes me wonder about my own c [...]

    3. It always takes me a chapter every two to get into these books. I spend the first chapter warming up once again to the premise that talking cats solve crime. But soon I find myself enjoying a good story and a unique, feline perspective.

    4. Love these books where cats (I am a cat lover) take on human characteristics and solve mysteries. Just plain fun reading for me.

    5. Character driven book and seriesThis book continues the ongoing development of main characters with new ones.Always new subplots and mysteries that may be in future stories.

    6. Joe Grey is a talking cat with superfeline intellect and digestive abilities. Fortunately, he has chosen to use these powers in the service of justice as a civilian investigator for the small California city of Molena Point. Along with his fellow talking cats Dulcie and Kit, they keep solving crimes and assisting the police.In this volume, Molena Point is invaded by a large organized robbery gang; in what might be a coincidence, a woman named Chichi Barbi moves in next door to Joe’s human part [...]

    7. This is #11 in this long-running fantasy cat-detective series, and I'm pleased to report that it's another winner. There are plenty of plot-summaries nearby, so I'll simply report that CPI Joe Grey, his girlfriend Dulcie, the delightful young tattercoat Kit, and their humans are all in fine form here, defending Molena Point, CA (a thinly-disguised Carmel) from the forces of evil, eating rich food and fixing up their houses -- Joe Grey now has an amazing tower lookout, and Kit acquires a delightf [...]

    8. I'll start my review by stating that I don't usually read mass market paperbacks so my comments will be biased according to my personal reading preferences. My mom purchased this book for me when I had major surgery, and for the first week I really did enjoy the book, it was great to read a few pages and then doze off. The cats were entertaining and I really did want to know what was going on in the story. By the time I got to the end, though, I was bored and impatient with the stock characters [...]

    9. In case you've never heard of this particular mystery genre, and I surely hadn't, when I say "cat detective novel" I mean "novel in which the detective is a cat." A talking cat. Who can use the phone and stuff. In this book, we meet Chichi Barbi, who has apparently been previously involved with the tomcat's owner, Clyde. The tomcat, Joe, dislikes her immensely, and thinks that the fact that she's moved in next door means she's up to no good. So Joe spies on Chichi and, conveniently, she's up to [...]

    10. I Listen to the Joe Gray books while I take my daily walk. They are fun and have just enough twists and turns for me to keep pace with the story while walking. The main reason I gave a 3 star rating is because the reader has changed and his reading style didn't feel right for the characters or the series. I haven't looked at future books, if it's the same guy I guess I'll get used to him. I also find the difference in pronunciation of place names disconcerting. It seems as though there should ha [...]

    11. Returning from weekend outing Charlie comes across a sentient cat in a steel cage. She releases him. On the same tripThe riders find a biker DEAD at the bottom of a revine.Kit recognizes the cat in the cage and says he is Stone Eye, theleader of her clowder. They have return to Hellhag Hill.Joe is angry that one of Cldye's old girlfriend has moved in next door. He is watching her closely and see her running away after a robbery. The ending is different and interesting. A relaxing read after a st [...]

    12. I've been seeing a couple of series revolving around feline detectives so I decided to try one out to see what was the interest in the genre. It was fairly entertaining, perhaps I would have liked it better if was intensely into cats. I liked the characterization of the cats and how they handled situations which required them to act like regular felines. The mystery itself moved along nicely enough.

    13. My review is based on the audiobook and also that this is my intro to the series. (Only one my library had)I don't remember much of the first 4 chapters because I was getting used to how the perspectives kept changing. One minute you're looking at the world through joe's eyes, the next Kit's. But once I got the rhythm down, the book wasn't too bad. I'm definitely going to find the first one and listen to it and get a better intro to the characters of the town.

    14. This cat mystery really did not appeal to me. I realized that about two chapters into it, but I saw it through to the end. Some parts were clever, but others so crazily ridiculous, even for a speaking & reasoning, mystery-solving cat book. I don't think I could stand to read another one of these, thus the 2 star rating from me.

    15. I love seeing the world from the perspective of animals (Chet and Bernie, Traveller, Racing in the Rain), but Murphy has simply put a human in a cat's body and given them a few cat like traits. The characters are cardboard (maybe because this is #11) and the plot kind of weak. There are many better books in this genre.

    16. Very creative, but I couldn't finish it. I could get to about 1/3 of it, because it was an audiobook , and the reader is very good, giving personality to each character. Definitely not my kind of reading.

    17. I can predict that these talking, crime fighting cats will be my guilty pleasure books for the year. I just find their personalities so realistic, and I love the way they interact with each other, their humans and other cats. Only for cat lovers, though.

    18. Don't let the idea that the cats can talk to humans deter you, as it almost did me. The writing is very enjoyable and the author presented her humans' and animals' emotions in a sensitive and touching light. I was impressed.

    19. These were all on sale at and i picked up a couple. Not sure what i expected, but humanized cats that actually talk wasn't it. They mystery and rest of the book were fine, but I won't be seeking these out.

    20. This was an airy mystery where the main characters are cats with the power of speech that they only share with a select few. It was a decent read but I found that some of the human characters are a little too perfect for my taste.

    21. I loved this entire series… the cats who can talk and solve mysteries… what fun… definitely a cozy mystery, but then I love them… nothing I have to concentrate on

    22. I have never read one of the Molena Point mysteries that I didn't like. Give me Joe Grey, Dulcie, Kit, & their human friends all woven into a good mystery & I can't put it down!

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