Public Wife, Private Mistress (Italian Husbands)

Public Wife Private Mistress Italian Husbands ONLY ONE WOMAN CAN HELP ARROGANT RICO CRISANTI S INJURED SISTER HIS ESTRANGED WIFE ANASTASIA PUBLIC Rico demands that Stasia be the perfect wife loyal doting and faithful IN PRIVATE She will be a sl

  • Title: Public Wife, Private Mistress (Italian Husbands)
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780373125326
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • ONLY ONE WOMAN CAN HELP ARROGANT RICO CRISANTI S INJURED SISTER HIS ESTRANGED WIFE, ANASTASIA PUBLIC Rico demands that Stasia be the perfect wife loyal, doting and faithful IN PRIVATE She will be a slave to his passionate demands However, Rico hadn t bargained on becoming infatuated with Stasia.Stasia fears that once Rico s sister recovers she will be cast asideONLY ONE WOMAN CAN HELP ARROGANT RICO CRISANTI S INJURED SISTER HIS ESTRANGED WIFE, ANASTASIA PUBLIC Rico demands that Stasia be the perfect wife loyal, doting and faithful IN PRIVATE She will be a slave to his passionate demands However, Rico hadn t bargained on becoming infatuated with Stasia.Stasia fears that once Rico s sister recovers she will be cast aside Will her role as Rico s wife be over for good

    One thought on “Public Wife, Private Mistress (Italian Husbands)”

    1. Reunited lovers and estranged spouses just don't work for me as a theme. I tend to avoid these books like the plagues of Egypt. Too much baggage for this reader. However, Sarah Morgan is an author that I really enjoy reading, and I will collect all of a favored author's books (for the most part). So, I grabbed this book off my bookcase with trepidation. I was not disappointed. I ended up thorougly enjoying this book.There were issues in Stasia and Rico's marriage before they parted: a lack of co [...]

    2. Second chance stories are my catnip and this story gave me my buzz. Italian - sorry - Sicilian billionaire H and English artist h have been estranged for a year. The H's teenage sister has been thrown from a horse and is in a coma. Her first words uttered were the heroine's name. The doctors tell the hero to get the heroine to the girl's bedside ASAP. It's thinnest wedge to open the door of a reconciliation, but the H/h are at least within physical proximity. It's the physical proximity that got [...]

    3. May be because I’m a proud person myself I value pride over a lot of things.So I couldn’t forgive the hero. Not really.Two stars because he went after heroine the second time.But what if his sister wasn’t injured and he didn’t need his wife? How would he have reconciled with her? Because nothing screams love louder than liaison with lawyers and a divorce paper. Great wooing plans right there.Also he continuously called her a slut and insinuated she was his whore by suggesting he made her [...]

    4. I am a huge fan of Sarah Morgan.d this book is a very good example of what makes her books exceptional. Stasia and Rico fell in love at first sight and married quickly without the chance of really getting to know each other. Consequently, they separated based on a huge misunderstanding. This is a story about second chancesThe author carefully unfolds the story beginning with their tumultuous relationship and their terrible misunderstanding through a series of well timed flashbacks. As readers, w [...]

    5. This was all right. I find it exasperating when people keep secrets from their partners, particularly when doing so damages one's marriage. It's just so idiotic to me. Hmm, let me see. . . If I have a choice between saving someone's else reputation or my marriage, you bet I'm going to choose my marriage! It may sound selfish, but keeping the secret ultimately does more damage than disclosing it—which, of course, is how it played out for Stasia. She chose the former route and, in the process, g [...]

    6. I get that we need that misunderstanding between the H and h as a hook for keeping them apart so they can reunite again in explosive passion butis was a little silly.If a husband catches his wife in bed with another man, yes, he would get crazily explosive and not want to listen. But the reaction from wife is toleave? I get that the marriage was going downhill but if you're innocent, grab your man, shake him and yell at the top of your voice to make him believe you, not to mention bitch slap the [...]

