In the Blood of the Greeks

In the Blood of the Greeks The year is Zoe Lambros is a young Greek woman with vengeance in her heart and a faith in God that has been shattered by the death of her family Eva Muller is the daughter of the German major in

  • Title: In the Blood of the Greeks
  • Author: Mary D. Brooks
  • ISBN: 9780974621098
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1944 Zoe Lambros is a young Greek woman with vengeance in her heart and a faith in God that has been shattered by the death of her family Eva Muller is the daughter of the German major in command of the troops occupying Zoe s village This is a story of courage, hope and strength, as Zoe and Eva find unexpected love in extraordinary circumstances.This, the fiThe year is 1944 Zoe Lambros is a young Greek woman with vengeance in her heart and a faith in God that has been shattered by the death of her family Eva Muller is the daughter of the German major in command of the troops occupying Zoe s village This is a story of courage, hope and strength, as Zoe and Eva find unexpected love in extraordinary circumstances.This, the first book in the Intertwined Souls series, chronicles the first part of Eva and Zoe s journey from war torn Europe to a new life in Australia.

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    1. This isn't something I would normally read but I'm a big fan of WWII novels and my choice was influenced by some great reviews. First of all and for me most importantly the author really captures the atmosphere of time and place. I suspect a lot of research went into this book and it has paid dividends. Secondly the romantic aspects of the book are actually very good. I was expecting something a bit on the twee side but what I found was a deep and emotional connection with the two lead character [...]

    2. Set in the twilight of WWII in Greece. This is *not* a fluffy good feels book. The good feels are there, but they're sprinkled in between some pretty gritty scenes. Well researched, very very realistic portrayal of the time. Loved this. And barely going to pause to write this so I can start book 2.

    3. Great start to a series (which I've just realized this is the first book out of a series of five). I did struggle a bit through the first 30% of the book, there is just so much anger in Zoe that's boarder-line on turning me off. But once the story start to picked up with Eva discovered her true heritage, Zoe starting to work with Eva to liberate the Jews and thawing towards Eva, rest of the story is just awesome. Zoe grew up a lot over the span of her two years, not only as a person, but also he [...]

    4. Definitely in my top ten for romance reads this year. This is my first book from this author and I have to say I will be reading more of her work in the coming weeks. I thought the way the characters were introduced and developed was very good and their relationship was tastefully portrayed with a lot of emotional depth which made it special.

    5. A well written, engaging and addictive novel. Set in WWII I especially like this book because, in addition to having two solid leads, the supporting characters are well-drawn. I would also say it has been very well researched which brings a rich and authentic level of detail to the story.

    6. Nice read. Author clearly knows her Greek and the history of the Greek occupation by the Germans in WW2. The characterisation was a little two dimensional, but within the context of the story totally forgivable. The romance seemed to happen impressively quickly, and I had a slight concern as Zoe appeared very young - by my reckoning 16 at the point where the story picks up. Still an enjoyable read that I hope is continued in the next in the series.

    7. DNF at 37%I had really high hopes for this book and I guess that's part of the reason I was disappointed. The premise is amazing but the execution not so much. There are several typos/missing words in the ebook version of the book. Plus, the author forgets that skipping time by 6 months at a time means the characters get older as well (Zoe was referred to as a 14 year old after a 1.5 year time skip from when she was 14, in the beginning of the book) and it really grated on my nerves.

    8. I don’t want to make an outlandish claim like this is the best book I’ve read or anything. But this is certainly one of the best that I’ve read by a still non-famous author. That should change soon one would think. In a way this story is about second chances and people getting a second chance at life and happiness. It was beautiful and inspiring and reminds you not to waste time, especially in terms of your own life and the one you love in your life. If you have found someone, don’t squa [...]

    9. DNF @ 32%Just not feeling this one. The writing is technically good but not very engaging. The story idea is interesting and intriguing - a young resistance fighter and the daughter of an SS officer work together to help Jews to escape Greece - but the writing is so matter-of-fact and clinical that there's no real emotion to anything. I'm having a hard time wanting to finish this book, much less go onto to read the others in the series, so this is my stopping point.

    10. Interesting story set in Greece WW II. 50 Greeks killed in reprisals for every German killed by the resistance, and still they fought.

    11. *I was approved to review this book on NetGalley and received an e-book copy*You can also find this review on Hedgehog Book Reviews !!“Am I going to Hell?”“For what? Breaking a promise that you couldn’t possibly be able to keep? You can’t control your heart, Eva…I also don’t believe in Hell.”Zoe is growing up in Greece during World War II while her town of Larissa is taken over by the Nazis. Her hatred for the Germans grows daily, as she has lost family and friends to the war. Ev [...]

    12. This book, especially the first half, was extremely powerful. I'm from Crete, and my grandfather fought in WWII--he was a POW twice, and tortured mentally and physically. My dad remembers that the Germans could come take anything (your house, food, etc.) so at night the family slept in a one-room house with the livestock. He also remembers playing with his friends and one of his friends stepping on a land-mine. The image of my dad as a little boy picking up the pieces of his friend haunts me to [...]

    13. Zoe Lambros is a teenager living in occupied Greece during WW II. Angry at the Nazis for the murders they have committed against her family, her friends and her town, she plots revenge, especially against Eva, the Nazi commander's daughter who Zoe believes laughed when her mother was murdered. But when Zoe is asked to take a position as Eva's maid and learns Eva is really working for the Resistance, then everything slowly changes.This was an epic book that included many historic details of life [...]

