Scattered Suns

Scattered Suns The war between the alien hydrogues and the faeros ravages the Ildiran Empire dividing humanity New Mage Imperator Jora h must quash the rebellion launched by his mad brother before the hydrogues des

  • Title: Scattered Suns
  • Author: Kevin J. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780446615242
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • The war between the alien hydrogues and the faeros ravages the Ildiran Empire, dividing humanity New Mage Imperator Jora h must quash the rebellion launched by his mad brother before the hydrogues destroy what is left of the empire He sends his beloved half human daughter on a desperate mission to make peace with the hydrogues Jess Tamblyn seeds worlds with the watery wThe war between the alien hydrogues and the faeros ravages the Ildiran Empire, dividing humanity New Mage Imperator Jora h must quash the rebellion launched by his mad brother before the hydrogues destroy what is left of the empire He sends his beloved half human daughter on a desperate mission to make peace with the hydrogues Jess Tamblyn seeds worlds with the watery wentals, the mortal enemies of the hydrogues On the ravaged planet of Theroc, home to a telepathic worldforest, a dead man is resurrected for mysterious new allies Chairman Basil Wenceslas, in a vendetta against the free spirited Roamers, ignores the soldier machine backbone of the Hansa fighting force King Peter has long suspected that the compies, built with the help of the ancient Klikiss robots, cannot be trusted In the coming war, humans and Ildirans will both face their darkest choices yet.

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    1. I tried, I really tried. About 3 hours into the audio book I simply couldn't take any more. The flaws are more numerous in this novel than they were in the earlier instalments, and more obvious. At every change of character POV, Anderson insists on reminding us what happened the last time we visited that POV and this becomes tiresome almost immediately. The "twists" are telegraphed and Anderson might as well use a caber to beat the reader when he wants to point out that "something important is a [...]

    2. what can i say? yet another awesome book in the saga. i absolutely LOVE this saga! i wish these worlds were real!

    3. Completist in me keeps reading, picked the whole run up cheap in thrift store so it could not be that bad, right? It's the scifi equivalent to cheezwhizz - it claims to be one thing that i love but ultimately has little to no nutritional value. It's space opera at it's lightest with so much deus ex machina and the twists are choreographed far in advance. it is however the kind of book that can be read in brief chunks so made good public transport reading as it's overuse of internal recaps means [...]

    4. More finished then yet to be finished. That is a good thing with this series. This series is too long.So long that it can put you to sleep.Technically there are things that make your suspension of disbelief impossible because the author does not dot his eyes and cross his tees. We have the problem of time, over and over again. Some pages you can jump across the galaxy in hours, and on others it takes months.This is because all of this is done to propel the human story. So much so that the alien [...]

    5. I’m still very impressed by the pacing of the events. While some plotlines are taking much longer to come to fruition, others have come to their conclusion much sooner than expected. The contrasting pace of plots gives the story a political realism that is so often missing from science fiction.I was also thrilled to find that the winner of a battle is no longer predictable. The number of players in this galactic war has reached a point where enemies or allies could join a battle at the last mo [...]

    6. The plot lines in this series were very interesting, and it was just enough to keep me reading it through to the end, but I found the writing repetitive, than tiresome and finally flat out boring. Anderson writes each chapter as if you may have forgotten the setting laid down previouslyI get it that the roamers are inventive, I get it that Ildarians can feel each other through some sort of psychic link, and I get it that the Chairman is distrustful of othersyou don't need to continually beat me [...]

    7. It seems like everything falls apart, then fall back in place, then falls apart again and so on. We start to understand some of the misteries laid for us and also we meet new one. With action all along the pass, intrigues, love and betrayls, in my opinion, this is the best book of the series so far.

    8. Because I'm a completist I will keep reading till the end. Yet(spoilers beware)As many have pointed out, the constant re-exposition which is the beginning of every chapter and most of the character thoughts makes this a tiresome read. At first I thought this was just a problem for the pacing and the writing style, but as I keep skipping over these paragraphs I realized that there's a bigger catch: when something does not make sense, and you're beaten with it many times, even someone like me that [...]

