Into That Darkness

Into That Darkness Acclaimed Canadian poet Steven Price has conjured a stunning debut novel that explores what we ask from each other and how much we are prepared to give Set in the city of Victoria British Columbia

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  • Title: Into That Darkness
  • Author: StevenPrice
  • ISBN: 9780887627378
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Acclaimed Canadian poet Steven Price has conjured a stunning debut novel that explores what we ask from each other, and how much we are prepared to give.Set in the city of Victoria, British Columbia, Into That Darkness opens at the moment when a massive earthquake hits the entire west coast with devastating results Amid the destruction of the city, survivors are left to nAcclaimed Canadian poet Steven Price has conjured a stunning debut novel that explores what we ask from each other, and how much we are prepared to give.Set in the city of Victoria, British Columbia, Into That Darkness opens at the moment when a massive earthquake hits the entire west coast with devastating results Amid the destruction of the city, survivors are left to negotiate a calamity in which bonds of civility are pushed to their limits and often broken.When Arthur Lear hears a voice crying in the rubble, he finds himself descending deep under a collapsed building in a desperate attempt to save a young boy and his mother But what he discovers there will change him forever as circumstances lead him across the city s broken landscape, through the chaos of its hospitals and streets, in a harrowing search for the mother s lost daughter Over the days that follow, Lear s very sense of humanness will be tested and compromised, as he faces the limits of himself and his fellow survivors, in his long journey home.A novel for our age of anxiety and fear, Steven Price delivers a powerful story about the physical manifestation of the darker things lurking in our culture, in ourselves.

    One thought on “Into That Darkness”

    1. I thought this book was amazing. It's quite a difficult read, because it deals with the after effects of an earthquake in Victoria. The central character, Arthur Lear is a 69-year-old man, who is trapped in the rubble. He hears sounds from a building nearby and ends up rescuing a boy. Together, the two search for the boy's family members.This is a bleak and disturbing novel about what can happen in a natural disaster. Price is a poet, and that comes across in this novel. I didn't finish reading [...]

    2. Out of visceral, disturbing moments comes a deep sense of hope. As is only appropriate for a disaster novel, Price reflects on the nature of God, suffering, good and evil. I found myself really drawn into the characters (and even cried at the end.) This may have something to do with me living in Victoria, but Price treats his subject with a surprising, moving gentleness and steers clear of shock-value manipulation. I'll definitely be thinking about "Into That Darkness" for a long time to come.

    3. The title of this debut book is so appropriate as Steven Price manages to draw you into that darkness so powerfully! But then this novel is about an earthquake that hits the entire west coast of BC, in particular the city of Victoria. I can't stress how big an impact the novel had on me, the way it is written. Scary stuff to think all of it could happen one day.

    4. The setting for this debut novel by Mr. Price is the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Everyone I know has been to Victoria at least once. It is a truly beautiful city. But this is not a beautiful story.In this sad, dark, novel, The Big One,( the earthquake that the western coast of Canada and the USA have been waiting for), has happened. And it is as bad, if not worse, than what we have been led to expect. This story begins just minutes before the earthquake erupts and we ar [...]

    5. I got excited about this one, as it's a disaster novel set in my lovely Victoria BC! The novel starts just before a massive earthquake shakes the entire region, flattening Victoria to piles of rubble. The early pace is desperate as survival instincts take over, but it starts to slow down considerably as we learn more about the three main characters and their personal circumstances. Unfortunately, all three characters are pretty forlorn and seem very attuned to the misery and anarchy around them. [...]

    6. Dark. What did I expect? The characters are deeply drawn, which is what motivated me to read this book in the first place. The author's keen skills at observation and communication provide what is exceptional about this book: intimate character portrayals and vivid description--the stuff of poetry. Did it get drawn out too long? Possibly. Was there enough light? I'm not sure. Was the extent of the darkness realistic? Probably. Was it a depressing book? Definitely. There were questions I had, som [...]

    7. This is a dark novel, set in Victoria after a major earthquake. The story follows three characters. Arthur Lear is an older man who lives alone in the house his grandfather raised him in. Arthur is an artist, a painter who hasn't worked on his art in some time. He is a man who feels his age, but the earthquake draws him out of himself to assist with digging others out and assisting them. Mercia is a single mother of two children, Mason and Kat, who runs a small cafe. She is a strong character an [...]

    8. This book uses interesting narrative techniques to connect the lives of several strangers after a devastating earthquake. Between chapters, there are italicized passages in which a character reflects on parts of their life, but it isn't clear who or how it is relevant until later in the book. The story almost feels like it's being told backwards, and I personally loved this slow unraveling of events. Although I usually hate non-endings, the story's lack of a strong conclusion fit the themes of t [...]

    9. Tedious and depressing. Rather like a Saramago book in that something terrible happens and then the author explores humanity's darkness. Attempted to be poetic, but I think it missed the mark. Every other sentence seemed to be either "there was a darkness in his eyes" or "he saw something dark in his eyes." Ultimately, I was quite disappointed.

    10. Poet-turned-novelist makes for deliciously liquid prose: easy to ingest, and more filling than one might imagine on first blush. Heavy subject matter delivered with the skill only a poet can truly harness.

    11. NOT FINISHEDi tried so hard with this book, its description was beautiful, you can see that the author was a poet before, but for me, it was simply like wading through treacle, cant rate it as i gave up.

    12. I liked this book - but I think its because I live in Victoria where it takes place. This is hard to get out of your mind and describes life here through a few characters after an earthquake. I am glad I read it but if you have any fears about this, you would find it quite dark.

    13. Very well written story about a massive earthquake that hits Victoria, BC, although the story was very dark at times.

    14. I love that the voice Steven Price wrote with was so different from the voice in his two poetry collections. Price is a well-rounded and brilliant writer.

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