Look at Flower

Look at Flower Capturing the zeitgeist of this story follows a young girl named Flower as she discovers the hippie counterculture At turns na ve and wise beyond her years scruffy yet beautiful heedlessly adv

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  • Title: Look at Flower
  • Author: Robert Dunn
  • ISBN: 9780970829313
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • Capturing the zeitgeist of 1967, this story follows a young girl named Flower as she discovers the hippie counterculture At turns na ve and wise beyond her years, scruffy yet beautiful, heedlessly adventurous and endlessly savvy, Flower is a character for any time, not just her own From Cowtown, Oregon, Flower runs away to San Francisco to experience the Summer of LoveCapturing the zeitgeist of 1967, this story follows a young girl named Flower as she discovers the hippie counterculture At turns na ve and wise beyond her years, scruffy yet beautiful, heedlessly adventurous and endlessly savvy, Flower is a character for any time, not just her own From Cowtown, Oregon, Flower runs away to San Francisco to experience the Summer of Love and then goes off on train hopping, hitchhiking adventures across the USA, with stints working at a bank and at a summer camp disguised as a boy, and stays at both a timber camp and then a commune called Old Bison A picaresque journey, this tale explores the music, romance, politics, and world changing dreams of the late 1960s.

    One thought on “Look at Flower”

    1. I couldn't connect with this book. The story begins with "Flower's" children, who discover her journal after she dies. They knew nothing about her life as a hippie and are shocked to discover this. Then the book turns into her journal and we never again go back to the original characters for closure.For me, Flower's character lacked depth. I didn't feel the connection to the life on the San Francisco streets that she was supposed to be living. She didn't know much about the music and avoided dru [...]

    2. This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.3.5 Stars Lucinda runs away from her small farm home & reinvents herself as Flower in 60's San Francisco. The novel follows Flower's adventures throughout 60's America & the many interesting characters she meets. I liked this book & enjoyed it. There were many beautifully written scenes & it really seemed to evoke the hippy 60's in America where it was set. However, I there were a few things that stood in the way of me liki [...]

    3. Look at Flower by Robert Dunn, a LibraryThing PDF-format eBook I began reading on May 27th. Although the happiness of a win was very present, it took awhile for me to get around to downloading the pdf and read it now and then from my computer screen at home.Look at Flower reads alot like beat poetry and alot how a guy would write about a girl (which the book happens to be evident of). The interpersonal relationships are vague and touch-and-go; probably very true of how hippie/communal relationsh [...]

    4. This was an interesting book. It is a novel set in the 60’s. It tells the story of a teenager who lived in the 60’s and her life during that time. It was interesting how many different things this young woman went through. I found the book to be funny as well as sad. It held my attention and gave me a feel for the 60’s.I feel that Flower had an interesting life. I liked it when she was hopping trains and hitchhiking. These seemed to be very realistic things that someone could have done the [...]

    5. Robert Dunn was born in 1950 and would remember the hippie era in the USA. The prologue sets the scene where the story of Flower is a diary of a Mother's life before she married and had children.I was not keen on the writing style of the 'diary', perhaps that is the lingo of the hippie era in America but for me it did not translate into writing particularly well. Certainly Flower wanted to follow the hippie dream of freedom but managed to hold onto her own morals, staying out of the drug culture [...]

    6. The first quality the reader will notice is the carefree nature and spunk of the main character, Flower. The reader will be introduced into the world of "hippie". The novel is fast-paced and fun to read. The reader follows Flower's adventures on the train to taking risks by hitchhiking. Living vicariously through the characters is very possible. The experiences in the novel are unusual and will take the reader for a spin. The supporting characters don't have too much of a say in the novel, the r [...]

    7. I won this book through first reads. I enjoyed reading about a girl out in the world trying to find herself. She had adventures around every corner always new people to meet and always endless friends willing to help her along the way Anything to get by and friends found and lost love found and lost. this book was a good read and at a nice pace very mellow. I enjoyed this book and it was nice to see what it was like in the time since I will never know it was nice look into the world of peace an [...]

    8. All hippies in San Francisco during the Summer of Love were into free love and drugs, or are they? They all believed in going with the flow and just letting things be without giving any real thought to the matter, or did they actually have intellectual thoughts, dreams and ideas? Look at Flower takes a 17-year-old runaway and shows what the Summer of Love was through her eyes. It is a quick read and very enjoyable.

    9. Flower, also known as Lucinda or Cynda, is a girl caught up in the various movements that took place during the 60's. While she is out trying to discover the world, she also discovers things about herself as well as others around her. She went from an innocent flower child to a woman in the midst of growing maturity. I just wish that I knew what happened to Toto!

    10. This book is a must read if you have a passion for music or the hippie scene of the 1960s. Flower's spunk and free spirit render her endlessly likable, and the way in which the novel chronicles all of her adventures evokes that timeless quest for experience that was both present in the Haight-Ashbury scene in the 60s and also today.

    11. What a great book. The main character was my age so I could live in the story. We were only geographically in a different place during those years. It's a fun, summer afternoon read that will fill you with nostalgia if you are over 55 and will amuse and entertain those who are our children's age.

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