    9. The shizz has started to hit the fan.Scattered Sunscapitalises on all that set upHorizon Stormssets up, and I'm slightly concerned about the fate of some of the characters. I don't seem to have that much trouble identifying the characters anymore - possibly because they have remained fairly consistent over the last few books with only a few additions. An enjoyable read.

    10. This one took a while. The pace is pretty slow, but once you've read The Wheel of Time series, pace is relative!Put this down and read several other books before I finished it. I will definitely finish the series, mostly because I have already invested so much time in it.

    11. A solid entry that advances all the subplots well, and even brings some satisfying conclusions to a couple. Looking forward to the next one.

    12. #4 The again continuesThe saga grows and becomes more and more exciting. Anderson builds the suspense by bringing back seemingly lost characters and eliminating some favorites. Do not get too attached. You have been warned.

    13. This alas, is where I ended my affair with this series. Originally, I read books on the commute to work and my original fare was of Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space series. Amazing. However, I decided that once I've finished that universe I should try another. Step up 'The Saga of Seven Suns'. My original thought of the initial book (Hidden Empire) was, that it wasn't bad and needed some help and, as you can see, I pondered on waiting for the story to really take off. Unfortunately, we've tak [...]

    14. The next installment of the saga. I learnt during the period of this read that the author has written stories in the Star Wars Galaxy, and, as I knew already, prequels to Dune, based on Herbert's notes. Curiously, the former has been accused of ripping off the latter, but if that is taken seriously, the point is moot: since nothing is original, everything is an adaption, making novelty a measure of adaption freshness. I digress. In comparing The seven Suns saga with the others, some of the under [...]

    15. Wat op den duur erg opvalt, is hoe klein het allemaal is. In principe zou het allemaal erg allesomvattend moeten zijn, met zeven à acht volledig verschillende soorten aliens, met tientallen locaties en vele keren meer karakters en met een hele reeks plotlijnen door en over elkaar.In de praktijk is het dat niet, en lijkt de wereld telkens beperkt tot net zoveel mensen als er op een toneelpodium kunnen. Zijn we op Aarde bij de Hanze, dan worden daar alle beslissingen genomen door Basil Wenceslas, [...]

    16. Sometimes I will have the odd review here that’s grandiose, other times short snippets with very little detailing of the story. (The Blurb is sufficient). This is one of them. I was enraptured by the first two volumes in The Saga of Seven Suns. Epic, voluminous, and prose filled with metaphor. The Space Opera was hard and intricate – this is Kevin J. Anderson doing his Magnum Opus. And considering Kevin is one of the most prolific science fiction authors in the world, this tour e force was c [...]

    17. At first I was excited to read this series; a space opera on steroids, but it turned out to be a space opera on crack. I didn't even finish this fourth book, it's that bad. The conflicting character plot lines, the unrealistic scenarios of the heroes coming back from a certain death, the flagrant disregard for even the simplest of the laws of physics. I don't mind a little artistic license with spacecraft but when you have a behemoth of a spacecraft tuning on a dime, all I can say is "really?" " [...]

    18. Que dire de plus, ce livre est encore meilleur que le précédent. En plus, il intègre encore plus les Illdiran à cette guerre qui fera bientôt l'objet et l'ampleur d'une bonne partie de la galaxie.J'aime l'idée que les ennemies sont en fait les Élément de la création sous forme vivant et actif. On a L'air avec les Hydrogues, le Feu avec les Feros et les goûtes d'eau son bien sur l'eau. Des puissances primales qui se font la guerre depuis le début des temps et qui maintenant s'affronte [...]

    19. I have heard a lot of glowing reviews for Mr. Anderson's works, and figured I would start with the Saga of Seven Suns anthology since the premise was right up my SciFi alley. I was severely disappointed. While the basis of the stories was interesting and held great promise, the excruciating details of people, conversations and relationships turned me off. When there was action to be had, it was limited to very little writings, and had none of the depth as in the rest of the book. I 'read' this a [...]

