One thought on “१८५७ चे स्वातंत्र्यसमर ”

  1. It was d first time someone called "the Mutiny" , war of independence This sole thing made the book to be banned pre-release. such was the power of d book and the author A very detailed review of the 1857 war. n all the false allegations put out by the British are nailed !! a must read to understand the cost our forefathers paid for freedom.

  2. To Know about the truth of 1857 Revolt this book is a must read it gives full information on 1857 Revolt. Great Work by VD Savarkar.

  3. While the historical significance and background of the book is fascinating, it is a tedious read with rambling and exclamatory description of Indian glory, interspersed with actual and speculated events. As it was meant mainly written to inspire nationalism and counter an entirely colonial telling of history, I try not to judge too harshly.The story of the the conspiracy and the people involved in it is very interesting. It's a little repetitive and overly sentimental, but Savarkar manages to f [...]

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