    7. 3 stars? Maybe 3.5 on a good day?This book--and the premise--started out so strong. The misunderstanding had the "potential" to be a super excellent grovel and guilt trip and reunion.Howeverwhat started out with the promise of fireworks ended up like a wet sparkler. 1. We suffered through the name-calling and false accusations, and waited for the little sister--who had amnesia--to regain her memory and admit she set up the poor heroine. And it ALMOST happened. The little sister kept trying to ta [...]

    8. Seriously? The peeps in this book were TSTL! For goodness sakes, what did you expect him to think if he found you and a naked man in bed. Of course, you are going to jump to conclusions that doesn't mean he didn't care. It just means he's human! Idiots, all of them!And himhe couldn't tell that guy was just a little young for her? And the sister, what a POW! She didn't speak up in a YEAR'S time! She should be disinherited!All in allTSTL!

    9. At first i wasnt sold but i ended up loving it. The leads sneaks on you. Sarah Morgan really did a great job with this one.I can't help to wonder if is there a part 2 with an epilogue. This story really needed a closure. What happened with Chiara Is Statia pregnant? i NNED AND WANT TO KNOW if the tears and her emotional state in the end was foreshadowing a pregnancy.Before ending the review i have to mention the sexy times whoawhoawhoa

    10. I enjoyed this book and truly loved the hero, Rico. The heroine was good too but Stasia was a bit too self sacrificing. Rico's sister, Chiara, took advantage of an opportunity to destroy her brother's marriage especially since she didn't like Stasia. Rico was angry and Stasia didn't feel she should defend herself so she walked out expecting him to come after her - except he didnt. Now a year on, the wicked sister is in hospital after a fall and is calling for Stasia much to the family's dismay. [...]

    11. This was an intense emotional second chance at love story,Rico-Stasia both deeply love each other but lack of communication & trust breaks their marriage apart,the emotional tension-anger-pain-love all were brought out very well.What really made this book a keeper for me is Rico-Stasia accept their faults which brought their marriage on rocks followed by "Big misunderstandings" both acept that in anger and pride both made wrong decisions which was the final straw,both actually talk out every [...]

    12. OMG!!! I loved, loved this book. Once i started I could not put it down. Rico is a strong, sexy, passionate alpha male and Stacia such a loving gentle woman. I really wanted to slap the hero's sister though for tearing them apart. The emotional roller coaster journey between the main characters is absolutely thrilling! Perfect pacing and development of story and powerful characters makes this a keeper and a frequent re-read!

    13. This was an okay read for me. I rated it three stars mainly because of Sarah Morgan. She's one of my favourite authors and her heroes and heroines touch me deeply, but sadly I didn't feel the connection between the H-h of this book. All they had between them was fantastic sex, but I didn't feel the emotional connection between them. Rico was like a typical HP hero, an emotionless workaholic who came home to his wife only for the sex, thinking as long as sex is good everything is good, but at lea [...]

    14. I loved the book. Stasia & Rico were so much in love with eachother but, they couldn't be together because of that one misunderstanding. Stasia was heart broken that Rico didn't believe her but, I could perfecttly understand Rico, too. Anybody seeing such scenario live would come to conclusions. Stasia's running away didn't help the matter. But, I also didn't like how he insulted stasia & her character few times during this period when she was clearly staying to help him for his sis. Wel [...]

    15. Great reunion story, which I'm always a sucker for. The only downside of this story for me was that the ending was rushed -- I'd prefer a little more closure -- wanted to hear whether she was pregnant, what was going to happen with Chiara, etc. I really loved the way they naturally began to be more loving toward each other the longer they spent together, despite all the baggage. And I love a hero that can't help but do nice things for the heroine even when he's mad at her. And, best of all, I lo [...]

    16. I didn't like the fact that Stasia could/should have fought for her marriage instead of giving up so easily, but then we wouldn't have a story. For the rest I liked Stasia, I found her really sweet.I really liked Rico and could understand his hate towards Stasia but that ending (view spoiler)[ when he went after Stasia despite he still didn't know that the "lover" was her sister's and not Stasia's (hide spoiler)] made me love him so much!