    20. I continue to be impressed by this series it continues to feel epic none of the problems are small, any of the enemies depicted can destroy human civilization with ease. The Ildirans Civil war shows as one of the primary threads and is quiet interesting and takes advantage of what makes them not human while still feeling like a real culture. Also the threads in general are getting more interesting there weren't any threads here that slowed the story.The short chapters were initially were one of [...]

    21. Ugh, I wanted to like this book so much but it was torture. I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1 and 2 but this was a beating to read. Well not all of it but at least 2/3 of it just dragged. Yes it had purpose (I guess) but I really could have done without the in depth details. I will say once you get near the end its non-stop action and craziness just like before. The last 1/3 of the book I was enthralled so of course I am glad I read it. Honestly the last 1.3 is the only reason it got 3 starsI was sure [...]

    22. This is the fourth book in the Saga of Seven Suns. The story is still moving at a good pace and is enjoyable. However I started to find it irritating that I was continually being reminded of the story so far. I would reckon that several paragraphs in most chapters went over past occurrences or reiterated a character's connections. As each book has a section at the beginning that serves this function and there is a comprehensive glossary at the end of the book, I felt suspicious that the story wa [...]

    23. ** Save review for the series:This was a fun series to read. The semi long winded way of writing reminds me of the Dune prequels and conclusions he helped write. Not that I'm really complaining it’s just a lot to get through. The story is big but the character list is bigger, and you get plenty of detail. I was able to read the entire series with only 1 or 2 forced distraction books to get a break from the story. Which for me means it’s pretty good if I don't get too sick of it after 7 books [...]

    24. From My Newsletter Number 21:I finished reading the next two books from Kevin J. Anderson, The Saga Of The Seven Suns series; Scattered Suns, Book 4 and Of Fire And Night, Book 5.Scattered Suns continues where book 3 left off. The war between the Hydrogues and the Faeros escalate. The humans continue to fight amongst each other, the Ildirans fight a civil war and the Klikiss robots turn on both with an intense desire to eliminate them as they did their creators. The many plot lines thicken and t [...]

    25. An Electrifying Space Opera | Review of ‘Scattered Suns’ (The Saga of Seven Suns, #4) An electrifying space opera that has romance, adventure and tension to bring together this amazing universe Kevin J. Anderson has expertly constructed.Read more of this post @ Cyn's Workshop

    26. Now look, this has got to be very simple to understand by now. If you have got to book four in this series and you still haven’t realised this is simply consistent, straight up and down, undemanding but fun space opera then you really are never going to get it.One should always leaven one’s reading with both heavyweight literary material and some lighter fun stuff whose weight comes only from its high page count. This book is not profound, it’s not literary, and its characters saunter out [...]

    27. Still getting good. The introduction of two more elemental alien races (although the Faeros are still pretty much non-entities when they're not raining down fiery destruction and wiping out whole planets by accident)widens the conflict and the interest level.The Ildiran Thism takes on an interesting and intriguing central role that I hadn't seen coming, and a WHOLE bunch of info you've been fed piecemeal over the last three books all falls into place and becomes very important to several key sub [...]

    28. You know a book/ series is good when you get engrossed in the story, falling in love with some characters, actively hating others. Kevin J. Anderson manages to do just that. I'm not one to hate but the author manages to actively provoke my hatred towards the HANSA and the chairman. While making me want to scream and shout at some of the other characters for not having some sense and not being able to see a bigger picture! The story still continues, all the while the plot getting thicker and thic [...]

    29. I like these books by Kevin Anderson because each chapter follows a character. They are great for reading in places where you have small snippets of time like the bathroom, the doctors office, the car waiting to pick up kids, on the morning train, etc. The chapters are short 3-4 pages and only follow one character at a time so it's not too confusing. The characters are also richly developed and the plot is always thickening. Just when you think you've figured it out the author throws something e [...]

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