One thought on “Veronica's attempt at Romance”

  1. I can't actually review this book since I am the Author. But, I've been told it's a fun and easy read. It’s a simple book, which I wrote to continue Veronica's story. It's less of a Soap Opera than the first book in the Veronica series, but not as lovey-Dovey as the third and final book. F.Y.I, I should have written this somewhere in my book notes, but I didn't think about it. You will see spelling and grammar errors because this is a fictional diary and I wanted it to look authentic. Please s [...]

  2. Could He be Mr. Right?This is the second of three novels in Veronica’s quest to discover a lasting true love. Veronica is a 30ish single mother who is not desperate by any means but hopes to eventually stumble upon Mr. Right. That has to date been a major challenge. This story is once again written in Veronica’s diary, which is a neat approach as the reader is not only privy to the activities but Veronica’s emotions and thoughts. Veronica has a history of encountering numerous eligible bac [...]

  3. free book for honest review. juliesbookreviewAfter her unfortunate share of bad boyfriends and lovers, Veronica decides to try being single for a while, before looking for Mr. Right. A blast from the past gives her a change of heart, but she pushes away her new love interest right into the arms of his ex-girlfriend. Veronica secretly wants to win him back, but does not want to steal another woman's happiness. After taking time to herself, she finds herself in a bizarre love triangle, and must ma [...]

  4. The second is just as juicy as the firstif not more. So much happens to Veronica. It really feels like a guilty pleasure reading it. Like you've found you're best friends diary and are catching up on all that has gone on!

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