Opposites Distract

Opposites Distract Sometimes your heart doesn t know what s best for youPryce has always been attracted to a certain type of man What he s looking for in Mr Right is someone like him fun spontaneous and full of life Wh

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  • Title: Opposites Distract
  • Author: Stephani Hecht
  • ISBN: 9781936387212
  • Page: 260
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes your heart doesn t know what s best for youPryce has always been attracted to a certain type of man What he s looking for in Mr Right is someone like him fun, spontaneous and full of life What he doesn t want is a stuffy, boring man who only cares about being an activist and making the world a better place But that doesn t stop Pryce from falling for a daSometimes your heart doesn t know what s best for youPryce has always been attracted to a certain type of man What he s looking for in Mr Right is someone like him fun, spontaneous and full of life What he doesn t want is a stuffy, boring man who only cares about being an activist and making the world a better place But that doesn t stop Pryce from falling for a dark haired stranger when they bump into each other at the local GBLT center.Clayton needs to stay focused on school and work He doesn t have room in his life for distractions So when a cute, carefree blond makes a move on him, Clayton turns the guy down flat But walking away turns out to be harder than he thinks Clayton, driven to distraction, can t get Pryce out of his mind Will Clayton be able to push aside his doubts long enough to give love, and Pryce, a chance

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    1. AJ’s Review:Although Opposites Distract by Stephani Hecht is only 36 pages, it’s guaranteed to take you on a whirlwind of lust, denial, explicit sex, and eventually love. I know, you thought I was going to say a whirlwind romance. Well, not exactly.Ms. Hecht has penned a short, humorous story that pokes at the question of whether or not love at first sight really exists. While Pryce, aka The Playa, is immediately fascinated by Clayton, aka The Nerd, and knows instantly that he and Clayton ar [...]

    2. This book was ok. Pryce is a sort of shallow guy on the surface, but he has depth he gets frustrated no one sees. Clayton is shy and certain that no one would be looking at him. When Pryce meets Clayton he is certain that it's love at first site, but can he convince Clayton?Not bad, it's very short so everything happens in an instant, and the characters are a little flat. Plus we really don't understand why Clayton is so mistrustful of Pryce. Has he been hurt before? Does he have low self confid [...]

    3. Short, short story but wow! This is a Valentine romance with so much heart it left mine celebrating.Once again this is an author whose books are languishing in my TBR. I’ve always heard such good things about Stephani Hecht’s writing that I’d bought a few of her books. Now that I know everything was right on—and I’ve had a taste—I’m going to be indulging: But back to Opposites Distract. JI think one of the things I love best about this story is that Pryce’s ideas of Mr. Right are [...]

    4. When Pryce sees Clayton at the GLBT club, where he’d rather not be because politics and “making the world a better place” is so not his thing, he makes his move in the bathroom. If not for the interruption by his roommate he might have gotten lucky. This fact annoys Clayton even more. He’s sure that Pryce is just playing with him and possibly trying to win a bet by getting the nerd to fall for him. Clayton is positive that Pryce is a party boy who couldn’t possibly be interested in som [...]

    5. 3.5 starsThis is a cute short story about two young guys with different personality: Pryce, who likes to have fun and Clayton who is more serious. I enjoy their encounter; it's cute and I love how Stephani uses contemporary reference, from Ke$ha to Facebook stalking (so true!). The only niggle is probably the idea of soul mate when the two of them is still twenty years old. Yeah, I know, it makes me sound cynical *shrugs*. But I dunno, just weird I guess, when one of them claim they're soulmate [...]

    6. Lovely short story!!When the party brat Pryce sets his eyes on Clayton de knows he is the one. But Clayton is a nerdy kind of guy and Pryce's first words to him were “I’m very flexible, plus I have no gag reflex.”Things didn't look good to Pryce but after that he finds Clayton and they go dinner at Pryce's apartment, dinner got cold and Clayton fucked up.Now Clayton sees that maybe Pryce really is the one for him, so he has some groveling to do.

    7. OkThis was sweet.s it's insta-love between a self confessed slut and a geek.but who caresis isn't real lifeThis is just what's needed for a quick fix while you have your coffee.Pryce and Carlton knew instantly they loved each other.ok half an hour to readNicely done x

    8. I knew it would be lame. It was only a smidge more lame than I expected. Nothing original or captivating about this. Insta-love at its finest. Sigh. The wiring isn't bad at all, just the sequence of events. I liked the bit of angst though, even the bits that could have been avoided or solved, or shouldn't have happened to begin with. Yeah. Angst is always fun.

    9. 2.5 stars. I didn't really buy the insta-love I'm afraid. I just needed a bit more to believe the connection the 2 lead characters had. Lee was a funny sidekick type but there wasn't enough of Clayton and Pryce to really believe they were HEA with only 26 pages.

    10. 3.5 starsThis was a cute, opposites attract story featuring a college student who likes to party hard and the geek he surprisingly falls for. I liked both Pryce and Clayton and enjoyed their sweet, insta-love romance.

    11. Oooh I enjoyed this so much. Pryce was cute, even if he bagan shallow. Clayton was sweet and I really liked him. At only 36 pages it was a quick short read, but it was very good and didn't feel rushed or abrupt. I do enjoy Stephani's books very much.

    12. Pryce sees Clayton and knows he's the one. He pursues Clayton until he gives in. After they have sex, Pryce confesses his feelings and Clayton bolts. Clayton finds the nerve and finds Pryce to confess he feels the same. A bit sappy but okay.

    13. Very cute short story about a party boy and a student. Yes, it's a bit of insta-love, but it is a short story, so that goes hand in hand just about. Still it was entertaining and fun, and that's all I needed.

    14. I liked this short chapter. But I'm sure, it would have been better, if we got a bit more developed plot. But, even if emotional to soft, it was okay.

    15. Neither one was the other ones type yet Pryce is sure that Clayton is the one. Clayton is not quite ready to fall for Pryce's line and it almost ends in disaster.

    16. 3.5 stars. Sweet short m/m romance about a party boy who's really attracted to a geeky guy he sees at their college's GLBT student center, but the geeky guy doesn't trust the party boy's intentions.

    17. Another too short book that relied too much on Insta!love. I also didn't found Pryce to be really annoying. The writing was good though.

    18. Serious case of instalove between a so called party boy and a nerd. I didn't think Pryce really wad a party boy, going to school full time and working a serious job.

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