    14. I started reading this series back in 2002. I was 17 at the time. I started reading the series before the re-writes that Mary D has done and even then they still provided an extremely powerful message. The books kept you engaged. There was no way to put them down without wanting to pick them right back up. The story of Eva and Zoe is one that has been lived by so many. Even in our present day, there are many who still face oppression because of their religion and sexual orientation. Mary D has b [...]

    15. I would rate this book a 4.5 over 5 starsAside from the idea that the storyline was molded upon the pieces of history, it was a channeling teleport to the comical yet realistic state of people under the shade of World War II. Having the two main characters, Zoe & Eva show us what it's like to feel lost, to be angry- shoddy, gallious, and more so to love, be loved, and to feel love despite mishaps.This book must probably be one of the most unique yet crazily intersting books I have ever read, [...]

    16. There are a few things about In the Blood of the Greeks that immediately strike the reader as being different than your usual World War II offering. First, it’s set in occupied Greece and second, it deals with lesbian romance and the Nazis during the Second World War. The Nazi regime and its collaborators effectively carried out the cold-blooded persecution and murder of approximately six million Jewish men, women and children as well as the murder or another five million non-Jewish “abnorma [...]

    17. Zoe Lambros has lost everyone she loved since the Germans invaded her hometown. When her mother is killed in front of her, she vows to take down the Commandant that shot her, and his daughter Eva. Working with the Resistance, Zoe becomes Eva’s personal maid. But as she gets to truly know Eva, she finds that Eva is not the enemy she thought she was.This is the first book of the Intertwined Souls series. Having read the fourth one first, it was great learning how the two girls became a couple. T [...]

    18. I had to stop reading this as soon as I realized it contained a relationship between a thirteen year old girl and a 22 year old woman. I'm sure I would have read and enjoyed this if it didn't include this really disturbing element; the author writes in an easy and relatable fashion. To be clear, I went into this seeking a wlw romance, but I wasn't expecting one that paired a barely-teenaged girl with an adult woman.

    19. One of the most powerful WW2 romances I have ever read. Beautifully describe with engaging characters and tastefully written I feel I have found a true gem in author Mary Brooks and look forward to reading her other books.

    20. One of my favorite historical romance fiction novels. Love the slow build up between the two main characters. Could read it again and again.

    21. Tina loved it! Said it was easy read and very engaging. She is already finished in first 3 books of series. Fourth book Preordered for June 1, 2015.

    22. Mary Brooks’ In the Blood of the Greeks is set in 1944 in Larissa, which is a small village in Greece. We initially follow the individual lives of two different women. One is Zoe, a fiery Greek who has nothing to lose in the battle after losing her entire family in the war. And the second one is Eva, an unusually quiet adult daughter of a Nazi General. As expected, when these two women cross paths, the only thing Zoe wants is revenge and draws up plans to hurt Eva. But chance meetings help the [...]

    23. "In the Blood of the Greeks" is the first book in this series. The story narrates the meeting of two extraordinary women as if it were pre-ordained by the heavens. The time period is the 1940s and Europe is in the middle of the war. And as fate would have it, these two women are from opposing camps. Zoe especially, the young woman from Greece is distrustful of Eva, who is the daughter of a German officer. But they soon realize that they both have a common goal, of helping the Jews escape the Naz [...]

    24. I found this book absolutely adorable and I would rate this as a must-read. The story telling device used by the author is a classic one. She introduces two characters who meet in extremely trying circumstances and who are complete opposite to each other, and then she gives it some time to see a relationship develop between them. And when it does happen, it will move you and there’s a lot of sentimentality involved. I still remember certain scenes from the book even though I finished the book [...]

    25. It is not often that a book primarily because of its setting and history makes the reader sit up and take notice. I’ll admit without any shame that I was completely in the dark about the German invasion of Greece, and the entire history behind it was eye opening and revealing. The stories of terror that I read send shivers down my spine. But then it isn’t just another war story. It is actually a story about two women, who couldn’t be more different from one another and yet comes together t [...]

    26. It has certainly been some time since I read a historical fiction. I don’t remember it being this much fun. Even though there were some serious issues discussed here, I’d have to say this was all in all a fun book. And this is only the first book in a long series. So if you like these characters and the story then you can continue reading about them. I’m actually amazed the author managed to cram so much into a first book. The story-line is amazing and it is well edited too. I don’t have [...]

    27. This book has a love story that you will definitely appreciate. It is simple at heart and very touching, it is heart wrenching and beautifully narrated. I’m sure everyone who loves and appreciates romance will give this book a chance. I fell in love with these two women, Eva and Zoe, and I could also feel the love they had for each other. Truly touching. This is also one of those books that is realistic to the core in spite of telling a fictional tale mired in factual history. You will feel li [...]

    28. This story is about Greece in the times of the German occupation. So many concepts are written within the story - revenge, hope, hatred. and so much more. Two central characters - Zoe a Greek and Eva a German. One suffers the trauma of 'aversion therapy' and the other is living with the consequences of her war torn country and the loss of family and friends. This is a very heartfelt story and beside the two central characters, we meet others and from them we gain a perspective of consequences of [...]

    29. This novel is as fresh and organic as they come. It has a believable romance story told in the backdrop of the Second World War with the Greece occupation by the Germans. Eva and Zoe are the two characters who go through a lot personally, and cross paths and forms an ‘Intertwined’ relationship. Their relationship progresses through all the stages and it passes through some difficult moments because of Eva’s personal trauma. You will root for them to fall in love and will heave a sigh of re [...]

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