True Love and Other Disasters

True Love and Other Disasters Disaster Number One MenHard knocks and hunger taught Faith Duffy not to believe in love Still when she married her very wealthy and very old husband she became the perfect wife And then he went to t

  • Title: True Love and Other Disasters
  • Author: Rachel Gibson Susan Bennett
  • ISBN: 9781449825102
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Disaster Number One MenHard knocks and hunger taught Faith Duffy not to believe in love Still, when she married her very wealthy and very old husband, she became the perfect wife And then he went to that big bank in the sky, leaving Faith with lonely nights, a pile of money, and a total mess of a pro hockey team Heck, Faith doesn t even watch hockey Disaster Number TwoDisaster Number One MenHard knocks and hunger taught Faith Duffy not to believe in love Still, when she married her very wealthy and very old husband, she became the perfect wife And then he went to that big bank in the sky, leaving Faith with lonely nights, a pile of money, and a total mess of a pro hockey team Heck, Faith doesn t even watch hockey Disaster Number Two PassionBut most of America and half of Canada is watching Ty Savage His lethal sex appeal and deadly right hook make him the favorite of fans For most of Ty s life, he s dreamed of winning the Stanley Cup The last thing he needs is a bimbo messing up his plans.Disaster Number Three LoveFaith loathes Ty on sight, but she can t stop thinking about him all day and night Then a moment of temptation ends with Faith in Ty s bed, and she begins to see there s to him than sex appeal Ty discovers there s far to Faith than beauty and billions But a relationship with Faith is impossible, and falling in love that would be a disaster.

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    1. True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson When Faith Duffy's elderly husband, Virgil, passed away, not only did he leave her an outrageous amount of money, he left her his hockey team as well.Faith, who had been a trophy wife for the last 5 years and a stripper/Playboy centerfold before that, had no idea how to manage a hockey team. She was going to sell the team to Landon, Virgil's snarky son [image error] but retracted the offer when Landon embarrassed her in front of the team by calling [...]

    2. Just a quickie review here because, seriously? There's no way I can match KarenH's review (/review/show/ tells the whole story complete with some awesome pics.:)Anyhow, this series is shaping up to be my favorite sports romance series of all time. This one wasn't my favorite, but it's still a very enjoyable, super-sexy read, loaded with plenty of sexual tension, a cranky hero (I think all the heroes so far have been kind of foul-tempered), a sexy, vulnerable heroine determined to discover her re [...]

    3. Enjoyed this one. Love when the characters start off not liking each other.Will definitely continue with this series.

    4. "Take one for the team."Another great story. I'm really enjoying this series. This one was pretty steamy. Although I would have liked the heroine to have a little more grit. Looking forward to the next one.

    5. This is the fourth in the series, and includes characters from previous books. Well, from the first two books, anyway. Which is good because the third sucked. You don't really need to read the first two, but it is nice to know the occasional character as they crop up and they were worth the read anyway.While nowhere near as bad as the third, this story didn't really connect for me. As far as I could tell, the main characters only really bonded over sex. Not that sexual attraction is a bad thing, [...]

    6. 12/26/2014 -- Re-readOne of my favorite authors. I agree with my original 4.5 Star rating. A fun book and a really good series.Overall Rating = 4.5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb / Book Title = 4 / 5 / 3 = 4 StarsWriter’s Voice = 5 StarsCharacter / Secondary Character Development = 4 / 4 = 4 Stars“Did I like” Hero / Heroine = 5 / 5 = 5 StarsStory / Background Story Development = 4 / 3 = 3.5 Stars“Did I like the Damned Thing” = 4 StarsEnding = 3 StarsWorth the Chili = 5 Stars -- [A re-rea [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. A really cute sexy story, but not a lot of depth. A quick read by a great author. Perfect beach reading material. I agree with many who are happy she is writing about hockey again.

