Lord of the White Hell - Book Two

Lord of the White Hell Book Two Kiram fought his family and Cadeleonian bigots to remain in the Sagrada Academy to prove himself as a mechanist and to dispel the deadly shadow curse that threatens to destroy his upperclassman Javie

  • Title: Lord of the White Hell - Book Two
  • Author: Ginn Hale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: ebook
  • Kiram fought his family and Cadeleonian bigots to remain in the Sagrada Academy to prove himself as a mechanist and to dispel the deadly shadow curse that threatens to destroy his upperclassman, Javier Tornesal.But when his efforts provoke retaliation, Kiram s family and home are endangered Both Kiram and Javier risk everything in a desperate gambit to combat the curse.BuKiram fought his family and Cadeleonian bigots to remain in the Sagrada Academy to prove himself as a mechanist and to dispel the deadly shadow curse that threatens to destroy his upperclassman, Javier Tornesal.But when his efforts provoke retaliation, Kiram s family and home are endangered Both Kiram and Javier risk everything in a desperate gambit to combat the curse.But they never imagined their battle would come so soon, or that it would be led by the one person they trust most of all.

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    1. Holy guacamole! 😱 I loved the book one and how I love book two more! I love it! 😍Everything comes together and it came very cohesively and magnificently in this book. I won’t repeat about the personality traits of our two MCs since I’ve already written about it in book one. This is the second book ofGinn Hale’s “Lord of White Hell” series and you can find my review of the first book here. 😉 So this picked up right from where the first one ended. Kiram and Javier had a huge ar [...]

    2. Worth all the stars you see.Broken down into two books so that 700 pages doesn't run off potential readers, this is a fast paced fantasy adventure story. Picking right up where book #1 leaves off we run straight ahead into all the drama and challenges Kiram and Javier face.Duty“It’s so much easier to relinquish power rather than accept responsibility, you know.”Sacrifice“Always look to your weaknesses, Kiram, and to those of your enemies,” Alizadeh advised him.FreedomKiram thought he f [...]

    3. Wonderful!Part two was even better than the first! It picks up right where part one ended and got more intense and gripping as the narrative unfolded.The story moves to Anacleto, Kiri's home city, after the school term ends. Anacleto is divided between the Haldiim and Cadeleonians and is also the Grunito home city, so Nestor and Elezar are close by and since Nestor is to be married a certain lord of the white hell cannot stay away.To watch these two fall in love and become each other's everythin [...]

    4. “All those nights you were looking so serious and pouring over that diary you were just reading pornography?"Oh, aren’t we all doing that?😂What a ride !!!! I couldn’t wait to read this book, because the end of the first one was like: “WTF? why? Who ends a book like that?” But I hade the sequel already so YES🥂💜🙌 cheers to that!I JUST LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! The characters are fantastic and well written. The romance is so healthy, cute, hot, respectful, deep and loving. What [...]

    5. The 2nd instalment of Ginn Hale’s Lord of the White Hell series begins with the boys returning to the Sagrada Academy after competing in an inter school tournament. Javier and Kiram are at odds after a night spent in a bordello with the Hellions, where it becomes obvious Javier will hide his true nature at any cost. Kiram returns to work stoically, but events conspire to throw him into Javiers path more often than Kiram would like. Danger still lurks and Javier and Kiram have to work together [...]

    6. It doesn't take many words. It was excellent, outstanding, wonderful, unique, second to none for me a favorite forever. Ginn Hale must have been experienced. Experienced. This is how this author writes. It breathes, it lives and one is in the middle of everything.Two wonderful guys Lots of magic Best friends, who stand for each other in the greatest plight Noble horses and complicated spells But in the end everything went well, as in every fairy tale :)And therefore 1000 stars for this master [...]

    7. You can catch the discussion of this series over on my review of the first book.The first book ends on an emotional cliff-hanger so I ploughed straight on with the second - and while this Ginn Fucking Hale, so I loved it and was essentially satisfied by the way things played out, I was slightly disappointed at the distance travelled between the first book (which is at least 50% a school story) and this one, which has a much broader scope.Also I felt the Big Break between the lovers that conclude [...]

    8. 4.5 starsI enjoyed Book One well enough, but I loved Book Two!The things that annoyed me about the first one were largely missing in this book - it was still overly descriptive in places, but the story never once lagged. It was action-packed, interesting, and even hilarious at times. I wasn't a huge fan of Javier in Book One - his arrogance grated on my nerves, even if Kiram did find it charming. But in this book, I saw him grow as a person, and I admit that him (view spoiler)[converting (hide s [...]

    9. This is an amazing second installment and I am once again in awe of Ginn Hale's incredible talent. There was a very satisfying ending and it's good to know that more books are planned in this series.

    10. What can I say, Lord of the White Hell has it all, stellar world building, a marvelous plot, young adults who behave like adults, curses, horses, culture clash and romance.Perfect

    11. Lord of the White Hell is a 700 pg epic fantasy story filled with romance, danger, legend, lore, action, clashing religion, and the theme of following your heart. Thankfully this incredible story is broken up into two books so as not to scare readers but book two picks up exactly where book one left off. In fact I even went back and read the last few pages of book one so I’d know where book two was starting. So be sure to read the prior book (which you definitely should anyway!).Book Two start [...]