    17. From page one you know this is going to be an intense book. It opens with a teenaged girl fighting for her life in the hospital. Rico's sister is in a coma but wakes long enough to ask for one person - Stasia, his soon to be ex-wife. This request throws the Rico and Stasia back together again. There is deep animosity between them because Rico saw Stasia in his bed with another guy. But all is not as it seems. Rico and Stasia may dislike each other but the sexual chemistry between them is hot! Th [...]

    18. mmmmhhh.Usual story. She's innocent and his family hates her. So she runs away but then she forces her to get back because of his little sister (the one who worked hard to disrupt their marriage).She too weak IMO. As usual in HPland.

    19. Public Wife, Private Mistress was a surprised read for me. I thought I wouldn't like it since I'm not a fan of estranged spouses or divorced couples. But I ended up loving it. Really. Stasia Crisanti, soon-to-be ex-wife of the tycoon businessman. It's been over a year since she has seen her husband Rico so she was shocked when he suddenly turned up in her small cottage. He's the last person Stasia wants to see. She didn't want to hurt anymore even though she never stopped loving him. She's tried [...]

    20. Wow am pleasantly surprised by this one and I will be checking the author's other books too. The H initially was real hard and mean though with good reasons and as the story progressed and we get to see glimpses of his thoughts, we can actually feel and see from his actions how much he adores he h. The h is strongly attracted to the H but as one doesn't get a feel that it is all one-side, so she doesn't seem like a doormat or a sex bunny. The bedroom scene i'd very nicely done holland steamy but [...]

    21. Negli anni ho letto molti libri della Morgan, e anche sapendo che non sono certo dei capolavori, erano ottimi per passare qualche ora di relax.Ma in questo caso la Morgan ha preso una decisione sbagliata, ahimè.Ha deciso di ambientare questo libro in Italia.Ha scelto la Sicilia e caspita ha dipinto la famiglia italiana e l'uomo italiano in maniera pessima!Uomo stile cavernicolo, possessivo, geloso, del tipo "i soldi li guadagno io e tu donna stai a casa ad aspettarmi possibilmente a letto", le [...]

    22. كأنهما غريبان سارة مورغانهناك امرأة واحدة فقط قادرة على مساعدة شقيقة ريكو كريسانتي المريضة.إنها زوجته التي هجرته، آنا ستاسيا.طلب ريكو من ستاسيا أن تتصرف في العلن كزوجة مثالية ووفية. أما حين يكونان بمفردهما، فعليها أن تقوم بواجباتها تجاهه على أكمل وجه. ومع هذا، لم يفكر لحظة أ [...]

    23. I was first iffy about the book but still bought it, and even though i had it it took me 2 months to get to it because i wasn't sure but IT WAS WORTH IT and the love scenes were amazing i had a little problem with the ending with Rico's sister still thought she should have been the one to confesswhen you read the book you'll know what i mean

    24. What annoyed me about this book is that Rico's sister never admitted to her lies!!!! Ugh biatch how dare you not tell your brother the truth?! Ugh T__T Rocks of fire needs to rain on Anastasia. Read this in the comic/manga version and written version. Both very good, with the original being much better!

    25. I really didn't like the hero of this one at all. His most redeeming feature was his love of his family, but when you add in his inability to see the way they were manipulating and lying to him, that very quickly stops being a good thing. He doesn't treat the heroine well and his about face at the end wasn't particularly believable.

    26. روايات أحلام483كأنهما غريبان، سارة مورغانi don't usually give a romantic novel more then 3 stars, what made this one special is that he did his best to try to understand her which is rareforums.ewaaan/t108030ml

    27. One of the better quick read romances. I liked that the marriage was in trouble before and they had to deal with when they get back together. And they do. The couple makes a pretty good team when they can relax around each other. Glad the ending was a tiny bit different, the hero didn't need a confession to return to the heroine.

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