    8. No lo siento pero no me ha gustado tanto como esperaba. Los personajes me han parecido muy planos, la historia muy predecible y nada emocionante, todo muy repetitivo. La impresión que me ha dado la protagonista, ha sido de mujer débil y dependiente, muuuuy dependiente, y eso no me gusta nada. Además incoherente, pues piensa una cosa y luego actúa de otra manera. No he conectado con los personajes, ni con la historia. Si tiene una estrella es porque me ha mantenido entretenido, y ya está. Pu [...]

    9. First of all I feel like I should stress that when reading and rating romance novels, I keep in mind that it's a romance novel - my expectations are basic at best, and I make allowances for a greater suspended disbelieve and a language and style that's appropriate for the genre - nothing extraordinary. But I do want my romance novels to be better than *this*.While Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me is the kind of chick lit that makes me want to read more m/f romance, this is the kind of book that makes me [...]

    10. I really love Rachel Gibson's writing style. All of her books I have read are very easy to read and flow through the pages. She writes great characters that are flawed and believable she writes them to be quirky and humorous at times and usually has me laughing out loud a few times. She writes great love scene's that are smokin' that I often wish they start sooner in her novels.When Faith Duffy’s elderly husband and Chinooks Hockey Team owner Virgil Duffy passes away and leaves her his team. F [...]

    11. Hard to rate this one. On the plus side, it kept me engaged, and I thought it was kind of interesting for once to have a "gold digger" heroine who actually could truly be considered a gold digger. (Though of course she's practically a virgin widow and was never that into sex til she met the hero.) Unfortunately, her character is pretty inconsistent. And not only is the story quite derivative and the writing repetitious but there is very little chemistry between the leads. I just talked myself ou [...]

    12. True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson4.75 StarsReviewed by Stacey Agdern, romance reader and Ranger FanWhen they signed their deal with Harlequin, NASCAR noted that “40 percent of its estimated 75 million fans in the United States (were) women”. But what about the NHL, where it is reported, that anywhere between 33 to 44 percent of its fan base is female.What we do know is that there’s enough of a female fan base for the Washington Capitals to have formed the first official female [...]

    13. First, I’m happy that Rachel Gibson is writing about hockey again.With that said, I couldn’t relate to Faith in this book and had a hard time drumming up sympathy for her. She is a stripper turned Playboy Centerfold turned trophy wife who is struggling to find herself after her elderly husband kicks the bucket. I felt like I needed a little more back-story on her character. She totally despised her childhood and her mother’s lifestyle as a stripper, yet followed in her mother’s footsteps [...]

    14. I really like Rachel Gibson's books. One of the reasons is that she doesn't make sex the payoff at the end. Love is the payoff. In this case, there's a lot of sex that starts fairly early on. A lot of very hot sex. The payoff comes when the hero professes his love, refusing to let her sacrifice to "take care" of him.I also like that Gibson's men are real men and not women in hairy suits. Being a professional hockey player, the hero is all man and talks and thinks like a real man. As long as Gibs [...]

    15. Entre 3.5 y 4.Hacía muuucho tiempo que no leía nada de esta autora, es más solo he leído un libro de ella, el de Jane juega y gana, que me encantó y me divirtió a partes iguales. Con este me he reído menos, aunque me ha durado un suspiro, pues es un libro que se lee en nada. Me han gustado los protagonistas, aunque la historia de amor, para mi gusto, un poco rápida. Aun así, es una muy buena opción para leer ahora en el verano :D

    16. Normally I enjoy Rachel Gibson's books for an entertaining (guilty pleasure), easy, weekend read. This story just seemed too predictable and I just really couldn't get into her characters this time around. I actually kind of skimmed through the last chapter or so until the ending - which is normally something I don't do.

    17. I loved loved loved this book! Straight to favs! I am super giddy right now with a big grin on my face. If the rest of her books are anything like this I have found a new favorite author! I cannot describe what make this book so awesome but I am going to try anyway.1. Trophy wife inherits the hockey team, discovers herself and fall in love with the captain of the team. The plot is simple and you get a picture of what this book is going to be - but you couldn't be more wrong. In fact, this book b [...]