    12. 4 stars because of the ending. I feel it was a bit abrupt with just the main conflict resolved. It left me with many questions, and feeling a bit cheated, as I had hoped for a solid conclusion for everything (and everyone). There wasn't one. I hope it is because because the author has plans for a third book, however. If not, that's a pity.This was still a great book, a lot of fun to read. I couldn't put it down, because I just had to know how it ends. The main 'villain' didn't come as a surprise [...]

    13. This is a beautifully crafted fantasy. Books 1 and 2 are really the two halves of one story - you can't read just one. The world-building is seamless, the action is riveting and unpredictable, and the romance develops slowly with appropriate ups and downs that fit the young characters and the forces arrayed against them. This is appropriate for older YA too - there is one episode of more explicit sex in the second book but it was not erotic, and most of the sex is off-page or lightly described. [...]

    14. An excellent book 2 from Ginn Hale. Kiram returns home to Anacleto and the adventure continues. Javier strives to gain greater control of the white hell or 'shajdi' inside him. Seems as if a book 3 should be in the pipe-line."All life is sacred. Whether it takes the shape of a moth, a man, or a great oak, every life is precious and part of a greater whole, because no matter how different our physical bodies, all our souls arise from and return to the same divine union of the shajdi."

    15. I keep re-reading bits and pieces of this book (and others by Ginn Hale). It's just that good. Ginn is a master at blending plot and emotion, and not to mention creative world building. I want to move into one of her worlds, just not sure which one.

    16. I can’t believe it’s ended! I loved it and want more of it!!I don’t know what to say about it. I loved the characters. There were many, many of them and I typically don’t remember much of them because they’re too many but I do remember the characters here and even who they actually are, not just knowing their names and such. Javier and Kiram were very likeable. Even during times when they were their own crises of faiths. I like how the magical aspect turned out because it’s given it [...]

    17. When things ended in Book 1 of the Lord of the White Hell, Academy student and Haldiim Kiram Kir-Zaki was heartbroken. Kiram comes from a culture where men loving one another is accepted and not looked down upon. When Kiram ended up winning a scholarship to attend an affluent Cadeleonian Academy, he knew he would be an outcast because of his race. He did find friends, one being Cadeleonian Nestor, who is engaged to be married. The other close friend is Javier Tornesal, the Duke of Rauma, his roo [...]

    18. Part 2 is definitely more intense than part 1. It has a larger sense of impending doom and a clock ticking for our heroes to save Fedeles. This books is based in Kiri's hometown and I have to say I am more pleased with that. Everything feels more vibrant and alive. I loved their dances, foods, clothing, and the people generally seemed to be a bit more open minded. Seeing Javier there and what he witnesses is very eye opening for him. He could have that, if he decides to choose love over title. T [...]

    19. This is a review of both this book, and Lord of the White Hell.Ginn Hale writes with an elegance and maturity that is difficult to find in any genre. She does it while straddling two genres--romance and fantasy I typically associate with wish-fulfillment.The first book sets up the story with rich world-building and the steady, sweet build of Javier and Kiram's relationship. One of my favorite parts of the first book was the academy setting. The work and play and daily life of the school boys pro [...]

    20. *3.5*Exciting, although it dragged a bit in some sections. I wish there would have been some Javier POV as well, since he would have been the classical Fantasy book main character, with what he goes through as a person. Kiram bored me slightly in this second part, since what made him interesting in part 1 (the fish out of water, young mechanical genius) was not really happening here. (view spoiler)[ He mostly was in luuurve with Javierhonestly, how quickly did he take Javier back in the beginnin [...]

    21. First read on February 1, 2015.Re-read on March 24, 2016.Just as good as the first book! An epilogue would be a nice touch, though. Still, I hope I'll get to see Javier and Kiram again in Champion of the Scarlet Wolf Book One. Miss my favorite boys already.

    22. 3.5 Stars rounded up to 4.0A riveting conclusion to Kiram and Javier's story. There were parts of this book that were added for dramatic effect that, frankly, I could've done without. On the other hand, I could've done more with a better epilogue about Kiram and Javier's HEA. Without it, it felt more like an abrupt HFN.Bottom line: I liked this series but need a break from it now.

    23. An excellent series so far. Ms Hale gives her characters a life of their own as they walk across the pages. Javier and Kiram were a perfect couple battling the shadow curse with power, faith and intelligence. The world building has phenomenal and the differences between Cadaleonia and Haldiim culture and beliefs wonderfully drawn. Highly recommended fantasy.

    24. Picks up right where book 1 ends. I started this last night when I finished book 1 and just finished it - fantastic!

    25. Since it was very detailed and not shallow plot wise, I wish there was more description between the MCs. The sex scenes were unfairly vague.

    26. Sooooooooo goooooooooooood. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Full review coming to thenovelapproachreviews - where I will clumsily try to convey how good this book was.

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