Watch for a Tall White Sail (Monroe, #1)

Watch for a Tall White Sail Monroe Florence moves with her family to an isolated part of Alaska where the only contact with the outside world is by sailing schooner that stoped two or three times a year with supplies news and mail br

  • Title: Watch for a Tall White Sail (Monroe, #1)
  • Author: Margaret E. Bell
  • ISBN: 9780899669120
  • Page: 462
  • Format: None
  • Florence moves with her family to an isolated part of Alaska where the only contact with the outside world is by sailing schooner that stoped two or three times a year with supplies, news, and mail brought by a handsome young captain.

    One thought on “Watch for a Tall White Sail (Monroe, #1)”

    1. This was an interesting reread. It is amusing to revisit the book almost 25 years after my original reading. I can see where my enjoyment of survivalist fiction my have taken root from.Florence is a strong female character, but without seeming out of place for her time. It was a great peek into what life might have been like for a young woman in that time period. This book made me appreciate the strides taken in woman's rights. Yes, like Florence, my primary job is to stay home, cook, and clean, [...]

    2. This book and series is a re-read for me. It's a story of the Monroe family who in 1887 move from Victoria, British Columbia to a remote area in the wilds of Alaska. 16 year-old Florence, heroine of the story, is dismayed to learn that Pa wants her to keep house for him and her 4 brothers in the rude shack he has built near their salmon fishing and packing business while Ma and her younger sister are going on to the nice house he built at Klinkwan on Prince Wales Island. The only thing that buoy [...]

    3. The Monroe family moves from a safe pleasant home in Victoria to the wilds of a fish saltery in Alaska in hopes of great wealth. Making their home on isolated Prince of Whales Island, they rely solely on their wits, each other and occasional relief supplies from the sloop of Belden Craig. As Florence feels the stresses of the storms, she falls to the role of housekeeper for the men if her family as they all face the challenges of eking out a life in the wilderness. The tall white sail brings Flo [...]

    4. One of the first romance books that I enjoyed as a kid. A very sweet, ridiculously wholesome story about a strong female protagonist who grows up in the wilderness with her family, which is a nice change from the ol' "beautiful, talented, spirited, and witty character who grows up among wealth and splendor, yet remains unhappy due to her sheltered upbringing and societal restriction, gender roles, etc."

    5. A charming, wholesome YA romance about living in Alaska in the 1880s. It's in the style of Christy or Mrs. Mike, so if you loved those, you'd probably like this. My elementary school reader recommended this book, and it ended up being an entertaining read.

    6. I have loved this book since I read it as an early teen? younger? I suppose it is historical fiction, but I loved the romance in it. What could be better than mixing my two favorite genres? (The romance was just that, not anything more. Excellent for younger (at heart) readers!

    7. Sweet YA read. Great story about a family trying to etch out a life in the wilds of Alaska and a girl who discovers her first love. The romance part is kinda haphazardly thrown in, not really developed but still, there is a sweet innocent feel to the whole thing.

    8. Really quick fun read. Fun book about a 16 year old who moves with her family from Victoria, Canada to the Alaskan wildernees where she goes off to help her brothers at a Salmon catching camp.

    9. Borrowed from Endicott College library.Life on an Alaskan island, against elements, and romance. Florence, four brothers and salmon.

    10. This book was recommended to me as an oldie goldie. I found it poorly written, melodramatic, and a complete waste of time. I only survived it by speedreading.

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