    18. Rachel Gibson has it tough with me. She rated a five stars with her first two books, Simply Irresistable and Truly Madly and I compare all of her books to the first two. Gibson writes a sexy romance.Ever since she introduced the Seattle Chinooks in her first book, Simply Irresistable, I wanted more stories about the players. Sex and hockey is the greatest combination since chocolate and wine. The hero, Ty Savage, is the new captain of the team. He has to deal with the new owner of the team, the [...]

    19. Ok. First of all, the bad things: the action is slow in the beginning. Rachel Gibson missed a lot of opportunity. Faith and Ty could have teased each other via the media more than once. The Beauty and the Savage beast theme could have been exploited more than once. Faith could have been more at ease with the players. Faith's mother and Ty's father were obnoxious.Ok. The good thing: Faith and Ty had good chemistry going on for them. I still need to read Rob's story but for now on, Ty is my favori [...]

    20. (Re-read on audio 2015)- Found this on my library's audio online library site and decided to "re-read" it on audio. I may have liked it better this time around but it did remind me again of a SEP book, great book though, fun on audio. (Read May 2009) I like Rachel Gibson but this was not my favorite of hers. It looks like its going to be #1 of a series with #2 coming out next spring.The inherited Hockey team reminded me of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Phoebe who inherited the Chicago Stars football [...]

    21. This was a fantastic bookright up to the end! It just ends no epilogue or anything??? Very disappointing. I need a little closure. It does have a happy ending though. The characters are both very likable and the chemistry between them oozes off the pages. This would have been a five star for me if Ms Gibson would have written an epilogue.

    22. I loved this book! Once again, Rachel Gibson has sucked me in with her awesome characters. Faith and Ty were great together. I liked her personality and his surliness. Her books about the Chinooks hockey team are great. I'm excited that she is turning them into a series. The next one should be out in the Spring of 2010. I don't know if I can wait that long! LOL

    23. I read this in one night.It had all the elements I love in a romance novel,Characters that resonate,great humor,sexy interludes between the two main characters.I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it!

    24. Allam neden bizim karşımıza da böyle herifler çıkmıyor. Biri tahtını bırakır, biri çirkinde olsa sevdiğine sahip çıkar, birisi de sevdiği iş olan hokeycilikten emekli olur. Duysun beni yukardaki bende istiyorum yaaaa, istiyorum işte.

    25. Le pongo 3 por no ponerle 2 al fin y al cabo ha tenido momentos buenos pero desde luego no es el mejor de la serie.

    26. By now, you all probably know that I am a huge Rachel Gibson fangirl. I’ve read all of her books, I’ve read most of them more than twice, I’ve read my favorites up to six times, I have all of her books in print and I have most of them in ebook and audio too. My absolute favorite series of hers is her Truly series, but her Chinook Hockey Team series has always been a close second. We fist met most of these hockey players for the Seatlle Chinooks team in Simply Irresistible (released 1998!) [...]

    27. I was incredibly surprised by this book. I can't wait to read the next one. The character development was amazing! I don't know that I have read a romance novel where I've seen character development that rivaled what we read in English Lit. It was really, really good! The plot was fun, the characters themselves felt very comfortable, and the dialogue was quick witted. Normally, when I choose to read a romance novel, I do so because it's not going to kill me to put it down. I tend to lean toward [...]

    28. Faith Duffy's husband and owner of the Seattle hockey team has recently died, leaving Faith as the owner. Faith is only 30 years and has a stigma attached to her as a gold-digger since her former husband Virgil was 80 years-old and a billionaire. With all the negative buzz surrounding her, the hockey team doesn't want to be caught in the middle of it, especially Captain of the team, Ty Savage. He wants to win the Stanley Cup and nothing is going to make him loose focus, not even a beautiful bimb [...]

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